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Are these ties the standard tan nova check, or different colors?
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 No, he just loves to bump old sales threads with lowball offers. Actually EL72, I was looking for a particular Altea scarf, since that's most popular on here. My bad, I forgot about the PM. I'm not on this website 24/7 like yourself.
Can you re-upload the pictures of these scarves?
Would you be interested in doing around $30-35?
Pardon me for a pretty simple question, but how many buttons are you supposed to use on a 3-button overcoat (3/4 length or full length)? Is it the same rule as a suit coat where you button just the middle, or the first two (never the bottom)?
Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ Did you guarantee he'll like the way he looks? I always like the way I look. (I guarantee that!)
pm sent on the Ben Sherman tie
pm sent
Which brand is better for classic black Wingtips for a job interview/everyday wear? Florsheim or Bostonian? I was looking at the Florsheim Lexington Wingtip $90-100 or the Bostonian Provo Wingtip $90-100. I understand that the forum members are probably not too familiar with these low end brands, but any help would be good. Any other ideas for wingtips in this price range?
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 Will you be resurrecting any more 6 month old threads asking for reductions on ties? Try PM please. Hey EL72, I will use PMs from now on. Not everyone is a "Senior Member" like yourself, and knows all the nuances of the forum. Plus, some people don't have the time to review the "6 month old threads", and it might be beneficial to see some older things, still for sale, brought to the forefront. Basically...
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