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PM sent on the Allen Edmonds
pm sent on the second Brooks Brothers tie
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso It would be helpful if we knew your budget. I'm thinking no more than $500 (minus alterations).
I will be heading to New York in a couple weeks, and am looking to buy a tuxedo for a formal event. I am looking for a 1 button shawl collar, or peak lapel, black tux. Does anyone know of any good stores where I should look? Thanks. (Note: I am a student, so I won't be able to break the bank on Isaia or Brioni!)
pm sent
Are these ties the standard tan nova check, or different colors?
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 No, he just loves to bump old sales threads with lowball offers. Actually EL72, I was looking for a particular Altea scarf, since that's most popular on here. My bad, I forgot about the PM. I'm not on this website 24/7 like yourself.
Can you re-upload the pictures of these scarves?
Would you be interested in doing around $30-35?
Pardon me for a pretty simple question, but how many buttons are you supposed to use on a 3-button overcoat (3/4 length or full length)? Is it the same rule as a suit coat where you button just the middle, or the first two (never the bottom)?
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