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Done...Done...and Done!!! #8 Scotchgrain Tanker with commando sole..Priceless!!! Also like the reverse chamois on a shortwing would rock!!
Looking for a little guidance here...I noramally wear an 11d on the Barrie however while looking online found a nice wingtip but it is only available in 10.5e or 11e. I have never tried on an e before and was wondering how does it actually compare. Should I go down a size because of this or just stay with actual size?  
Now those would be AWESOME!! Where did you find this picture?  
Everyday is a GREAT day for #4....As long as the SUN in NY is shining!!! Looking FANTASTIC!!
BEAUTIFUL!!! Are those from Leffot?    
The way Indy's were meant to be worn!  
First day with my JC INDY'S....Great week for cigar around here!!    
I have to say I don't know which I like better...those beautiful CIGAR'S or those absolutely DAZZLING Carolina blue and navy argyles!!!  
STUNNING!!! Would you kindly share as to where you purchased these beauties??!  
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