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Just seems ORDINARY!!! Nice but why not something truly UNIQUE?  
how we doing with this one?  
ABSOLUTELY!! Thinking reverse chamois with navy suede!    
I still really like this reverse chamois and scotch graim idea. Defenitely different and unique!    
This is the saddle I was thinking about. Just different colorways...  
I would like this as well but how about on the NST saddle!
Sounds like a plan!! Commando sole on both!! Maybe brass eyelets and antique trim??!!
Done...Done...and Done!!! #8 Scotchgrain Tanker with commando sole..Priceless!!! Also like the reverse chamois on a shortwing would rock!!
Looking for a little guidance here...I noramally wear an 11d on the Barrie however while looking online found a nice wingtip but it is only available in 10.5e or 11e. I have never tried on an e before and was wondering how does it actually compare. Should I go down a size because of this or just stay with actual size?  
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