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Thank You for the support !! Tan corduroy's with "Midnight" blue Indy's....Priceless!! Wait till I wear them with my Seersuckers!!
Seeing as you are from NY as well I would suggest seeing these in person if you haven't already. The red brick sole is very subtle. I feel that the contast stitching on the toe as well as the midnight navy color is what pops on this boot. What I I would like to do is get some laces that match the contrast stitching. However, I don't think you can ever have eneogh "Midnight" blue shoes. And one of these days I am sure I will run into you at Leffot.  
Check their description out. http://blog.unionmadegoods.com/
Indeed they are from Leffot. The 1st photo was with no flash...the other two with...The contrast stitching and red brick sole makes these very NICE!!     This two-tone boot will be fantastic. DEFINITELY going to grab these!!! I would suggest the same.   
Glad to see there has been some fellow "Blue Suede Shoe" loving going on!!! These are "Midnight" beauties!!  
I am aware that these are Steven's. I was asking about the shortwing posted. Thank you.
Very Nice! Could you please tell me where you got them?
Who makes these?    
Yes but then they add it back on for shipping. I have ordered before and also had to pay UPS close to $30 as well. I also had them held up in customs awaiting clearance for over a week. That was my experience.
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