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    I have to agree with Alcibiades. I have seen these in person and they look much nicer than the C&J. Having been tortured as a boy by my mother to wear saddle shoes,(many tears shed), I would wear these by Leffot!    
I know what you are talking about & almost picked them up as well but.....Still think I will pull the trigger!   
I couldn't agree more! But why wait till then?!      
  C'Mon..    Light Blue Seersucker suit + "Marble" = Hampton's Chic!!      
Very Nice!! And LIKING the Carolina/Navy argyles!!
  Although "Baller" may be considered "hilarious in this thread", I for one would bet that many on this thread were "Ballers" whose "Kicks" addiction paved  the way for their "Alden Addiction" !!!   Hello...My name is John...and I have a "Shoe Addiction"...from humble beginnings to my "Midnight" Blues!!!           And I threw in the Denim for "Laughs". Always have to have a sense of Humor @ here!!
Picture Perfect!! Enjoy!
You should brag. Well Done!! Enjoy.  
THANKS!! What did I tell you...they were IRRESISTABLE!! Wear yours in good health. I am sure they are going to turn some heads !!   
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