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All these years and I never knew !! Thanks.   Thank You !! I have an extreme weakness for BLUE suede !! I never thought I would see a shortwing but these are FANTASTIC!!   Thank You Uncle !! Wondering if you have any blue suede in your MOST IMPRESSIVE collection?    
LS Shortwings    
From one Baller to another...SWEET!!!    Nuthin But Net!!   
  Great looking!! Wish I had been able to grab those.    
Who did you preorder the #4 wingtips from, please?
SILLY....You deserve both. Both are AWESOME!!
Feeling It !!
SUPERB!!! Think I might ROCK these with some blue/white seersucker shorts!! Alot of people are going to regret not hopping on these!
As always, STUNNING!! I am also a big fan of the cobblestones!    
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