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I happen to have these in suede..believe this is lin
They do have thicker soles but definitely try the tounge pads. Steven @ Leffot was the one who actually had put them in for me and did the trick. 
I usually put in the thin green spenco insole. I have been using them forever. The tounge pads are from the top of the tassel to the middle of the flap. The beauty is that you can't see them. 
Thank You....You can't really tell by the picture but the pants are a very light blue and white herringdone. These shoes are perfect for Spring/Summer. They are going to get a lot of use.   Thanks for the props. I have experienced the same problem and put in a thin insole. My dogs are usually barking by the end of the day without insoles so I always buy Alden's expecting to add an insole.   I actually added toungue pads to these, (which I never do,NOT A Fan), but you...
Baby Blue socks. Pastels are an Easter staple.
HAPPY EASTER !   Perfect day for Leffot Tassel Blue Suede !    
FANTASTIC !! Everytime I see these I drool with envy!
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