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These baby's definitely turned a few heads today
I should be receiving the Unionmade Balmorals early next week. I will give an account of how they fit me then. I think they are pretty cool and unique. This green is perfect for this time of year.
Wondering if we can preorder that NST Natural CXL Tanker? Sounds AWESOME!! As always !!
FANTASTIC !!! These are going to be perfect here in NYC this winter. Ordered mine today !
Does anyone have an Indy or workboot on the crepe sole? If so, whats the opinion as compared to the commando or dress sole? Thanks for the opinions
Does anyone know if the RL Marlow is a C&J? My knowledge on this is limited. Thank you in advance for your help.
Are they any new codes to get them a little cheaper? Beautiful but would be even better at 1/2 the price
Could someone please pm me the shoemart list for 12-12 1/2?  It would be greatly appreciated.
Could someone send me the list of 12-13 D shoemart shoes? My email is my SF handle @yahoo. It would be greatly appreciated.
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