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Kudu Longwings
I agree 100%. Tom, Takuya, and Bryan in BH are TOP NOTCH !!!!!! I also do not agree with past comments about Leffot..Steven is TOP NOTCH as well !!!!
Can anyone shed some light on how and why LS got bashed?
Yes they are pink. I had a Charity Event for Breast Cancer and put those in. I got quite a few compliments on the shoes as well as the laces. You have to show support any way you can!!
I am sorry but I can not recall where I picked up those laces. However, Paul Smith on line has something similar. These Atoms are on the Tremont last and are Fantastic!!
I did not make Steven @ Leffot Sartorialist "Gary Cooper" book signing last night but I was wearing his Beautiful Atoms!!!
Do you happen to have the code for that RL private 40% + 15% off? Thanks a lot!!
Perfect Fall day in NY for these. Swapped out the laces for these two-tone Epaulet ones.
Looks like JCrew just pulled the good old.."We are sold out" of every Alden.
Received mine on Monday but am waiting for this weekend to break them out. They are FANTASTIC !! WELL DONE !!
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