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Sorry..They are indeed from UNIONMADE!! Class act there!
Thank you!! Sharp yet subtle!
    Came home and found these beauties waiting for me !! They are a Brown Regina Grain and Loden Green.
  One of my FAVORITES!! Here in the wild!    
I am a BIG fan of these. They have worn very well on some very sloppy NY days! I have also worn them sockless with shorts on a few sunny days.    
Mahalo.... I wish you had done them in navy suede....
I got those years ago. I used to stand all day on a trading floor and they were very comfortable. Standing all day in leather soles can be a killer on the feet!! But that's me....
They are very casual and make it an easy transition from street to bowling ally! I wear them with jeans ..khakis...alternative to PTB.
Jealousy is the GREATEST form of flattery! 
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