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  I apologize. This is the leather or similiar textured leather that I would like to see on a service boot.
    I would love to see a service boot made with this leather or similiar textured leather.
I know these are not "in the wild" but I couldn't be happier with these! The seude is buttery soft, is incredibly comfortable and the deep navy defenitely makes these stand out!  I have Alden's chukka as well and it can not even compare. Any time I see navy blue seude I am drawn in!! If you are considering these I would highly recommend them.
I think you will be very pleased with them. They really do feel like butter...Super soft and incredibly comfortable. They have far exceeded my expectations! 
 Viberg midnight chukka blows Alden's blue seude chukka away!
These boots are....OUTSTANDING!! 
Outstanding as always!! Enjoy your weekend!
  Thank you Uncle.
Thank you. These are from last years delivery. One of my favorites.
  Leffot #8 Tanker
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