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yeah, I've really had to hold back. I really don't "need" 10 pairs of trousers, but dammit I like having the option. I see the duck moss is back in my size. Crap.
Finally got my Saphir products last week, decided to pull the laces and polish both my pairs of cordos this morning. Man do they look nice. I mean, they look nice as-is, too, but just a little bit of polish goes a long way. ~Six months of wear on the motorcycle/bus has done wonders for the boots, too. Can't wait to see what they look like in a year.
A real motorcycle ToJ would be amazing.
Dear Epaulet: Madras Rivets, please.
...I've done the same.
Got my shipping notice! From amazon. For a book I ordered.
MTM? My fat ass won't fit in the XXL AD, either.
Finally wore my ratio/clothing shirt yesterday, found it broke in nicely as the day went on. Girls in the office commented that it was the best fitting shirt I've worn, so I suppose MTM is co-worker approved. Two shirts on order from mytailor after meeting with Joe for measurements, can't wait to see how those turn out.
I'd wear it if they made one in my size, but I'd also be fearful of looking like Eric Stonestreet...
At least in my neighborhood in K-Town, Los Angeles, Electric Cars are pretty much an impossibility until they start putting in street accessible chargers. :/ If I could drive my car up to my apartment.... :P Met up with Joe at Mytailor over the weekend to get some shirt measurements done, looking forward to seeing how these turn out.
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