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I was just assuming it was like a leopard fur-lined collar leather jacket worn by the 6'5" ladies on santa monica blvd between la brea and vine.
Aether: those are probably my favorite MMM shoes, ever. Unfortunately, I'd look effing dumb as shit in them.
Did you try an eraser? A moist cloth?
I've always toyed with the idea of getting a few folks together to buy some ratted out Elite 80s and ride them around in LA in full racing leathers, revving at every red light.
Yup, had this been available pre-cut-off, that's exactly what I would have ordered.
If I got a trouser "fit", I'd still be wearing them below my gut like I do the rivets, so might as well go with rivets. I'm a big proponent of selection in the rivet cut. If given the chance, I'd love to see the rivet in, say, cadet blue/grey, a gabardine, and other wools for more "cold" weather wear. In fact, it'd be awesome if Epaulet opened up a monthly "special order" like he does the rudys for the rivet. The rivet just fits great in the size I wear with the boots...
yeah, I've really had to hold back. I really don't "need" 10 pairs of trousers, but dammit I like having the option. I see the duck moss is back in my size. Crap.
Finally got my Saphir products last week, decided to pull the laces and polish both my pairs of cordos this morning. Man do they look nice. I mean, they look nice as-is, too, but just a little bit of polish goes a long way. ~Six months of wear on the motorcycle/bus has done wonders for the boots, too. Can't wait to see what they look like in a year.
A real motorcycle ToJ would be amazing.
Dear Epaulet: Madras Rivets, please.
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