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MTM is the shit. I can't go back to RTW...
That's pretty much where I'm at. if I'm going to spend $150-200 on a shirt, might as well go MTM or even bespoke. The biggest issue is finding the right fabrics, though. Now, my $30 Gitmans I picked up at Off 5th, no complaints..
Pfft... I'm on the opposite end of the scale, apparently.
I'd totally rock a pair of purple or red motorcycle snake skin armored leather pants.**probably not.
What are the chances of making some shirts for us guys with 18" necks and 50" chests?
I was just assuming it was like a leopard fur-lined collar leather jacket worn by the 6'5" ladies on santa monica blvd between la brea and vine.
Aether: those are probably my favorite MMM shoes, ever. Unfortunately, I'd look effing dumb as shit in them.
Did you try an eraser? A moist cloth?
I've always toyed with the idea of getting a few folks together to buy some ratted out Elite 80s and ride them around in LA in full racing leathers, revving at every red light.
Yup, had this been available pre-cut-off, that's exactly what I would have ordered.
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