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I used to walk from West Hollywood to Koreatown home from work every day....
:: looks at boots :::: looks at bank account :::: looks at new guitar been saving up for :::: head asplode ::
It's a good compromise between weight and functionality, from what I understand, Langlitz likes to use goatskin on their jackets because it's a little lighter than horse and calf, but still offers good abrasion protection in a fall. I picked goat (moto, black) for those reasons, but also note 99.9% of my riding is under 40mph on streets. I am wrestling with the idea of ordering another jacket in calf (probably a DR in olive) for my infrequent jaunts up the interstate,...
I love love love my ToJ, even though it's hot as balls. Riding on the bike mitigates it a little, but all my shirts are pretty much soaked through by time I make it from Westwood to Koreatown. :/ Anyway, great job.
Love love love Liberty of London. I've got 2 being made now and have a few more to be made if they turn out as well as I hope.
What does Lambskin look better with, RIRI or YYK zips?
Can you give us the leather options you have available?(any reds or olives?)
Jacket is awesome. Now I'm making arrangements for some custom paint on the back.
I just got mine today. I got laid within 15 seconds of zipping it up.
Tracking Number... Achieved!
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