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Jacket is awesome. Now I'm making arrangements for some custom paint on the back.
I just got mine today. I got laid within 15 seconds of zipping it up.
Tracking Number... Achieved!
Yeah, I just dumped >$250/per for some MTM Liberty of London shirts. I'm willing to pay if it's something I want/like/will enjoy.
PS: http://www.dmusastore.com/t-bespokedetails.aspx This will not end well for me.
Get a suede brush for one... Edit: While for shoes, you could probably do worse than following these tips: http://www.wikihow.com/Clean-Suede-Shoes
OOOOhhhhh... If you've already got measurements for a jacket, would that suffice?
Yeah, but when a cop tells you to stop, you fucking stop. The time and place to "fight" isn't on the street, but in the courtroom. Someone who can afford a ferrari has a lawyer on retainer somewhere. He won't even have to show up to court.
MTM is the shit. I can't go back to RTW...
That's pretty much where I'm at. if I'm going to spend $150-200 on a shirt, might as well go MTM or even bespoke. The biggest issue is finding the right fabrics, though. Now, my $30 Gitmans I picked up at Off 5th, no complaints..
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