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What does Lambskin look better with, RIRI or YYK zips?
Can you give us the leather options you have available?(any reds or olives?)
Jacket is awesome. Now I'm making arrangements for some custom paint on the back.
I just got mine today. I got laid within 15 seconds of zipping it up.
Tracking Number... Achieved!
Yeah, I just dumped >$250/per for some MTM Liberty of London shirts. I'm willing to pay if it's something I want/like/will enjoy.
PS: http://www.dmusastore.com/t-bespokedetails.aspx This will not end well for me.
Get a suede brush for one... Edit: While for shoes, you could probably do worse than following these tips: http://www.wikihow.com/Clean-Suede-Shoes
OOOOhhhhh... If you've already got measurements for a jacket, would that suffice?
Yeah, but when a cop tells you to stop, you fucking stop. The time and place to "fight" isn't on the street, but in the courtroom. Someone who can afford a ferrari has a lawyer on retainer somewhere. He won't even have to show up to court.
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