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Picked up Coffin's books on shirtmaking and trouser making; the gf is buying a sewing machine....
Bit the bullet, ordered a pair of Rudy in Worsted Gunmetal. Can't wait.
How much looser are the Rudy's in the seat/crotch vs. the Rivets? Had my first pair of Rivets split in the crotch on my motorcycle ride this morning (easily repairable), but I figured that would happen since they tend to be tight around that area anyway. (and yeah, I'll probably have the tailor let them out a bit in the crotch/seat/thighs when I take them in to be repaired...)
Ordered d. coffin's book on shirtmaking, might add trousermaking too. Why buy clothes when I can make them to spec?
The only issue, and it's not even an issue, really, is that sometimes it feels as if I've stumbled onto a private conversation posted in public by accident. Anyway, less talk, more aldens.
Good post, Cousin!
It's easier to do with a second set of hands though, so you don't end up with a cockeyed measurement (tape slips around the back, etc). Other measurements, like going across the back, or measuring sleeve length from the neck, etc, are rather tricky to do with one person. Not saying it can't be done, but if I'm dropping $700-800 on a jacket, why take the risk when I can just ask someone to help me out for a few minutes?
On the plus side, all this talking about RAMZ and CPUZ and INTERTUBES got me a job that pays well enough to buy a real fucking suit.
So.. OP was a troll? And I don't see much of a mess, maybe a dogpile, but frankly, the advice given is easily summed as: You get what you pay for. Open your eyes (and your wallet) a bit and you'll find that your expectations are more easily met $200 for a MTM suit, unless you happen to be in-country and working directly with the tailors is a bit of a stretch to expect quality, much less good customer service. It doesn't even have to relate to clothing. But you're...
Forecast for 98 next week. Man, I really need to get some more linen short sleeves....
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