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might as well just wear like:
1995-2005: dickies shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, skate shoes/chucks 2008-2009: Slim cut jeans + high top sneakers + t-shirts & hoodies 2010-current: chinos, OCBDs (well, not all OC), alden jumpers 2012-onwards: incorporating more MTM shirting, possibly some wool trousers will make an appearance, feel like I'm going back to how I wanted to dress in the 80s: combat boots (ultimate jumpers do fine here), dark palette trousers, dark palette floral buttondowns... very...
ratioclothing x liberty of london mtm
I used to walk from West Hollywood to Koreatown home from work every day....
:: looks at boots :::: looks at bank account :::: looks at new guitar been saving up for :::: head asplode ::
It's a good compromise between weight and functionality, from what I understand, Langlitz likes to use goatskin on their jackets because it's a little lighter than horse and calf, but still offers good abrasion protection in a fall. I picked goat (moto, black) for those reasons, but also note 99.9% of my riding is under 40mph on streets. I am wrestling with the idea of ordering another jacket in calf (probably a DR in olive) for my infrequent jaunts up the interstate,...
I love love love my ToJ, even though it's hot as balls. Riding on the bike mitigates it a little, but all my shirts are pretty much soaked through by time I make it from Westwood to Koreatown. :/ Anyway, great job.
Love love love Liberty of London. I've got 2 being made now and have a few more to be made if they turn out as well as I hope.
What does Lambskin look better with, RIRI or YYK zips?
Can you give us the leather options you have available?(any reds or olives?)
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