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Yeah, I want to order another one, too, but I've been in full-on shirt replacement mode (going MTM)... And they just cut my OT this week. Dammit.
Is it just me or does getting a shipping notification automatically mean time slows down by half?
I feel that same way about the Desert. Caramel's just too brown for my tastes, but to each their own. What matters is, we're all wearing Epaulet Rivets.
Are only the size 28 modified walt shorts on sale? The other sizes appear to be regular price.. :/
What's more dangerous: collecting Rivet Chinos or developing a Rudy habit? Can't wait to try my first pair of Rudys.
Figures I'd get my mtm short sleeve linen shirt just time for the "cold" weather.
Maybe change the dot in Coppidge to a diamond? (like, a real sewn in diamond)
Ooo... I've been trying to decide if I want to get a shirt done up from that fabric. Much easier to decide seeing it actually on someone to judge the pattern scale. Very nice.
What's the difference between ivory & white? Might decide to get another jacket for the summer. black is soooo brutal in socal sun...
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