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What's more dangerous: collecting Rivet Chinos or developing a Rudy habit? Can't wait to try my first pair of Rudys.
Figures I'd get my mtm short sleeve linen shirt just time for the "cold" weather.
Maybe change the dot in Coppidge to a diamond? (like, a real sewn in diamond)
Ooo... I've been trying to decide if I want to get a shirt done up from that fabric. Much easier to decide seeing it actually on someone to judge the pattern scale. Very nice.
What's the difference between ivory & white? Might decide to get another jacket for the summer. black is soooo brutal in socal sun...
Picked up Coffin's books on shirtmaking and trouser making; the gf is buying a sewing machine....
Bit the bullet, ordered a pair of Rudy in Worsted Gunmetal. Can't wait.
How much looser are the Rudy's in the seat/crotch vs. the Rivets? Had my first pair of Rivets split in the crotch on my motorcycle ride this morning (easily repairable), but I figured that would happen since they tend to be tight around that area anyway. (and yeah, I'll probably have the tailor let them out a bit in the crotch/seat/thighs when I take them in to be repaired...)
Ordered d. coffin's book on shirtmaking, might add trousermaking too. Why buy clothes when I can make them to spec?
New Posts  All Forums: