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Figures I'd get my mtm short sleeve linen shirt just time for the "cold" weather.
Maybe change the dot in Coppidge to a diamond? (like, a real sewn in diamond)
Ooo... I've been trying to decide if I want to get a shirt done up from that fabric. Much easier to decide seeing it actually on someone to judge the pattern scale. Very nice.
What's the difference between ivory & white? Might decide to get another jacket for the summer. black is soooo brutal in socal sun...
Picked up Coffin's books on shirtmaking and trouser making; the gf is buying a sewing machine....
Bit the bullet, ordered a pair of Rudy in Worsted Gunmetal. Can't wait.
How much looser are the Rudy's in the seat/crotch vs. the Rivets? Had my first pair of Rivets split in the crotch on my motorcycle ride this morning (easily repairable), but I figured that would happen since they tend to be tight around that area anyway. (and yeah, I'll probably have the tailor let them out a bit in the crotch/seat/thighs when I take them in to be repaired...)
Ordered d. coffin's book on shirtmaking, might add trousermaking too. Why buy clothes when I can make them to spec?
The only issue, and it's not even an issue, really, is that sometimes it feels as if I've stumbled onto a private conversation posted in public by accident. Anyway, less talk, more aldens.
New Posts  All Forums: