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One day you'll be able to go to a shop in the mall. Slide in a credit card, step into a booth/rapescan machine. From this, a computer will build a detailed body composition model with precision measurements. You'll have to walk, squat, move, etc so it can calculate the "uniqueness" of your build and then the suit cutting robot in the back will cut/sew perfect fitting garments in just a few minutes. This will be a glorious day.
I love the look of chunky cardigans. Just want a hood and not a shawl collar. I'll be 40 this year, thanks. Hrm, this James Perse looks very much like what I want:
I have a secret desire for a button-up hoodie (uh.. cardigan with a hood not a shawl collar)....
I see the Jewish kids on Beverly & Fairfax have stepped up their game.
Either you make do with stuff that doesn't quite fit right or do without (for me, mostly the latter). I know what you mean, though, but I'd like to think I'm in the very small minority where MTM makes the most sense. My MTM shirts are miles above anything I've found in the RTW world with regards to fit, as is my ToJ. I accept that I may be a fringe case (18" neck, 50" chest, 19.5" shoulders is hard to match up. JCrew does it best, but the necks are still too small and...
PS, when's the next Rudy Special Order going up?
Just received my Rudy special orders (gunmetal worsted wool flannel). Fantastic fabric, tailor loves it. I'd... throttle a screaming baby on an airplane if I could get an MTM jacket from this material.
Yeah, I want to order another one, too, but I've been in full-on shirt replacement mode (going MTM)... And they just cut my OT this week. Dammit.
Is it just me or does getting a shipping notification automatically mean time slows down by half?
I feel that same way about the Desert. Caramel's just too brown for my tastes, but to each their own. What matters is, we're all wearing Epaulet Rivets.
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