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Hey mauro, do you have the MTM measure chart back online? I'd like to get that snocone finished so I can order more! PS, can you do an overdye "pack" with MTM?
hate spread collars, button downs for life.(mainly because I have a thick neck, and I tend to get really steamy when active, so the combinatoin of large amount of cloth + "steam" = flattened collar against my collarbone and just looks weird. The buttondowns tend to give enough structure to offset this "feature" of my anatomy).
Hey Epaulet, you ever going to make any XXL-XXXL shirts for the bigger guys amongst us? (I'm guessing a 50" chest/18" neck is more like a XXXL if you extrapolate sizing). Those liberty shirts are pretty awesome.
As a "Born in the Southern USA" half-breed, I always wanted to buy a big pickup truck with a South Korean flag on the back windshield with "The South Shall Rise Again" and "Heritage, Not Hate" emblazoned around it. I'm not sure many people would "get" the irony, though....
Anyone got pics of the olive lambskin on a finished jacket?
+1It would certainly do a quick job of adding a nice selection to the work rotation...
Yeah, in addition to the sno-cone (test shirt), I would love to also own 2 or 3 (maybe 4) of the overdyes.. Plus several others.... :/
(female) co-worker comment today: You always wear the most awesome pants! (several others were quick to agree) Thank you, Epaulet. Your pants are getting me laid. (today: olive service)
PPS: I envy you camo shirt guys.
Make the models smile and give the thumbs up or the "peace" sign in every pic. More seriously: Site's looking good and I echo other posters' comments, like clickability in the featured page, easy AD/BD and size filtering for the shirts (and I'd like to see the same with the pants). I may be in a minority, but I'm not overly fond of Epaulet's pop-over for sizing (I'd love to just click my size and see what's available, then remove the size choices to agonize what I missed...
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