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my mom once told me: "Korea gul, numba won. Japanese gul, ees okay. Chinese gul, stay away. Sou-east asia gul.... duuuuhhhhhty."
As mentioned in the Epaulet thread, hang your shirt and/or pants in the bathroom while you shower, especially if you like hot showers. not like in the shower with you, but like next to the shower, on the towel rack, etc. Works like a charm for me and quite a few others, and doesn't require any more equipment.
LOL I know.. I've been waiting for that gunmetal restock for so long. That was the first thing I checked and added. Oh well, got the black and the khaki coming in. The Gunmetals will come again.
FUCK. I have the goddamned gunmetals in my cart, try to decide between the black or the navy and now it's sold out. FUCK. FUCK FUCK FUCK. I hate you pokepaulet.
lol.. You know, that's exactly how I wear my shit, though. OCBDs, Chinos, Alden Jumpers.. and I plan to do a ToJ on top of all that (maybe not a Raf, but whatever.. ) With my mohawk, it'll be like 1989 all over again.Speaking of which, I made out with a girl Saturday night listening to an early Cure album. How fucking high school is that?
yeah, I'm already planning to do the 80s thing and paint bauhaus or some such on the back of whichever one I pick up.
Get a saddleback. Pick one, any one, really. I don't see messengers as "juvenile", but rather something I'd not use for a "professional" job. Thank god I'm just a Software Engineer.
Probably my WvG knickers, a t-shirt and a hoodie, with a pair of JV chucks (multi-eyelet slip ons). However I'd not put that on until the gate since I ride a motorcycle in and no way in hell I'm riding in that outfit.
LOL. yeah, I'm glad I'm a fat fuck because I'd be broke as shit. Although, once the MTM comes in, we'll see how well I can handle it. I've already a nice list of "want" shirts from WvG once we get my sizing down. I might have to go back to selling drugs to support my habit.
That leaves big nasty red marks on your cheeks, though.I ended up with a pair of oversized Prada back in 2007. They're goofy but functional (and fucking expensive. . ) I went and tried the "New Wayfarer" from Ray-ban last week and it was so dwarfed, even in the largest sized, by my face that it was comical. You'd think with a couple billion people there'd be a very large market for Asian fit sunglasses, or at least importing a full-line. I bet an asian-fit specialty...
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