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yeah, I'm already planning to do the 80s thing and paint bauhaus or some such on the back of whichever one I pick up.
Get a saddleback. Pick one, any one, really. I don't see messengers as "juvenile", but rather something I'd not use for a "professional" job. Thank god I'm just a Software Engineer.
Probably my WvG knickers, a t-shirt and a hoodie, with a pair of JV chucks (multi-eyelet slip ons). However I'd not put that on until the gate since I ride a motorcycle in and no way in hell I'm riding in that outfit.
LOL. yeah, I'm glad I'm a fat fuck because I'd be broke as shit. Although, once the MTM comes in, we'll see how well I can handle it. I've already a nice list of "want" shirts from WvG once we get my sizing down. I might have to go back to selling drugs to support my habit.
That leaves big nasty red marks on your cheeks, though.I ended up with a pair of oversized Prada back in 2007. They're goofy but functional (and fucking expensive. . ) I went and tried the "New Wayfarer" from Ray-ban last week and it was so dwarfed, even in the largest sized, by my face that it was comical. You'd think with a couple billion people there'd be a very large market for Asian fit sunglasses, or at least importing a full-line. I bet an asian-fit specialty...
I believe they said all the new trousers will be MTO for the Rudy cut the first of each month...
I used to always want a black leather jacket with, say, a bauhaus or skinny puppy logo on the back back when I was a rivet punk in the late 80s/early 90s. When I get ready to order mine, if you wanna take a stab at something like it, i might be down... I love the idea of floral decoupage snaking around the shoulders/collars, etc.
I have 3 pairs of Rivet Chinos, but am ordering a couple more pair as time/money permits. Kinda happy (well, my wallet is) I'm too big for the shirts/tops.
I can't help but read that as camel toe...
If you take nice steamy showers, hang the shirt in the bathroom with you (but not in the shower itself) and a lot of the wrinkles will fall out....
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