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I used to always want a black leather jacket with, say, a bauhaus or skinny puppy logo on the back back when I was a rivet punk in the late 80s/early 90s. When I get ready to order mine, if you wanna take a stab at something like it, i might be down... I love the idea of floral decoupage snaking around the shoulders/collars, etc.
I have 3 pairs of Rivet Chinos, but am ordering a couple more pair as time/money permits. Kinda happy (well, my wallet is) I'm too big for the shirts/tops.
I can't help but read that as camel toe...
If you take nice steamy showers, hang the shirt in the bathroom with you (but not in the shower itself) and a lot of the wrinkles will fall out....
In my Desert Ducks today. So happy. Hey Epaulet, any thoughts of releasing the Rivets in more dressy fabrics, especially with the new construction? I know my Reedspace X EPs are very "flannel"-y and many people initially mistake them for dress pants as is, but I kinda salivate at the idea of having them in, say, some of the fabrics that the walt/rudys come in, etc. I'm sure some trouser purists might balk, but I prefer the fit of the rivet chino over that of a...
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it's probably cancer. You need to take them down to your local oncologist and if they catch it quickly, it might save your boot. They might have to cut it out and put in a denim patch, or maybe suede, but your boots are on the slide to the end. Be careful when wearing them, always wear socks, because you really don't want to catch cancer.
Damn. no MTM? :P
Got my new salt & pepper knickers today. All I have to say is if Mauro re-releases the indigo version in this version, I will buy them again. I loved the first ones, but I love these even more. PS thanks for shipping in the tyvek envelope! The mailman can actually put that in my mailbox vs me having to wait until saturday to pick up my package at the PO.
++ My plan was to pick up around 8-10 MTM WvG shirts/year. That list is filling up fast and I might have to push that to 12. I'm half-serious when I say that Mauro should consider a "MTM shirt of the month club" subscription...
Just got my Olive Service Chinos and Desert Duck Rivets back from the tailor. He was VERY impressed with the construction of the pants.
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