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As heavy duty as they are, I'm just not a fan of saddleback bags. They're just too busy with buckles, straps, etc for my tastes. You may have decent luck finding an old used coach leather messenger on ebay for around $100, or a vintage leather postal bag. I'm in a similar boat, but not that urgent as my 12 year old timbuk2 bag is still going strong.
Can't be any worse than Memphis, TN in the summer. I'll just show up in daisy dukes and a sleeveless work shirt, unbuttoned.
Yeah, I'm thinking I need to make a trip out to DC this summer for sizing, too. Might as well use this overtime for the forces of good.
I think you can get a tailor to slim the arms down...
Dear Epaulet, Normally I keep these comments to myself, but you guys really need to find all the pics with these shoes and burn them and take new product pics with something... better. These shoes are *horrible* in combination with the rivets, especially with the cuff. Yikes. The pants are boss, though.
50-51" chest, 18" neck, for starters.
I'm trying to get my order together, dammit. Just started a new job and the pay has been funky, but once it gets ironed out.. just in time for MTM to be finished. I highly doubt ToJ will be making jackets OTR that I'll fit in. If only I had a few thousand laying around I'd just order 3 or 4 jackets and be done with it.
Hey mauro, do you have the MTM measure chart back online? I'd like to get that snocone finished so I can order more! PS, can you do an overdye "pack" with MTM?
hate spread collars, button downs for life.(mainly because I have a thick neck, and I tend to get really steamy when active, so the combinatoin of large amount of cloth + "steam" = flattened collar against my collarbone and just looks weird. The buttondowns tend to give enough structure to offset this "feature" of my anatomy).
Hey Epaulet, you ever going to make any XXL-XXXL shirts for the bigger guys amongst us? (I'm guessing a 50" chest/18" neck is more like a XXXL if you extrapolate sizing). Those liberty shirts are pretty awesome.
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