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Big spenders, I wonder if I can get to $5k based on what I already own and what I've got planned: Footwear: Leather Soul x Alden Ultimate Jumpers (black shell): $475 Leather Soul x Alden Ultimate Jumpers (#8 shell): $475 John Varvatos low-top converse: $60 (ebay) Pants: Epaulet Rivet Chinos x 4 @ $135 = $540 Epaulet Rivet Chinos x 2 @ $150 = $300 RRL selvedge denim: $250 Shirts: (planned) 10 MTM WvG/etc, ~$150 each = $1500 Outerwear: (ordered) 1 ToJ Moto: ...
I was torn on this same question, went with the black goatskin instead. I think it'd be pretty fucking amazing, though, and if they weren't going on break and removing MTO/M, I might consider ordering it after I get the black to see what needs to be tweaked measurements wise. And also to let my bank account fill up a little..
Existence well what does it matter? I exist on the best terms I can. The past is now part of my future, The present is well out of hand.
Might as well say I ordered my blacked out goatskin 4 zip moto today. Stoked.
Just an FYI: I needed some replacement laces for my shell LS x alden jumpers and found . I decided to have some fun and picked up some in ice blue, etc, and they're.. kinda cool. For those of you wearing similar boots as mine, you want the 54" laces. I ordered the 63" due to a sizing mistake on another pair I picked up locally (I though they were 54", but were 48" and too short), but they look good and I...
I find it amusing that J Crew no longer has "madras" shirts, but "Indian Cotton".. I did happen to pick up a couple this season to tide me over, but I'll have to keep looking for MTM madras/linen selections.
Why not just get them altered? The whole point of the "new process" EPs is that they're completely alterable from top block down... If everything fits but the waist/top block, it just seems like a no-brainer to just get that part let out rather than size up and then have everything else taken in unless you have a lack of a quality alterations shop around.How are the rest of you treating your duck canvas? I'm treating them like my denim in that I wear them regularly, and...
Dandy pants have buckleback, right?
Please don't stop taking orders before next Friday.
Aren't those just legwarmers?
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