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Dandy pants have buckleback, right?
Please don't stop taking orders before next Friday.
Aren't those just legwarmers?
NYR and myself have both posted up pics earlier in the thread. The color is great, it's like a sandy khaki, with maybe just a hint of olive? I dunno, it's such a good color and I love the fabric enough that I'm tempted to just put all my other rivets away and buy 2 more pair when they come back in stock in my size (if?) and wear them full-time.
i like this idea that toteholders are gods.
...Wait... 50% off in your birthday month? But.. that's this month for me.
As heavy duty as they are, I'm just not a fan of saddleback bags. They're just too busy with buckles, straps, etc for my tastes. You may have decent luck finding an old used coach leather messenger on ebay for around $100, or a vintage leather postal bag. I'm in a similar boat, but not that urgent as my 12 year old timbuk2 bag is still going strong.
Can't be any worse than Memphis, TN in the summer. I'll just show up in daisy dukes and a sleeveless work shirt, unbuttoned.
Yeah, I'm thinking I need to make a trip out to DC this summer for sizing, too. Might as well use this overtime for the forces of good.
I think you can get a tailor to slim the arms down...
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