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Finally wore my ratio/clothing shirt yesterday, found it broke in nicely as the day went on. Girls in the office commented that it was the best fitting shirt I've worn, so I suppose MTM is co-worker approved. Two shirts on order from mytailor after meeting with Joe for measurements, can't wait to see how those turn out.
I'd wear it if they made one in my size, but I'd also be fearful of looking like Eric Stonestreet...
At least in my neighborhood in K-Town, Los Angeles, Electric Cars are pretty much an impossibility until they start putting in street accessible chargers. :/ If I could drive my car up to my apartment.... :P Met up with Joe at Mytailor over the weekend to get some shirt measurements done, looking forward to seeing how these turn out.
Dammit, I am now.
Yeah, ordered mine a few days after you (4 zip moto). I'll get it when I get it, and no amount of wishful thinking will make it go by any faster. If I wanted instant, I'd have gone RTW, but what's the fun in that?
Come on J. Crew. Release your "vintage oxford short sleeve" OCBD shirt in lilac, please. I really really really dig the standard blue and salmon, just need it in a light purple and my summer rotation is set.
Take them to a tailor, let him sort it out. Tell him you expect about .5" of shrinkage (I believe this is correct) and go from there. I personally don't cuff my rivets, but that's a personal choice.
I'll be wearing mine throughout the summer, but then again, I'll be riding in it. White leather might've been a nice option for this socal sun... :/
So many new chinos in my size and so little money.
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