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Oh man, this might be the year I finally pick up some Donegals. Although, I'll probably punk rock them out a bit: cut them off below the knees and wear with epaulet trainers (wish I'd gotten in on the combat boots to really fit the mood). :/
Seam ripper to the rescue
As if it would spend any time in the proper orientation....
Hey Mike! Are you planning on continuing an occasional MTO Couro Cromo sneaker thing? I know I missed out on a couple I wouldn't mind putting down as a pre-order. I dug the idea behind the museum calf MTO of late, would love to see that become a regular thing for us EPLA folks.
You shoulda seen Southerners and grunge. "Yeah, dude, you're totally rocking that flannel shirt and corduroy pants. It's 110 degrees and 100% humidity, you should probably take that shit off now."
Are the new glazed cowskin sneakers what you guys thought were the Shell previously? Just curious (and no oxblood??? :P ) And is that bordeaux pretty close to a #9?
They look like jodhpurs. Get a pair of knee high riding boots and problem solved.
Been wearing the shit out of the loden. Love love love them. Want all the colors now.
I have a normal sized foot and take a 10.5 in US Chucks. I've got 2 pair of EPLA sneakers, 10.5 US fits perfect. Just ordered the highs.
Just wanted to give my 2 cents: Got my trainers yesterday, already put 10 miles in them. Love them. When I come back from my vacation next week, I may order the rest of the colorways if they still have my size. Shit.
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