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You shoulda seen Southerners and grunge. "Yeah, dude, you're totally rocking that flannel shirt and corduroy pants. It's 110 degrees and 100% humidity, you should probably take that shit off now."
Are the new glazed cowskin sneakers what you guys thought were the Shell previously? Just curious (and no oxblood??? :P ) And is that bordeaux pretty close to a #9?
They look like jodhpurs. Get a pair of knee high riding boots and problem solved.
Been wearing the shit out of the loden. Love love love them. Want all the colors now.
I have a normal sized foot and take a 10.5 in US Chucks. I've got 2 pair of EPLA sneakers, 10.5 US fits perfect. Just ordered the highs.
Just wanted to give my 2 cents: Got my trainers yesterday, already put 10 miles in them. Love them. When I come back from my vacation next week, I may order the rest of the colorways if they still have my size. Shit.
Got my Camel Herringbone chinos the other day. The fit is a bit snugger than the denim, but I like it. The fabric is pretty danged nice. I really wish I'd ordered the Olive as well, but so it goes with trying things first. I also received the Horween wallet. It's very nice as well, definitely one of my favorite purchases from Gustin. Now just waiting on that shipping notification for the Heavy Coffee Chinos.
Any word on a date for the "chrome" trainers arrival?
My shipping updates I see on my orders page really remind me of "You'll have your stuff by the end of the week; a month at the latest" and still misses the month caveat. :P Got two pairs of chinos that've been in the queue for awhile, last update on 3/18 says everything will be shipped within 7 days.. it's the 8th day now.. I don't really mind the wait on the denim since I already know how they fit, but I've had to prevent myself from backing any more chinos until I...
Just throwing it out there, if you guys need a guinea pig for a XXXXLish shirting option, I'm your huckleberry. Barrel chested men of the world, Unite!
New Posts  All Forums: