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IE The *best* line in the world. (Seriously, something about living in a town where jeans and a t-shirt can be considered interview appropriate...)
For sure. More power to them and to those that will. It's not my money, but then again, a lot of folks wouldn't spend the kind of money i spend on things like Aldens or non-Gustin denim.
To be fair, having owned quite a few J Crew shirts and a single Gustin shirt for fit test (no dice), I think the Gustin shirt is a little nicer. Small details like the horizontal bottom button whole with the contrast red stitching, the rear collar button made me happy; I had no qualms with the Gustin shirt and given an identical price point, I'll take the Gustin all day, every day, unless I'm in an emergency "must buy shirt right now" situation. Some people don't care...
Ratioclothing.com seems to use the same fabrics* and is MTM to boot. They're not too much more expensive, sewed in NC. Gustins "details" are a little better and I think they have a more robust fabric selection (I'm pretty enamored with Gustin's flannel selection), but Gustin shirts don't fit me and MTM does.. Ratio will also sew up a shirt in your own fabric, but it'll cost you :: looks at my liberty of london MTM blouses ::*see Gustin "Midnight Plaid" and Ratio's...
Picked up and wore my black high tops yesterday. After re-lacing, they fit great. Question: where does one purchase the flat waxed sneaker laces used in these (and other higher end sneakers)? The length is 54", just need to find the laces. My usual lace shops either have the really skinny flat laces for dress shoes, or waxed round laces for sneakers, but no flat waxed laces for sneakers. I need some colors. Also, are these high tops coming in any different colorways...
Indeed, especially when Vans is doing a Liberty collection.
One day you'll be able to go to a shop in the mall. Slide in a credit card, step into a booth/rapescan machine. From this, a computer will build a detailed body composition model with precision measurements. You'll have to walk, squat, move, etc so it can calculate the "uniqueness" of your build and then the suit cutting robot in the back will cut/sew perfect fitting garments in just a few minutes. This will be a glorious day.
I love the look of chunky cardigans. Just want a hood and not a shawl collar. I'll be 40 this year, thanks. Hrm, this James Perse looks very much like what I want: http://www.werd.com/12730/james-perse-knit-hooded-cardigan/
I have a secret desire for a button-up hoodie (uh.. cardigan with a hood not a shawl collar)....
I see the Jewish kids on Beverly & Fairfax have stepped up their game.
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