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+1 on sneaker combat boots.
Yeah, thought they discontinued back in the day, as well (maybe they did but reformulated it?) Still holds like a champ; I slept in that and it didn't budge an inch.
aqua net prada epaulet ma-1 martin & spencer epaulet rivet donegals w/cargo pockets epaulet combat boots Happy Holidays, everyone.
Yep, when I was looking at CPs I kept wondering how easy it would be to rub off the lettering. Then Epaulet came along and gave me exactly what I was looking for in a minimal sneaker at half the price. Problem solved. I've now got 5 pairs of tennis lows (and 4 pairs of the various high tops) and have zero regrets other than missing out on some stuff we won't be seeing anymore (plum couro cromo, museum calf special order), but am quite excited to see what happens with the...
I've seen them. If I wore jodhpurs, I'd buy them.Note to self: I should start wearing jodhpurs.
Dangit, didn't realize that jacket coupon expired at midnight EST...
I love socal where we have the concept of winter weight shorts. I need to come try on that MA-1. Strictly by the measurements I might can squeeze in the largest one with only a t-shirt underneath, but not sure I want to risk it...I"m mostly good on jackets, but your damned tennis lows it definitely rings true. Four pair should be enough for anyone, but no, not only did you have to go and restock that blue/grey heel tab horsehide that sold out before I could get it in my...
And they're coming back in a few days! :: dancing ::Really regret not being able to get in on the museum calf order,
ETA on the combat boot?
Mike/Epaulet: Any new tennis lows coming in? it's either another pair of donegal rivets or sneakers. Or combat boots.
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