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I am actually not trolling at all. I am actually 16 years old, yes i did lie in the beginning; only to be taken more seriously. 
    Key word, from. I was born in Florida. I've lived in Europe for the past 12 years, therefore I am a citizen of the United States.    And even so that doesn't exempt him form having gargantuous man-titties. 
    All my friends are very wealthy, we all have connections. Sick poem btw, very appreciative.      Judging by your picture, you're a fat asian/foreigner who needs to start working out. Im pretty sure you have bigger tits than my ex-girlfriend. You know nothing about my life, so don't even start to judge. My friends and I just want to start clubbing, for fun. Im also quite good looking, so I personally dont believe ill have trouble making "moves on drunk grownups." Have...
    You sound like, a pussy.
    Shits not funny,   neither is this.  
Ill agree with you on that those brands are probably too expensive to wear to a club, but they are very nice. And in all seriousness I do love the Burberry plaid haha    
Two of my watches. Bvlgari and a limited edition Panerai Regatta 
VERY HELPFUL! Thanks so much, they are all amazing brands, I'm actually going to Barneys now (no school until thursday!)  
To all of you who actually gave me guidance on what to wear, rather than being a complete douche bag to a 16 year old on the internet : thank you very much =) @ recondite,douglas,lalaland, and frankie22. This thread is completely serious and I am aware I am too young to be clubbing in America, but I am from Europe and it is not frowned upon. To those who were concerned about my schooling, I am an honors student, everybody should have some time to go clubbing on the...
I was literally not expecting to get a single constructive answer, very much appreciated =) I just bought a Boss shirt last weekend and it was pretty cool, looking for a good pair of jeans now    
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