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 Well, I guess that means that you'll just have to wait another couple of weeks before you can meet up with Estelle. [What are you dressing up as for the convention, by the way?]
Ernesto, that's true.   He certainly adds life to threads in which he posts. He can, at times, be an interesting and entertaining poster, but he continually makes the mistake of thinking that his experience or interpretation of something is the only possible or acceptable way of experiencing or interpreting something, and thus disregards, or vehemently disagrees with, all other viewpoints. As a result, I can't help but think that, to some extent at least, the...
 Not forgetting Deer Style in Brisbane, too! I think that people tend to come down on Mr Fan partially because of his obsession, but mainly because of his frequently condescending and patronising "my view is always right" attitude. He may be entirely unlike that in real life, but that's often the way he comes across on the internet and it understandably puts people offside.  [[SPOILER]]
 Fxh is just trying to look after your best interests!
Some people, particularly @SkinnyGoomba, might be interested in this article on Japanese artisans, with some lovely photos:   http://roadsandkingdoms.com/2015/shokunin-qa-michael-magers/
 That is an excellent précis!
 @fxh - I was sorry to see that you missed out the Gennaro Paone thread and the "Eat. Bespoke. Love" Italian trip report thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/436054/gennaro-paone-former-head-tailor-of-rubinacci http://www.styleforum.net/t/451888/eat-bespoke-love-my-italian-trip-report From reading both of the above, we can conclude that when you decide to purchase some bespoke Italian clothing, you should a) purchase at least ten bespoke suits before you can really pass...
 Mafoofan and others raved about their search for expensive, rare French chambray fabric. Mafoofan later found it that it wasn't pure cotton. Much soul-searching and general head-banging and other SF hilarity ensued.
@lukejackson - you may have already seen this, but there's an interesting story in the current edition of National Geographic about the flood of Syrian refugees into neighbouring countries such as Jordan and Turkey.   You can also read it online:   http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2015/03/syrian-refugees/salopek-text
 If you got a side table and two accompanying chairs, you could sit in the chairs at the table in the morning and have coffee while you look out of the window, and then you can turn the chairs around when you have friends over, which sounds rather simpler than manoeuvering that bench around.
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