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 I think that Ambrosi's trousers are bespoke, although I do think that he also has a few default styles that people often choose. However, from what I've read, if you want something different, then he will make something different for you. Here's an example of a pair of Ambrosi trousers that are certainly different:  http://www.styleforum.net/t/237582/ambrosi-napoli/1725#post_6978884
 I like Uniqlo's no-show socks, although I tend to only wear them with sneakers. They're very comfortable, durable yet thin, and they have a little rubbery-grip on the inside at the heel so that they don't slip off easily.
  Well, he works very, very hard taking orders and having coffee with customers - it's just completing the orders that is sometimes the problem!
 Indeed. "Salva" must be one heck of a charmer, as he consistently over-promises and under-delivers, and yet many people (Andrew included) describe him as a friend, despite his repeated examples of shonky behaviour.
 This one? http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2015/07/salvatore-ambrosi-bespoke-trousers-in-london.html In it, he mentions that Ambrosi will be coming to London for a trunk show with The Armoury, and he mentions that he commissioned a pair of trousers from Ambrosi and that they had some issues, but he said that he'll address those things in another post. Interestingly, Simon said: "His reputation took some big knocks early on, with deliveries often late, but he seems to have...
 At the risk of also sounding like a shill, Rene of Deer Style in Brisbane has been producing some spectacularly good stuff lately.  There are some good pics on the "Sartoria Deer Style" Instagram and Tumblr accounts:      Rene's great to deal with, he offers several levels of finishing and other choices and his prices are extremely reasonable. 
^ That is brilliant. Unfortunately, my cat is very nervous around our Roomba, otherwise I'd try to train him to ride on it.    There's another clip somewhere around - maybe of the same cat - riding on a Roomba chasing a duck around a kitchen. It's very surreal.    Edited to add - looks like the same cat:  
 Yes. Cats + leather =  scratches, but on the positive side, less vacuuming of furniture required. Cats + fabric furniture = lots of brushing or vacuuming. Thankfully, we have wooden floors and a Roomba, so vacuuming the floor is quick and simple. 
 No, I've just been reading this forum for much too long, so I've seen all the dramas surrounding "Salva" and his pents over the years!  Here are a few samples: - The "commercial management" of Ambrosi (ie Salvatore) creating a thread on SF to apologise to people who've been waiting a long time for their pants, and then insulting customers including Mafoofan and calling him an oval-headed dwarf (yes, really): http://www.styleforum.net/t/237582/ambrosi-napoli - A thread...
HC, I agree that Andrew seems like a really nice fellow. I've corresponded with him a little bit and he's very polite, thoughtful and pleasant.    The trousers are tight, although I've noticed that Andrew seems to like slim-cut trousers and shirts that are tighter than I'd personally like. I also noticed the pleats pulling open, even when Andrew was standing still without his hands (or anything else, by the look of it) in the pockets. I wouldn't expect that from a pair...
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