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 Agreed. However, that's not unusual for Australia. I think that Peter Sheppard was asking $500 for them years ago when they still stocked them and another menswear store here in Brisbane is asking $1000 for pairs of corrected-grain Church's shoes.
 I'm sure that you're well aware of this already, but don't forget that a good job is more than a simple paypacket. Although it might not mean a significant payrise, if it really is an amazing opportunity, then it could well be worth it anyway.
 Good heavens - you're as bad as Foxhound! Still, at least you'll be able to give us a comparison of the various jackets.
  Isn't that five?
 That's a bit blunt, but I'd have to agree. They're a pretty awful mash-up and if they didn't have MJ and Federer repping them, no-one would want them. It's simply the name/brand that's drawing people, not the appearance or quality. Well, that's my personal take on it, anyway.
 That all depends on whether you have upper cabinets or not...
 SB, with respect, that's not the issue. As I mentioned above, the issue is one of overall space. Some kitchens are small, and thus don't have that much storage space if you decide not to have upper cabinets for aesthetic reasons. Having full-height cabinets looks good, but takes away bench space. Therefore, having upper as well as lower cabinets with a break in between for bench space might not be aesthetically appealing, but it is very practical, especially in smaller...
  The ability to choose different sleeve lengths with Tyrwhitt and TM Lewin shirts is a big advantage, especially if you have arms that are either longer or shorter than average.
 I haven't looked at either for a while, but I suspect that it's much of a muchness. CT shirts tend to have fairly stiff collars and cuffs, which can be a downside if you like softer collars. MJ Bale shirts tend to put the stitching too close to the edge of the collars for my liking (as I like the edge stitching to be set back about 5mm), but that's subjective and probably just a sign that I'm too obsessive about clothing details. Some MJ Bale shirts also have some odd...
New Posts  All Forums: