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 Cox, I think that I've gently said this before, but I think that it's worth repeating - in my humble opinion, you should cut back on impulse purchases of clothing that you don't need, particularly when it's very similar to stuff that you've already got, and instead use your discretionary funds to buy things that you really want, that fill a hole in your wardrobe, that will serve you well.  At the risk of sounding patronising, although something might be on sale, it's not...
 What use is a sale when there's nothing on sale worth buying?!?
 Crazy stuff.
 I'm both astonished and disgusted by it, both at Nike's tactics and the tactics of the people that go the effort of hacking the back-orders to get shoes, quite possibly so they can re-sell them at inflated prices. Ultimately, if Nike had fewer models, made more of those models, and made them more widely available, these issues wouldn't exist. I understand that Nike is constraining supply so that it can charge higher prices, particularly for certain models, but I don't...
 DB - I haven't been to R&R since they re-located to the James St precinct down at the Valley/New Farm border. I do, however, have a few friends who live at New Farm who have popped in on a few occasions. The good news is that George was again taking outside tailoring work, although that was a couple of months ago so I don't know if it's still the case. I also avoid XILE, as although they do have some nice stuff and can be well priced on sale, the staff are all very...
 Holy heck, yes. 
 LJ - I think that an army-green (ie khaki) overcoat could work, but only as long as there was some sort of texture or weave to set it apart from an actual army overcoat.  So, if it were made out of casentino cloth, or in a herringbone weave or barleycorn tweed weave or something like that, I think that it could work well. If it's just khaki in a plain weave, though, I don't think that it would look so good. 
  Using a garrote chair to display tailored clothing - now that is creepy. 
 Sth Korea just equalised with two minutes of stoppage time to go and so we're into extra time.  I really don't think that I can watch anymore - it's playing havoc with my nerves.
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