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 I could be wrong, but I think that the "Topy stops the shoe from breathing" argument has been pretty well disproven. The shoe loses far, far, far more moisture through the innersole and up through the shoe than it does through the bottom of the sole. If your shoes get wet and you are worried about mould, then stuff them with newspaper and place them somewhere reasonably warm and dry and they will be fine. I understand what you mean about putting Topy on the soles of good...
 NM,  I'm afraid that you must have confused me with someone else because (for once!) I didn't make any comment about wearing an M65, Barbour or oilskin with tailored clothing. 
    I laughed out loud at this comment!   This is like deja vu all over again: http://www.styleforum.net/t/88856/australian-members/27860_20#post_6192056
 Given that the trousers are cotton, it's not surprising that they're quite wrinkled/crumpled. There's probably a bit more wrinkling/crumpling that I would personally prefer, but then part of that is due to your pose - I dare say that there wouldn't be as much wrinkling if you were standing upright. I'd hazard a guess that they're possibly a bit too tight or that the cut could be tweaked a bit but, given that they are cotton, there's always going to be more wrinkling than...
^ I bet they'd be popular at Mardi Gras, too, especially without the jeans.
 As long as the collar is a reasonable size (ie not ridiculously small, as is the unfortunate trend nowadays), then I like them. I bought a few button-down collar polo shirts from Uniqlo two or three years ago and they're holding up well and get a lot of wear in summer. The collars are made from the same fabric as the body of the shirt and so they don't stretch and curl like the traditional polo shirt collar tends to do, and the button-down style helps the collar to stand...
Yes, I got an e-mail about it a couple of days ago.    Rather odd, considering that LE spent the last couple of years running the Canvas sub-brand down and letting it fade into obscurity. I thought that was a pity as I had a few polo shirts and pairs of chino shorts from Canvas that fit well and lasted for years.    They seem to have increased their prices for the Canvas range, too. 
  There's another Hungarian shoe store, Rozsnyai Shoes, just a couple of doors down from Vass, too. Like Vass, they offer a combination of "classic" (ie fairly chunky shoes in a Budapester style) and more contemporary styles.
@jcmeyer - I know that you're already in Japan so I'm coming to this late, but I've been away in Japan for the past two weeks and so missed the discussion!   I've got a Word file with some thoughts on Japan that I'll try sending through to you via a PM shortly, so if you're checking SF, please let me know if you get it.   With regard to an itinerary, I'd spend more time in Tokyo and Kyoto, and less time in Osaka. Simply put, once you've spent time in Tokyo, Osaka is...
Last week in Japan:  
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