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Brilliant movie. "Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!"
I have some odd trousers with side tabs, and some odd trousers with belt loops. I don't mind wearing odd trousers with braces, so I'm happy to have the side tabs.   I do find, though, that if I don't wear braces with my side-tab trousers, I do have to hitch up my trousers from time to time as they can slip down a bit.     Edited to add: Re: lukejackson's questions about odd jackets, I'd go for the lighter grey odd jacket as long as the fabric had some sort of visible...
  Thank you very much, Patrik.
A quick - and possibly foolish - question about sizing:   If I take a UK9 in Carmina's Rain last, can I reasonably assume that I'll also take a UK9 in the Detroit last?   Especially given that the Detroit last is used for derbies, I assume that it's going to be a more forgiving fit than the Rain last anyway, and thus I should be fine, but I thought that I'd double-check before plonking down some cash.   Thanks, all.
 With a silk topper, too, I hope!  [[SPOILER]]
 Not a bad choice at all, if you were to only have one watch.
  A "Plus Fours" challenge? 
 Nabil Moustacha?
 Ditto - I entirely agree that a celebratory purchase is in order!
 I haven't encountered that particular mistake, but two things that bug me (just two of many, far too many to mention here): - People who ask if they can "have a lend of my [pen/sticky-tape/other random item]". You don't have a lend of something - you borrow it. What are you, illiterate? - People who write "could of" and "should of" instead of "could have" and "should have". What the...? Who the heck doesn't know that the contraction "could've" is an abbreviation of "could...
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