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 VRaivio - In my experience, cheaper shoes typically do use canvas or linen for lining, rather than leather. When I first started in a "real" job about 15 years ago, I went out and bought a few pairs of Florsheim and Lloyd's shoes and they were all fabric-lined. I'm not sure about whether the shoes were warmer or not, but the lining wore through quite quickly at a couple of pressure points inside the shoe and, because the fabric had become stiffer with friction, sweat and...
  Where on earth do people find these historical photos of the Foo?
 I think that @ovlov might have had a pair of shoes made by them a year or so ago, but I don't know any more than that.
Moynat was defunct for many years and was only revived recently.   I've seen a few articles on them over the past year or so, and most of the articles mentioned the "limousine" briefcase, which has a curved bottom. I remember reading somewhere that it was originally made as a trunk, and the curved bottom was so it would fit on the roof of a car, although I've read conflicting accounts as to precisely why the trunk was curved. Some have said that it's so the curve of the...
I stumbled upon a rather interesting table clock the other day, made by those crazy people at Max Busser & Friends (MB&F). As with everything made by MB&F, it's a little, well, different from your usual table clocks:       http://mbandf.com/machines/performance-art/melchior/#/intro   It's a limited edition and retails for around $35 000.   One arm looks like a rocket launcher and the other looks like a Gatling gun. Interestingly, the Gatling gun arm can be...
  ...and looking Foolish.
I'm not sure of French pricing but, given that we pay a premium for pretty much everything here in Australia, I don't see why Hermes scarves and Charvet ties would be any different.   Edited to add: I've heard anecdotally that Hermes ties are about AU$90 - $100 cheaper in France than in Australia, so I assume that their scarves are similarly cheaper over there than they are here.
 It's probably as easy to tailor the shoulders on Eidos jackets as it is on other jackets - which is to say, it's not easy at all. Just my personal opinion but I'd say that, if the shoulders of a particular jacket don't fit, then put the jacket back and look for a different jacket.
 Charvet ties? Bonnet spectacle frames? Hermes scarves? Goyard briefcase or document folder? A pair of Corthay "Arca" shoes?
 I suspect that, after shipping costs are added (if they're prepared to ship overseas), you'd be looking at $1100 or so for a pair of tassel loafers. Unfortunately, imported shoes, particularly those imported from the UK and US, are very expensive in Japan as there's a significant import tax applied to them. Edited to add: - If you could persuade the shop to ship overseas, then there's a chance that they might agree to remove the consumption tax from the price for you, so...
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