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    Absolutely. Das Boot is a fantastic movie. Tense, gripping, claustrophobic and riveting. You really feel as though you're stuck in a steel tube in the Atlantic. The movie grabs hold of you and doesn't let go until the end. I'm not normally really immersed in a movie but I was immersed (small, watery pun) in Das Boot. 
  Good to see that Agnelli was wearing a PloProf.  I was thinking of mentioning Gianni, but I thought that eightace is too sensible to start buckling his watch over his cuff.  Although, having said that, there was an Italian shirt brand a few years back that made an odd sort of double cuff that had a hole for the watch face in the top layer of cuff - you'd buckle your watch over the bottom layer of cuff and make sure that you positioned it so that the face could show...
   "I don't like sand. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Not like here. Here everything is soft and smooth." I won't lie - I gagged when Anakin said that line in Revenge of the Sith. Not only was it a truly, truly terrible line, but the sulky way in which he said it made it even worse, if such a thing is even possible. 
 Yes - a NATO strap will cover the back of the watch so that the metal won't (or largely won't, depending on how you flex your wrist) come into contact with your skin.  Another tactic would be to leave the clear factory sticker on the back of the watch, instead of removing it, so that your skin doesn't come into contact with the back of the watch. If the sticker peels off of its own accord after some time, you could always replace it with a circle of "Contact" plastic film...
 MJ Bale's made-in-Japan suits are good, so if it fits you, then I'd say that's a good deal.  Alteration costs are a bit higher than I'd expect as that's pretty much the price that you'd be charged if you took them to a tailor - I'd expect that MJ Bale would pay quite a bit less and they'd normally charge you their cost price for alterations. 
 I don't, but I have some friends who do.  It depends upon style and size.  If you don't mind a larger watch and if you're happy with a sports watch, rather than a dress watch, then the Tudor Pelagos is a great option:  Omega also make a Seamaster "Planet Ocean" diving watch in titanium, but it's about twice the price of the Tudor:   Looking at less expensive watches, Citizen (owned by Seiko) also make a few titanium...
 It might be a way of declaring your virility, but the pattern itself is about 500 years old and originated in Persia, as a stylised representation of vegetation. Therefore, I don't think that there's any deliberate mimicry of sperm happening there. 
 I could be wrong, because I'm not that well acquainted with Star Wars, but didn't Palpatine tell a story to someone (Anakin, perhaps) about how an apprentice (Palpatine, in other words) had killed his master (Darth Plagueis)?  That being the case, it would make it rather unlikely that Snoke is Plagueis. 
    Not to mention his (pink) socks - why are they being ignored?
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