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 Try Sheffield - apparently there are hundreds of places there! 
 They were less than $250 but I think that they're now a little more due to exchange rates and international courier costs. Rene could give you an exact figure.   There used to be a fair few but I think that numbers have tapered off in recent years. In addition to you and I, there's Osiris, Ruzzi, The False Prophet and a few others who post on an occasional basis. There are also a couple of people who only post on the Streetwear & Denim side of things. I've been meaning to...
 I've got the navy tie with the yellow double stripe (in fact, I've got their other versions with red and green double stripes, too). It's a lovely tie. I tend to wear it mostly with sky blue shirts and mid-grey or charcoal suits. The shirts are either plain or have a mini-gingham check.
 They do look good, don't they? Incidentally, for any Brisbanites who may be interested, the made-to-order G.Inglese shirts carried by Deer Style are available in a model with a one-piece, capri- or camp-style collar. Unfortunately, Rene's photos don't really do the wonderful collars justice, but you can get a bit of a look at them in a couple of photos. They look excellent with knit ties....
 Really? If so, that's disappointing to hear about NB and Allen Edmonds. I know that NB has a few different lines but I had thought (or hoped) that their made in US and made in UK lines were actually made in those locations.
 In vintage cloth, no less! BYO mullet.
 +1 bazillion. Also, in addition to not replying to spam, people shouldn't quote spam if they do feel compelled to reply to it as it's pointless and actually just helps the spammers.
 I do find it a bit odd, given that I clearly remember T4Phage writing in perfect English in his posts some years back. Therefore, I'm guessing that it's more by deliberate design rather than due to translation issues. Either way, the Cappelli silks look lovely.
Interview with Roubi L'Roubi by Simon Crompton of the "Permanent Style" blog:   http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2013/02/interview-roubi-lroubi-huntsman.html#.U5ZP-9R-_cs
 Steve, You might be interested in reading this article from The New Yorker on John Green: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2014/06/09/140609fa_fact_talbot?currentPage=all Green comes across as an interesting, erudite and also kind and passionate person who really enjoys interacting with his readers.
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