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 Land's End?
 +1. Well said.
 Tiger wears such awful, baggy suits that it's difficult to tell what his shoulders look like under the jackets anyway!
 Do Double Monk in Melbourne Stock G&G? If so, then you might want to get in touch with them to see if they can persuade G&G to come here and do a trunk show. I know that they've already hosted a Cleverley trunk show and perhaps another shoemaker, too. With regard to having a last made, there aren't many places around that make lasts but if you do a search you might find one or two places in Sydney or Melbourne that could make a last for you. Of course, you'd have to make...
 +1000. The reason that SF exists, and the reason that SF brings in money to the owners (Fok and J, presumably), is because of the members. Without members who contribute useful content, SF dies and so does the income stream. There's clearly a balancing act here - SF needs revenue to cover costs and to give Fok a wage for running the site and advertising provides that revenue stream, but if there's too much advertising it will deter new members and drive current members...
 I like nice shoes, too, but there's not really much point in spending well over $1000 on a pair of shoes when they don't fit you well (ie they aren't really comfortable) or they don't accommodate your orthotics. I realise that it's difficult to resist the temptation to buy nice things at times (and that it arguably goes against the ethos of StyleForum!), but it's far, far better to wait and to hold on to your money until you can find particular lasts or styles of shoes...
^ Yes, that's what I thought. Good to know that my eyes are still OK!
  Come, now - that's clearly not Mafoofan because his head is far too small.
^ Jason, the braces look great.   I'm pretty sure that I can see which leather ends are black and which ends are brown but, for the benefit of those of us whose monitor definition might not be so great, could you add a little note to the listings to clarify which leather ends are black and which are brown?
Different lasts = different comfort levels.   The EGs look as though they're on the 202 last (although I could be wrong), which is a very forgiving, roomy last that also fits people with higher insteps well.   Lobb's 7000 last is (in my experience, at least, bearing in mind that we all have different feet), not nearly as forgiving or roomy, nor as good for higher insteps.   If you do have trouble fitting into shoes, particularly with your orthotics, you might look at...
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