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 I must admit that I don't know how conveniently (or inconveniently) it is located, but you could always head out to "Shop The Finest". Apparently, Jeff has an absolutely massive amount of stuff, far more than he lists on the StF website or eBay and people have picked up some fantastic bargains.
 Clearly, you're just living up to your username!
^ That is really quite a remarkable resemblance, but surely Manton would never wear such a poorly-fitting shirt collar?
  Only the one pair of Vass?!?!
^Maybe they spent so much on the house that they didn't have money to pay for parking...   Seriously, though, I agree. It usually just looks silly having your car parked right next to your loungeroom.
PP,   I'd like to jump in on the Oud Wood and the Tobacco Vanille splits, too.   Thanks!
^ Interesting colour variation on the toe between the left and right shoes, although I've also noticed that with some other shell shoes.
 I believe that Double Monk will do them now.
 I think that this is the chap: http://www.styleforum.net/u/163805/brendon I think that he mentioned that he works for an outfit in Auckland.
^ David - are you going to blindfold your customers and tie their arms behind their back as you measure them up?!
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