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 Yes - particularly because he appears to be wearing a buff, shawl lapeal, DB vest (which is very formal) with an unbuttoned, button-down collar. Mariano's got sprezz.
 No, but I've heard that they're well-made and that sizing is comparable with Converse All-Stars, for what it's worth. I've paid a deposit on two pairs of the SF x Epaulet shell cordovan sneaker collaboration.
 Yes, indeed.
 Yes, that's very true and I'm cognisant of that. I was still astonished, and to some extent appalled - by the sheer amount of time and newsprint dedicated to the whole, very unfortunate affair. My wife, who is not Australian but who generally understands Australia pretty well, was mystified by it all. She asked me if Phil Hughes had done something other than cricket, that would somehow explain the huge amount of coverage that his injury and death received.
 It did sound like a very nice funeral, insofar as any funeral can be nice. However, I have been astonished by the sheer amount of media coverage that Phil Hughes and his life have received over the past couple of weeks. Yes, he was a good cricketer and by all accounts he was a lovely person. Yes, he was too young and it was a tragedy, particularly for his family. At the risk of sounding grumpy, or like Oli - and maybe I'll be excoriated for saying this - he was just a...
 You mean, if you turn into Liberace??    Agreed - the problems are more with the furnishing and colour scheme than with the house. Get rid of the carpet and the drapes and repaint the place and it would look much, much, much better. Oh, and blow up the concrete swans beside the swimming pool, too.
 Sheesh - that's dreadful. She would have done better if she'd bought one of those Rolex knock-off watches from a street vendor.
 Springline are in the UK and Dandy Wonka is in Australia. I realise that this is subjective, but if I were having a last made for me, particularly if I needed orthotic footplates, I'd want to be measured up in person for my lasts. I wouldn't trust that I'd get a good last based on my own tracing and measurements. The same argument goes for having MTO shoes made remotely. If I'm paying for last modifications, I'd want the shoemaker to be able to measure me up so as to make...
 I'm not saying that every tailoring firm is like that, and I'm not saying that tailoring firms, even those with house styles, are inflexible. However, I think that it's well accepted that you shouldn't go to A&S on Savile Row and ask for a Neapolitan-style waterfall shoulder, as an example. They probably wouldn't make it for you and, if they did, they probably wouldn't do it well as it's simply not their style.
 I don't know - his left shoulder definitely looks higher than his right in that pic... Re: "House" styles: I tend to agree with Mr Reeves, for what it's worth. The vast majority of tailoring firms do have a particular "cut" and whilst they might sometimes venture outside that, they are certainly known for a particular style. This is, of course, precisely why people on SF talk about "Italian" tailoring and "English" tailoring and so on - Italian tailors, particularly those...
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