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 +1. Reminds me of the time that functionally illiterate people in the US were up in arms about a politician's aide using the word "niggardly".
   Definition of snigger  in English:sniggerLine breaks: snig|gerPronunciation: /ˈsnɪgə Britishverb[no object] Laugh in a half-suppressed, typically scornful way: "the boys at school were sure to snigger at him behind his back"
 I don't know if they are made by Gallo, but Kent Wang stocks pretty much identical bicolour knit ties that are very good indeed. I've been wearing my blue-brown bicolour knit from Kent Wang at least once a fortnight for the past few years. http://www.kentwang.com/ties?cat=47
 His most egregious posts were made under the username Marc37. There's an entertaining thread on "good food" where Marc37/Shooman espoused his theories of wheatgrass/sprouts/raw foods. I can't remember whether it was that thread or a different one where he recommended drinking your own fluids. It's possible that the anti-Semitic posts were deleted. Anyway, as I say, he's very knowledgeable about shoes and about shoemaking in Melbourne and Australia and it's best if he...
 The ones where he recommends only eating raw food and drinking energetic water, the ones where he discusses drinking mid-stream urine, or the ones where he blames the Jews for everything (which was what got him finally banned from SF)?  ;-) Shooman clearly loves shoes and knows a lot about them, but he's a bit eccentric (to put it mildly) when he strays onto other topics.
 Well, if I were the person mentioned in the third para of your post above, I'd construe what you've written as a threat.
^ I won't quote it, just in case you decide to edit it, but perhaps you should re-think that last paragraph as it's quite an over-reaction.   I haven't posted on Ask Andy for years and I do agree that the moderation there is very heavy-handed and that moderation decisions seem very arbitrary or biased at times, but I think that your last para (as it currently stands) is uncalled for.
    I could be wrong (and apologies to arahat if I am), but at least some of those pictures look like photos that former SF member Shooman/Hooman has posted in the past on various fora, so the photos may originally have come from him. Shooman/Hooman has had shoes made by a few different makers around Melbourne that he managed to ferret out, including a chap by the name of John D, I think, as well as some other, generally elderly, shoemakers. Shooman's writing style is,...
 I thought that same thing when I was looking at it. It's rather like the conservatory that you see in a lot of larger, older houses in the UK, with the proviso, of course, that the UK's climate is much, much milder than the climate in California. Depending on the season, I agree that the room would probably be unusable for quite a bit of the day, perhaps depending on the season. 
 Weren't G&D on their honeymoon until the very end of May? 
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