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 I've got a similar case, and it is lovely. Unfortunately, it doesn't get that much use as I prefer to use my Filson 256 most of the time!   By the way, I think that the lining is actually pigskin suede, rather than felt. 
 IMHO, I don't think that there'd really be enough demand to warrant including a metal mesh bracelet. Different bracelets suit different styles of watch and some watches look much, much better with a leather or fabric strap than a bracelet. Much better to concentrate on your other idea, I think. 
I'm sorry I responded to the query by Phillycheese! I guess I foolishly underestimated people's desire for personal information, but then I suppose such curiosity is just part of human nature.   Anyway, to get things back on topic, I was rather sad when The Armoury stopped carrying RO Bags, but I just noticed that they're now carrying Frank Clegg bags:    http://thearmoury.tumblr.com/post/94203751165/lnsee-weve-got-the-gator-carpet-bag-by-frank  
  Agreed. I have absolutely no idea what Ethan was offered, and even if I did know, I wouldn't be saying as that's no-one business but Ethan's. 
 He's gone to work for Ralph Lauren as a senior director of their men's luxury brands division, apparently. I think that he mentioned that he's still going to be based in HK, at least for the time being. 
 Mario Vargas Llosa?  Yes, I really enjoy his works, too. "A Conversation in the Cathedral" was my gateway drug into South American magical realism. 
 Great to hear - you won't be disappointed! What colours/patterns did you get?
  If anyone's on the fence about the challis ties or the Sozzi x HC knits, they shouldn't be. I've got the above tie and it's fantastic, with a beautiful knot and the sale price is a great, great deal. The zig-zag knits are also great. 
 I'm not Romp, but to be honest, I wouldn't bother with taking in the shoulders. If Sydney alteration prices are anything like Brisbane, it will probably cost you $180 to have the sleeves taken off, the shoulders narrowed, and the sleeves re-attached.  Add to that the cost of slimming the jacket and the cost of taking the sleeves up, and you're probably looking at $270 or more in alterations and all of a sudden the jacket doesn't look like such a bargain anymore.  I'd just...
 After only noticing the pop-up store a couple of days ago when driving past, I popped in to the pop-up this afternoon. There were still quite a few trousers in size 30 and 32 left, in both navy, a lighter blue (more like an air force blue) and a couple of shades of grey/charcoal. There were some models that were quite slim-fitting and others that were a bit more forgiving.  Prices seemed to range from $99 to $150. There were also plenty of cotton trousers in various...
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