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I know, I know that I shouldn't click on these "Executive Style" articles (most of which are just plucked straight from D'Marge), but it's like a car crash - I just can't look away:   http://www.executivestyle.com.au/making-masculine-jewellery-work-for-you-gint2k  
  Clearly, you haven't spent much time in the "Cool furniture, design objects and desiderata" thread! 
For anyone in Sydney interested in a job selling shoes, the Double Monk Facebook page mentions that they're going to be opening a store in the Strand Arcade, and that they're looking for employees:    https://www.facebook.com/DoubleMonk   DOUBLE MONK SYDNEY - EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST Applications are now open for positions at our upcoming Sydney store. Please send a CV and cover letter to careers@doublemonk.com Interviews to follow in the coming weeks.
One, positive thing in Salvatore Ambrosi's favour is that he's not as bad as Drew Keith of ToJ. You might have to wait the better part of a year or more for your pents, but at least you'll get them. 
It's interesting to see how some people romanticise and personalise the purchase of clothing, and put it in a category quite separate to that of other purchases.    I wonder if Ambrosi customers would feel the same way if they were, for example, buying a fridge or something similar?    The fridge salesperson might be really nice, might offer them a coffee, might chat with them about football and mutual acquaintances and so on and they might be a really nice person....
  Are you drinking in a restroom in this photo? 
 "Salva" must be one heck of a charmer, as he consistently over-promises and under-delivers, and yet many people (Andrew of a Timeless Man blog included) describe him as a friend or as being nice, despite his repeated examples of shonky behaviour.
^ I feel drunk when I look at that picture - and I haven't even been drinking this evening!
 You're entirely correct about that!  http://www.styleforum.net/t/237582/ambrosi-napoli/1725#post_6978884  
 I think that Ambrosi's trousers are bespoke, although I do think that he also has a few default styles that people often choose. However, from what I've read, if you want something different, then he will make something different for you. Here's an example of a pair of Ambrosi trousers that are certainly different:  http://www.styleforum.net/t/237582/ambrosi-napoli/1725#post_6978884
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