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 Depending on condition and so on, you quite regularly see second-hand "no date" Submariners for around US$5000 on Chrono24 and other such places. Some are a few hundred less, some are a couple of hundred over. That's more than $2500 less than the new Seamaster 300, so a substantial saving, and you get a genuinely aged, classic watch instead of a new watch that's imitating a genuinely aged classic! I'd love to get a vintage Seamaster 300, as I prefer the original to the...
  I think that a lot of - if not all - Australian cobblers would be reluctant to install the sunken toe-taps as it requires them to skive a bit off the soles of the shoes so that the toe-taps are flush with the soles. Therefore, you may have difficulty finding a place to install them for you. You may know this already, but you can get pretty much any cobbler to install metal or nylon crescent-shaped toe-taps on the toes of your shoes. They don't look as nice as the sunken...
   Wurger, at the risk of sound patronising, that's good to hear. I think that it's really important to have honesty in relationships and also for couples to have a common understanding of, and attitude towards, household finances.
 Does your wife-to-be know about these shoes, wurger?!?!  
^ I like it, Clags.   What colour are your trousers (I'm assuming that you're wearing a pair of trousers!)?
What teamwork, on both the haiku and the photo!   The photo of Gerry is very nice and PoP's caption is very apt.
 You're right - didn't notice that. The Spectre model has a "0" instead of a pearl on the bezel and no "12" on the dial, as it instead has an oversized "Omega" logo. 
 I don't know if anyone here will know the answer, but apart from a) the NATO strap and b) the "lollipop" seconds hand on the Spectre version, is there any actual difference between the regular Seamaster 300 and the Spectre edition?  Of course, I know that the Spectre edition is a limited edition (although it's limited to "only" 7007 models, so not that limited), but Omega's listed price for the Spectre is almost $1300 more than the regular Seamaster 300 - $8875 vs $7700....
^ I was reading about that somewhere just a day or two ago.    Apparently, he was wearing two watches - the Bulova and a Speedy Pro - as the extra-vehicular excursions using the lunar buggy were going to mean that the astronauts would be away from the landing module for some time and so he wore two watches just in case one broke or started running slow as, of course, they didn't want to risk running low on air supplies.   
 "It's like deja vu all over again!" Edited to add: Damn! Beaten to it by fxh. Oh, the ignominy! 
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