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 Well, I certainly don't envy you that part of it! I hope that it's at least to a nice location so that you can enjoy the one day a week that you have off.  I think that you could even get away with just two suits if you wanted to, one in navy and one in grey, and then increase the number of shirts and ties so that you can mix-and-match more. 
 The colours look a bit saturated, so the jacket probably isn't as bright or "denim-like" in real life.  I'm pretty sure that I've got that same tie (is it a Vanda tie, Gerry?) and the blue overcheck isn't that iridescent in real life.
   Or a discussion about the virtues of Topying your shoes.
  Ernesto, I don't know if it's still the case but you used to see a few light-coloured linen or cotton suits from places like Anthony Squires and Herringbone in the summer. I've got a beige-coloured Japanese cotton suit from Herringbone that's lasted me for some years and which is very nice in summer. I've also got a "sand"-coloured suit (for want of a better descriptor) from Deer Style that gets quite a lot of wear in summer, both as a suit and as separates. As for "how...
  http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/familia.asp?idfamilia=12124347 Subtract VAT and add shipping cost. 
 +1. I stopped off at my local Nike store a few weeks back and pretty much all of the current flyknit options that they had in stock looked cheap, poorly made and unattractive. I don't like the new sole designs, either - the older free soles looked and felt better, to my mind. 
 +1.  I'm very interested in a balmoral boot on the Rain last, but would prefer a leather sole, for the above reasons, and also blind eyelets (ie not visible steel eyelets), again for dressiness reasons. 
 The overall design is pretty classic - like a leather Belstaff motorcycle trials jacket such as the Panther: http://www.belstaff.com/men/outerwear/jackets-and-coats/the-panther-jacket/71120006.html However, the suede exterior and the quilting make it look a bit different. I'm not sure if I really like the quilted suede effect - it makes it look a bit like a knight's doublet or gambeson or, I suppose, like a suede version of the quilted Barbour jackets that some people...
Lovely combo. 
   Forgive my ignorance, but what is the "pen crease trick"? 
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