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 Not sure of the jeans/jawnz, but the kicks are Lanvin. 
 Now THAT is definitely a dad yolk... er, sorry, joke.
 Maybe I'm not up on the current terminology, but something there seems a bit contradictory...
 I take a UK10/US11 in most Puma, Adidas and Nike styles, including Stan Smiths, and I took a UK10/US11 in the Nike Court Classics and they fit perfectly. If I'd sized down they would have been too short and if I'd sized up, they would have been too long. Width is fine, too.  Leather quality is nice and they look and feel good. My only complaint is with the laces - they're a bit flat (which I generally like, in this style) but they're very thin (in terms of their flatness)...
 I've got jackets that have three patch pockets, and I have jackets that have patch pockets at the waist and a jetted breast pocket. I certainly feel that the former style is more casual and I've come to prefer the look of the jetted breast pocket with waist patch pockets. I think that it's more versatile, particularly if you want to wear the jacket both as part of a suit and as an odd jacket. 
 Not at all - in the case of Charles Tyrwhitt, to give another example, a large amount of their sales are overseas and they used to remove VAT at checkout without any problems whatsoever, but they then decided to go the House of Fraser route and to simply charge overseas customers the same as domestic customers and, instead of remitting 20% of the gross price to Inland Revenue for overseas purchasers, to keep it for themselves.  Also, there are plenty of smaller,...
 I know that an A-2 jacket isn't very goth-ninja streetwear in style, but it's hardly "dadcore". It's a great look, whether you're wearing it with jeans, chinos, t-shirt, oxford shirt or something else.  Instead of "dadcore", think of Steve McQueen in "The Great Escape" or Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones movies.
 Well, that's less than a pair of St Crispin's and a horsehide McCoy's jacket will last you for the rest of your life.
DW - ouch! That's unfortunate, but it seems to be increasingly common nowadays.    There are a few online retailers who are small and so they are not registered for VAT and so cannot reimburse you, such as Malford of London and Exquisite Trimmings.    There have been a few threads on here in the past discussing this practice, including threads which mention House of Fraser and Charles...
Congrats, Jase, and great to hear that everything went smoothly. 
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