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 Yes, surprisingly, the blurb in the e-mail did not exclude C&Js, although it excluded the other usual stuff, such as cufflinks. If anyone's interested in picking up some C&J Hallams, Drummonds, Lowndes or other decent C&J shoes, then $450 is a very good deal.
 I'm wearing a pair of DeerStyle trousers today, too, made from Holland & Sherry "Crispaire" fresco cloth. They're fantastic. I've got a few pairs of odd trousers from Deer Style now, as well as a few pairs of suit trousers, and I tend to wear them more than any other trousers because they're so comfortable.
 Yes, that's it!
 Generally, they should last a long time, but with enough wear, they will eventually lose their elasticity. Depending on the brand of boot, the amount of wear and the type of elastic used, I'd say that you'd probably be looking at a decade or more. Chelsea boots are popular in Australia as a domestic brand, RM Williams, makes very good, wholecut chelsea boots. Indeed, hardly anyone in Australia calls the style "chelsea" - instead, they're just known as "RM Williams" boots,...
 Thanks for arranging this, Jason. I'm keen to catch up with some 'Berra locals on Wednesday night and it would be great to put some faces to names. I look forward to seeing some of you soon. 
  Do you have a foyer, or a foy-eh?  Seriously, though, I quite like the first two.  What's the bench going to be for, what role is it going to play? To sit on while putting on/taking off shoes? Or will it be more frequently used as a seat?
 I remember that there was someone who had very sloping shoulders and who used to take pictures of himself in a house/apartment that was very barely furnished with unpainted skirting boards and cornices, who e-stalked Manton obsessively and who couldn't stop harassing him.  He was banned from SF and then showed up on the Film Noir Buff forum until they eventually banned him, too. 
 ...whilst carrying a Tommy gun. 
 As soon as I saw the bow tie and the three-piece suit, I knew that you were going to be channelling Winnie!
I don't know if it matters to you, but Buttero sneakers are a lot less dressy (or flashy, if you prefer) than Lanvin sneakers.   Buttero sneakers look good with shorts, chinos, jeans and so on but the Lanvins (at least the ones with the patent leather toe-cap) would look a bit odd with shorts or chino pants, to my mind. At the risk of sounding incongruous, they're "dress" sneakers only, whereas the Butteros can (again, at the risk of sounding incongruous) be dressed up...
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