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 Some, but not all:  
 No.  The closest watch to the Prince that you'll find in Tudor's current line-up would be the Tudor Heritage Ranger, although it only comes with a black face and has a mix of Arabic numerals and baton (or stick) hour markers: http://www.tudorwatch.com/#/en/ranger/ It costs over $3000 in Australia, I think. You should be able to pick up a good, vintage Tudor Prince for $1800 - $2000, which is quite a bit less than the virtually identical Rolex Oysterdate of the same...
 Unfortunately, this happens a lot in Japan. There aren't many old buildings left. That's partly due to earthquakes and partly due to bombing in WWII, but a lot of it is due to deliberate demolition for redevelopment. In recent years, the excuse generally given is that it would be too difficult or too expensive to retrofit the buildings to cope with new earthquake-resistance standards, and those excuses are somewhat valid. My parents-in-law had their house extensively...
 There are a few things that you could try. The first, and the easiest, is to get a pair of sleeve garters. These are elasticated bands that you wear over the sleeve above the elbow and which allow you to keep your sleeves pulled up. They were originally used by clerical workers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to keep their cuffs pulled up above their wrists so that their cuffs would not get dirty (thus less washing and less wear on their shirtcuffs). However,...
 Good point - less money spent on accommodation equals more money for clothing purchases.
^That sounds interesting, Matt - I'll have to look out for it.
 Reminds me of high school science class - there was always one kid who had to ask, "Sir, sir - Is there much gas in Uranus??"
 The whole "Knights of Ren" thing was a bit odd. I suppose that it's meant to be a successor to the "Sith" but apart from a very brief mention of it, and the "Ren" part of Kylo Ren's name, there didn't seem to be any other discussion about it. Are all of the Knights of Ren force-capable? Are there many of them? We don't know as it wasn't discussed at all. 
 Is this it? http://www.robertgraham.us/shopmen/tops/sportshirts/limited-edition/mens-limited-edition-sport-shirt-odd-man-rf151603cf.html "Proof that OUT is IN! In premium lightweight cotton, pieced with iconic British motifs and tartan patchwork, featuring cross-stitch over embroidery and engineered insets with crystal detailing this shirt is most definitely a stand OUT"
 Well, they might be scratched, but not dented. 
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