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  Agreed. Japan were pretty dominant in the first half, with an excellent goal by Honda and were looking to win until Drogba came on for the Elephants in the second half. The CdI team dynamic really seemed to change instantly Drogba came onto the field - they started to control the flow of the game and really dominated the second half, spending a lot of time down Japan's end and, of course, scoring two goals in the space of about three minutes.
  Ruzzi, Carminas will always be a good choice. Be aware that the Armoury do charge a bit more than some other places ($100 or more, from memory) so it might be worth your while to have a look at what Skoaktiebolaget or Carmina themselves have in stock, as you should be able to get a pair of Carminas from either of those place for $480 to $500 shipped to Australia (or perhaps even less, depending on what Carmina is charging for shipping at...
 Do tell! 
 So we haven't reached our crowning glory yet? 
 Definitely. We need to put a lid on it. 
 I can't remember it either, but you could send a message to SF member edmorel, as he's the owner of Panta.     Those plaid shorts, in particularly, look great. 
 Ouch!  I think that EG Cappelli's ties are cheaper, too. An unlined, cashmere, seven-fold tie from Cappelli will cost about 160 Euro (including VAT) or 130 Euro (without VAT). 
I've got a brown corduroy suit from Brooks Brothers in the cupboard but I must admit that I've never worn it. Perhaps this will be the year!    However, I do have a lot of corduroy trousers in a range of different colours and different wale widths that get a lot of wear during winter.    I've been impressed by the quality of both Charles Tyrwhitt's and Land's End's corduroy trousers, particularly the wider-wale trousers. 
Liber - it looks nice (well, what we can see of it, anyway!), but that's a surprisingly wide hem at the bottom of the shirt. Is that's Luxire's default or did you request a wide hem?
 Try Sheffield - apparently there are hundreds of places there! 
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