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   I agree with Mimo that Tag Heuer is generally (with a couple of exceptions) a more "entry level" watch brand in LVMH's stable, whereas Zenith is regarded as being on a higher tier and is generally more expensive as a consequence.  Interestingly, though, vintage Heuers seem to be valued considerably more highly than vintage Zenith watches. There are no doubt some exceptions but you can pick up vintage Zenith pretty cheaply, whereas most "classic" Heuer models (Carrera,...
LA Confidential is a great movie. I haven't watched it for years - I should make sure that I do. 
 Well, this is Styleforum, where people have custom-made Burmese teak cabinets to store their collection of handmade shoes...
 I don't know if I'm a #menswear gent, but I wear a panama hat in summer.  I've also got a similar, but more casual, hat that's made from woven paper that I got in Japan a few years back. It's crushable and rollable, so you can easily pack it into a bag and then just jam it on to your head and it regains its shape.  If you're not keen on panama hats, then I'm not sure what else you can wear. Flat caps or newsboy caps generally look odd with a suit or odd jacket and...
^ Too asymmetrical - needs a couple of ticket pockets on the other side to balance it out.
 I'm impressed that they managed to salvage the trousers - I would have thought that the rear pockets would have been too close together once the waistband and seat had been taken in by that much.  Also, of course, it would be easier to do such an alteration on plain cloth - if the cloth is in a check or plaid pattern, taking it in by a large amount could potentially make it difficult to maintain the pattern-matching. 
 Tend to agree with this - it would most likely require a lot of adjustment to jacket and trousers if you've lost 17kg (depending on how heavy you were originally, I suppose) and it might not be possible to get a good result.  As CD says, get an opinion from a good tailor, but be prepared to be told that you might have to start afresh. 
 I don't know where it's from, but both the storage unit and the rug look very, very Ikea-ish. 
 What's the clasp like?  Most clasps/buckles can be swapped over pretty easily when you swap over the strap, so it shouldn't be a problem as long as you buy a strap with the same dimensions.  Hirsch make decent and affordable straps. Quite a few jewellers/watch stores will stock some, or you can order them from overseas sites such as Watch Obsession: http://www.hirschstraps.com/ Quite a few other decent strap companies out there, too, so measure up your existing strap and...
 I've seen a few Steinharts posted in this thread, so there are certainly people here who have and wear them. My feeling, though, is that they are a bit too "knock-off" in design for my tastes. They've got models which, absent the "Steinhart" name on the dial, are absolute dead ringers for a couple of Rolex models and that's too much similarity for me. I'd rather get a well-made, original Seiko diver than a watch with an identity crisis. 
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