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 WB Yeats wrote it just a couple of years after WWI, in the early 1920s, so it wasn't about WWII.  It's generally thought to be about the atmosphere of post-WWI Europe, historical cycles, the ending of one age/system and the beginning/birth of a new one. 
  Hmmm...   I dunno, Foxie, I think that it's a bit difficult to mount an argument that you need a pair of $1200 (or more) made-to-order boots from Gaziano & Girling!  
 Vols I and II of the Norton Anthology of English Literature, and the Norton Anthology of American Literature. http://www.amazon.com/Norton-Anthology-English-Literature-Edition/dp/0393912477You should be able to pick up past versions pretty cheaply from second-hand book places/websites as the primary content doesn't change much! If you're interested in discussing poetry, pop over here and read/discuss/contribute some...
^ They are very nice PTBs, very nice indeed.   I'm not even sure if Tanino Crisci is even making shoes anymore, as I think that I read some years back that they were shutting down.
  At the risk of cluttering up the thread, if you're not fussed as to whether the boots are made by C&J or by another maker, you could get a shell cordovan chukka boot on the Rain last from Carmina without having to do a special order - you can purchase individual pairs from their website: http://www.carminashoemaker.com/cordovan-shoes/chukka-shell-cordovan-cognac-905 It's got a few more eyelets for the lacing than does the C&J Tetbury, which might be a deal-breaker for...
 It's interesting that you noticed that. Cutting the front panel without a seam or dart is something that Liverano is known for amongst internet clothing enthusiasts, and it's sometimes mentioned as a selling point for their jackets, as the front panels look very clean as a result. However, cutting the front panels without a seam or dart used to be common-place - indeed, the norm - for men's tailored jackets. The style was referred to as a "sack" jacket or suit and it was...
  Because the hypothalamus got there first? Speaking of the thyroid gland, did anyone used to read those Reader's Digest magazines in doctors' waiting rooms when they were younger? Most of the articles were rubbish, but I really used to enjoy the "I am Joe's..." series of articles about obscure body parts and their functions which were written from the point of the view of the body part under discussion, such as "I am Joe's Islets of Langerhans".
  I can heartily second (small pun) the quality of the Marinella seconds ties from Malford of London. The False Prophet and I had lunch the other day and he was wearing one of his recent acquisitions and it looked great. I'd pick up this one but I've got about ten Marinellas from Malford already.
 I think that P.Bateman was hoping to have them on sale around now (ie spring in the northern hemisphere) but that he's now hoping to have a web-store up and running in a couple of months' time.
Foxy, I'm not so sure on high-rise chinos. I like my Land's End chino pants and they are cheap and durable, but they're not particularly high-rise. My Charles Tyrwhitt cotton trousers have a bit of a higher rise and they make a variety of cuts, so you might want to have a look there.   With regard to decent, long-sleeved polo shirts, Kent Wang sells long-sleeve polo shirts that have shirt collars, MoP buttons and button cuffs. Unfortunately, the measurements look too...
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