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 I suppose that it really depends upon what you want to experience.  Nepal won't be as comfortable as travelling to somewhere like HK. The advantage of going to a place like Singapore, HK or Japan is that they are interesting, enjoyable and foreign but they're also advanced countries, with good public transportation, good sanitation, good health care and so on. Nepal, on the other hand, is also interesting, enjoyable and foreign but without good public transportation, good...
 Yes, that's me! I'm afraid to say that I really need to lose some weight.   Thanks! The briefcase is a Ralph Lauren Purple Label, and it is nice. I'm afraid that I don't use it much as I find that my Filson 256 gets much more use, even though it's much more casual.  I do work in the law, but in the public, not private sector. 
 Alas not. Nor do I have business cards done up in bone or eggshell with raised lettering!
 I must admit that I'm somewhat intrigued, as I didn't know that I had such a reputation! DeerStyle is run out of the proprietor's house, for cost reasons, and is by appointment. However, Rene is usually happy to meet up with people in the city at lunchtime or before work if they want to look at swatches or discuss clothing.
 You're welcome - it's good to see another Brisbanite in the thread.
@PapaRubbery:   Don't forget Tassels shoe store in HK. It's in the next block over from The Armoury, just on the other side of Pedder St.   Din Tai Fung (the dumpling place) is great. I think that they've got a few restaurants in HK now, but I've only been to the one in a shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui (over the harbour from HK Island). The xiao long bao and the green beans with pork mince were delicious and you can eat well for AU$20.   The Cat Street Markets on HK...
 MS/JH - I think that you are mis-interpreting or over-reacting again. I can well understand why DRed would like to have personal information redacted, and it's got nothing to do with vanity.  As a gentle suggestion, perhaps you should think about simply responding to people without the need to insert a jab or a personal comment. Doing so serves no useful purposes and simply inflames things.
  Me, too. I've got a mix of trousers with flat fronts, forward pleats and reverse pleats. Perhaps unsurprisingly, my most comfortable and best-fitting pairs of trousers are made-to-order from Deer Style in Brisbane, with deep, single reverse pleats. I tend to prefer reverse pleats (where the pleats face away from the front of the trousers, towards the side pockets) to forward pleats as I find that forward pleats tend to flare open a bit. That's probably just due to my...
 Well, as others have said, they're green.  Don't think about the name and don't think about the price. Instead, think about whether you would actually wear them. Would you wear them if they cost $200? If the answer is no, then why would you spend $1000 on them simply because they're made by JLP? Also, not that I want to be an enabler, but if you're interested in getting a pair of JLP shoes, Mr Porter has more mainstream models for about $1050 after VAT is...
 Not sure of the jeans/jawnz, but the kicks are Lanvin. 
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