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  I may be wrong, but I strongly suspect that the Cosa Nostra comment was a joke, and that it wasn't meant to be taken seriously.
 I didn't know that - in that case, especially given that he seems to smoke like a chimney, he's well-preserved for his age!   Does this mean that we can expect to see In Stitches at the next Pitti, milling around near the wall wearing a brightly-coloured poncho, calf-length, drop-crotch trousers, faux-combat boots and a floppy hat???
 No, Lino's the perma-tanned guy in his sixties who wears tight DB jackets and partially-unbuckled double monks that look as though the toecaps have been dipped in dark paint:  He's got a shop called Al-Bazar in Milan with a branch store in Tokyo.
  Scott Schuman has a lot to answer for!
 Interesting. I read somewhere recently that LEON sells more copies than Men's Ex but I personally prefer Men's Ex as a) it features menswear from around the world and is not nearly so Italo-centric as LEON, and b) Men's Ex has quite a lot of interesting info on clothing construction and history and so on, whereas LEON is really more of a series of advertorials or features on how to be a "choiwarui oyaji" (cool/bad boy older guy). I didn't see any copies of the Rake Japan...
  No, no you're not the only one. It is both comical and sad.
Congrats on the new job, Ruzzi.   However, I guess this means that Brisbane will have one less SF member, and we never got around to meeting up for coffee and a chat, either!
@Chips - That jacket really does look good. As you say, the colour wasn't too appealing originally, but now it's a really nice, rich colour that's both more wearable and that has more depth to it, too.
^Silvano Lattanzi?   A menswear shop where I live had some wholecuts in stock a while back with a similar phallic motif on the side:     I was told by one of the assistants at the shop that a pair was snapped up by a medical specialist - I'm not sure whether he was a urologist...
It's not clothing-related, but I thought that I'd share this little story.   My 9-year-old son and I have been watching quite a bit of football (the round-ball variety) lately as the Asian Cup is being played here at the moment. Japan played Iraq on Friday night and Australia played South Korea on Saturday night, both in Brisbane. Being half-Japanese, my son was very happy that Japan won against Iraq and when we heard that the Japanese team was going to have a public...
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