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  Looking on the bright side, GF, at least you already had the wine open so as to make it easier to drown your sorrows! 
I know that I really shouldn't read these Fairfax Executive Style articles, as they're bad for my blood pressure:   http://www.executivestyle.com.au/overseas-style-influencers-find-success-in-australia-gqwqnq   All I can really say is that, if these are some examples of successful "style influencers", then a) we're in deep sh!t, stylistically speaking; and b) clearly there's an opportunity for someone who is knowledgeable, well-dressed and not a complete prat to make...
 That was great - thanks for posting. 
 It looks as though it had removable buttons, as the photos show that where the buttons would normally be on the sleeves and body, there are a series of circular holes with edge stitching, where buttons could be inserted. The holes appear very similar to those used for studs on a dinner shirt. I guess that it was originally made like that so that the owner could swap over sets of buttons - gold or brass ones for one occasions, horn buttons for another occasion and so on. 
 Motherf....  I've looked at Loro Piana clothing in Japan previously, but never really paid attention to their prices. I didn't realise that they were asking such stratospheric amounts. 
 I bought a whole lot of wooden hangers from Mei +  Picchi about 10 years back and am still very happy with them:  http://www.meipicchi.com/index.php?mact=ProductManager,cntnt01,frontend_essentials,0&cntnt01product_group_id=9&cntnt01subgroup_id=35&cntnt01product_id=262&cntnt01returnid=20 I've also noticed that reputable alterations tailors will quite often have some of the wider, plastic hangers lying around so if you've got someone that you typically use for alterations,...
 It does look pretty good.  At the risk of nit-picking, though, what the heck is a star destroyer doing hovering over a castle *inside* the atmosphere of a planet?  I'm far from a Star Wars expert, but I would have thought that they'd break up in the atmosphere - they're designed to prowl around in deep space, not land on planets. 
 Fantastic recommendation, GF! I'll be sure to ask for some recommendations the next time I feel like a quick dose of salmonella! 
Is anyone else having trouble accessing the %&^*$ census website?    I've been trying the past hour but I keep on getting an error screen and a message telling me that the ABS website is very busy at the moment!
 I don't always agree with you, but we certainly see eye-to-eye on this issue.  The occasional display-back is OK, but it's become the default option nowadays. Manufacturers of all levels are slapping a little bit of decoration on to a movement, adding a display back, and upping the price of the watch because it's now got a display back feature and a "decorated" movement.  I'm not a big fan of most of Rolex's watches, but I do admire them for standing by their original...
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