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  Lovely watch, and tasty-looking char kway teow, too!  Were you catching up with one of the "Sydney Tarts"?
 I'm honestly quite amazed that Archie seems to be known around the globe.  Coincidentally, Archie (not his real name, obviously) and I went to the same school, although he was a couple of years ahead of me. He was somewhat eccentric back then, too.  I had no idea that he had created an internet persona until I was reading a local news article about a lady who bought a LV bag from a duty free store and who considered that it was fake and so she took it to Archie for his...
  I suspect that this chap wanted to look different - and boy, did he succeed in that respect. 
 Isn't Spice I Am now a chain, with a few different venues? I thought that there were a few of them scattered around Sydney?   Unfortunately, GF, pre-faded and pre-distressed jeans are back in a big way, and stupid people are willing to pay large sums of money for them: http://www.gq.com/story/fear-of-god-jeans-celebs [Please exercise caution when reading the above article, as you brain may be bleeding by the time you finish.] 
@RSS - Good to see you posting again!    I'm currently using a tri-fold wallet that I've had for the past 17-18 years. I've given it a rest occasionally and used another wallet - use a very slim, credit-card slip - but I keep on coming back to the tri-fold. It's quite slim, too, and well made with fine stitching. The leather's darkened considerably over the years but it looks as though it will easily hold up for another 17-18 years.    The only problem is that the...
 It's the re-issue.  The original looks quite different - the numbers on the bezel are very different, the bezel has more narrowly-spaced fluting or knurling (or whatever the appropriate word is) on the original, and the same goes for the crown. Also, the bezel-release pusher/button on the original is bright red plastic, whereas it's more of an orange, brushed-metal look on the re-edition. Original:  Re-edition: 
What's that fabric, CD? It looks like it has an interesting, small-scale pattern.    Also, what's the colour? Is that a sort of olive green, rather than blue, or is it just the computer affecting the colour perception?
 Striped odd jacket with cargo trousers?  Looks like something that a host of luxury menswear brands send down the runway every year in an attempt to be different, edgy or new. 
 It's entirely possible. There's even a dedicated tailoring business in New York City, called Tiecrafters, that specialises in narrowing, widening, shortening or lengthening ties.  As to whether it's actually worth it - well, that's another question.  If you think that the tail of the tie is too long, have you tied tucking it inside your shirt or tying a double-four-in-hand knot? Unless the tail is egregiously long, that should take care of any obvious "tie pen0r" that you...
  Yes, international shipping costs are horrendous, and have been for some years. I ordered a pair of shoes from the UK a few years back, and the seller sent the wrong size. I paid to send them back via Australia Post, and he reimbursed me. Sending a pair of shoes with shoe-bags and box (no shoe trees, no other packaging) cost me $85 for the most basic parcel post by air, and I'm sure that it's gone up in the past few years, too. I was bloody glad that I was being...
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