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Yes - "God gave me an OK mind, but a really good ass, which can feel everything in a car."
Any suggestions for where to get the Alden flat waxed bootlaces - preferably somewhere that will ship outside the US without charging a fortune??
An interesting viewpoint, and one quite different from my own - which is why discussing literature is interesting.I really enjoyed both Wind-up Bird Chronicle and 1Q84. I liked WUBC more than 1Q84, but that perhaps is because WUBC is the first Murakami book I ever read and I read it in both Japanese and English (which is something that I'm not capable of doing anymore as my Japanese has degraded considerably). As it's the first one I read, I may well have overly fond,...
It certainly does - I did wonder if the Tyrrell six-wheeler was the real thing or a replica and the other cars looked very genuine, too.Apart from the racing scenes, I think that the scene that I enjoyed the most was when Lauda was hitching a lift with his future wife through the Italian countryside, and her Peugeot broke down and they got a lift from two F1-mad Italians who didn't care about the attractive lady but who were absolutely crazy about the fact that Niki Lauda...
I just watched "Rush", the story of the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt and the struggle for the Formula 1 world championship in 1976. It was thoroughly enjoyable. The racing scenes were great and the cars both looked and sounded extremely realistic. The acting was also very good and Daniel Bruhl was the spitting image of Niki Lauda. Highly recommended to any racing fans.
A house in Wales, in the UK, built on the site of a disused quarry:
Great book. I read it in high school and, as you say, it took a second reading whilst at uni to really sink in.It's got a great first line - "The sky above the port was the colour of television, tuned to a dead channel." - although I do wonder what kids nowadays, raised on digital TV, would make of that given that TVs don't really show static anymore.
Tommy,As far as I'm aware, and in my limited experience with Alden shoes, the usual practice is to size down slightly from your usual US size on the Barrie last, as it's quite a generous last, but to go with your usual US size on other lasts, such as Plaza or Aberdeen.So, if you usually take a US9/US10 in, say, C&J shoes, then go with a US10 on most Alden lasts with the exception of the Barrie last, where you should go with a US9.5 (or some places advise to even go down a...
I had the same thought some time back, but the cost of shipping them to Spoo in the US deterred me. Perhaps I should reconsider, or just list them on the SF Buying & Selling subforum and hope for the best.
Are you talking about the same place? No Man Walks Alone (NMWA) haven't been around for very long.Edited to add: Sorry, I hope that didn't sound too blunt, as that certainly wasn't my intention!
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