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 Fox, you do make a good point. On the other hand, given that it was a warm summer's night, you could always just have taken off your shoes and kicked the footy around barefoot! 
   Imbecility, at a guess! 
Belatedly joined Netflix, in search of something to watch on the iPad while at home and feeling rotten with the flu, and watched this:       Surprisingly enjoyable and suitably escapist. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that any sequels are on the horizon, as I wouldn't mind seeing the characters again. 
 GF, they're used to my odd footwear by now - green or blue boat shoes, driving mocs, striped espadrilles. Plain white, knitted sneakers would be positively dull!     Hmmm... Well, there *is* a lawn bowls club down the road from my house....
Speaking of sneakers, am I silly to be thinking of getting these for summer?   http://www.endclothing.com/au/adidas-stan-smith-og-primeknit-s75148.html   Yes, I know that they're too expensive for what they are, but they're still tempting me.     
With regard to canvas sneakers, I haven't bought any for some years, but Country Road's canvas sneakers used to be pretty good, and well-priced, too, so it could be worth checking them out to see what they've got in stock.
 Loake's Capital last is actually really nice (well, that's my opinion, anyway). I find that it looks, and fits, very similar to the C&J 337 last and it has a nice, soft-square toe shape.  If "click here" can find something in the "Herring by Loake" range on the Capital last, it would fit his requirements nicely.
 That's the great (well, maybe not) think about the public service - you can dress pretty much how you like and in most cases, it won't affect your chances of advancement.  I know someone who's now in the Senior Executive Service (SES) and until he was made an EL2, he used to wear battered, scuffed black Doc boots to work. Now he's changed to wearing RMW elastic-sided boots. Another person, who's now an EL1 in IT, routinely wears shorts to work, which plainly display a...
 Me, too. Also, being Panerai, it's almost guaranteed to be hideously expensive for what you get. 
  Looking on the bright side, GF, at least you already had the wine open so as to make it easier to drown your sorrows! 
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