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[[SPOILER]]  Excellent combination.
 Yes, I noticed that photo of Jake wearing his $1000 bespoke trousers with a pair of clip-on braces, as some of The Armoury people like to do. Photo 9 in the same slideshow is a pic of Armoury Alan with his wife. 
 I agree that they're less noticeable on darker colours, but my preference (which is, of course, subjective) is to only have patch pockets on patterned cloth, whether it be a herringbone weave in a fabric with a bit of texture or a checked fabric of some sort. I think that plain fabrics (mainly worsted cloth, but also flannel) look more formal and thus patch pockets just look a bit "off" unless the jacket is clearly a blazer/odd jacket of some sort.
 Don't like it. I might sound like an old fuddy-duddy but, to me, a grey flannel suit is pretty much a winter staple (even though we don't get much winter here in Brisbane) and it is meant to be a reasonably formal suit for business. As a result, the addition of the patch pockets and the self-fabric elbow patches on the jacket make it too casual for business wear and thus I find the appearance of the jacket to be jarring - it looks like it's trying to be a casual, odd...
 No, he's not.   HC, I think that you're right. Mark Webber is 37 (I think) and Ann Neal, his partner, is 13 years older than him. She's got a grown-up child from a previous relationship but she and Mark have been partners for many years now, from back when he racing in Formula 3 in the UK, I think.   That's true, but Maria Sharapova is not Mark Webber's partner.
 @ovlov, I think that's stretching the definition of "early 1900s" quite a bit. When I hear early 1900s, I think of the first couple of decades of the 20th century, not the first half of the 20th century. I realise that fluff and puffery is common in advertising, but I do think that such statements by Gianni, which are not backed up by any facts or evidence at all and instead (according to Gianni) largely stem from some sort of feeling that he gets when he handles the...
 Oh, I know, and I do think that the Solaro suit looks good on you, but for my complexion at least I think that a light-coloured but plain weave (without the underlying red of Solaro) is better. Interestingly, though, and I don't know whether it's just the lighting or something else, but your Solaro suit doesn't seem to have as much underlying redness as other Solaro suits that I've seen, such as the one that Ethan Newton has.
 I agree. I know that Solaro is a bit of a #menswear thing, but for myself, I prefer a beige/fawn/light brown cotton suit in a plain weave. 
 That's a good look, but I think that it would look even better with the forest green or burgundy Sozzi knits (and coincidentally, I ordered one of the burgundy ones from you yesterday!). 
 In the past, Carmina have offered quite a few different boots, including some shortwing boots, as "group made to order" (GMTO) shoes through various vendors including Gentlemen's Footwear, Skoaktiebolaget and Epaulet NY and probably others. I'm not sure if any such GMTOs are in progress at present.  Carmina also has its own webstore where you can order shoes and there's one shortwing boot in the store at...
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