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    I quite often do it, but only with casual bow ties in printed silk (paisley or neat print patterns) or textured weaves like a herringbone wool.  I agree that the above look is rather a mess - too many competing elements that jar with each other instead of combining well. 
If anyone happens to be interested, Malford of London is having a 30% off sale at present (enter "SALE30" at checkout).    MoL is a former affiliate and the owner, Stephen, is a lovely person who provides wonderful service.    I'm very, very tempted by this RRL hand-knitted cardigan, which is available in quite a few sizes:    http://www.malfordoflondon.com/ralph-lauren-knitwear/7298-ralph-lauren-purple-label-520-navy-blue-cotton-knit-button-neck-jumper.html   It's...
 Isn't it possible to edit your own thread title?
  Attention Brisbane members!!   Would any Brisbane members happen to be free one evening next week (with the exception of Friday evening, as I will be on a plane)?   It's been quite a while since we've had an SF Brisbane get-together so I'm keen to get one happening.    I'm thinking of Thursday evening, at a venue in the CBD or inner-city (such as the Valley or Southbank). We could perhaps meet for drinks first at 5:30-6:00pm and then head on to somewhere to...
 I read both of Imperium and Lustrum a few years back and really enjoyed them and, like you, I'm eagerly awaiting the third instalment.  Have you read any of Cicero's translated works? I don't know if Penguin still does, but they used to publish a version of some of his collected works.   Has anyone here read any of Russell Hoban's books?  When I first read some of Gaiman's works, he reminded me of Hoban. Some of Hoban's books - Kleinzeit, The Medusa Frequency and Riddley...
 GF, I've got a pair of their wide-wale corduroy trousers in bottle green and they are very nice. I'd happily buy them again.
[[SPOILER]]  Excellent combination.
 Yes, I noticed that photo of Jake wearing his $1000 bespoke trousers with a pair of clip-on braces, as some of The Armoury people like to do. Photo 9 in the same slideshow is a pic of Armoury Alan with his wife. 
 I agree that they're less noticeable on darker colours, but my preference (which is, of course, subjective) is to only have patch pockets on patterned cloth, whether it be a herringbone weave in a fabric with a bit of texture or a checked fabric of some sort. I think that plain fabrics (mainly worsted cloth, but also flannel) look more formal and thus patch pockets just look a bit "off" unless the jacket is clearly a blazer/odd jacket of some sort.
 Don't like it. I might sound like an old fuddy-duddy but, to me, a grey flannel suit is pretty much a winter staple (even though we don't get much winter here in Brisbane) and it is meant to be a reasonably formal suit for business. As a result, the addition of the patch pockets and the self-fabric elbow patches on the jacket make it too casual for business wear and thus I find the appearance of the jacket to be jarring - it looks like it's trying to be a casual, odd...
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