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  GF- Absolutely. Whilst my kids were watching, they were glued to the screen and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. After thinking about it, though, my son started asking me lots of questions, mostly about logical inconsistencies concerning time travel. They're now very keen to watch the sequels.
Watched this with the kids on the weekend:       Very enjoyable (and very nostalgic for me), even though it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
^ Given that you're wearing a Sub, did you notice the 1953 Rolex Sub-Aqua (short-lived predecessor to the Sub) that's up for auction?
 Agreed, GF. I'd definitely go with a blue shirt, as it will provide more contrast and warmth than a white shirt. I've got a couple of beige/light tan suits, one in cotton and one in wool, and I always wear them with sky-blue shirts unless I feel a bit more daring - see photo below:  (Henry Carter x Sozzi knit, Deer Style jacket, G.Inglese for Deer Style shirt, Herringbone pocket square.)
Speaking of hairstyles, I for one am glad that the sucked-mango-pit look of the faux-mohawk (or "faux-mo") is slowly disappearing from our streets, although you still occasionally see some sportspeople or overly-muscled men with the hairstyle. 
 Thanks, PP. My daughter's going to have her birthday party at the house the week after we move in. We're wondering how we can occupy a gaggle of small girls for the afternoon, so if you'd like to volunteer to help out as a children's party entertainer, please come along!  ;)    I noticed, from browsing the ToJ thread recently, that Drew seemed to have disappeared from SF again and that nothing seems to have happened for the past couple of months. Also, ToJ's other former...
 You should write a book, DB - "Fear and Loathing in La Spezia"!
 It's all about driving people to use online, rather than face-to-face services, GF!
  The new Tom Hanks film, "The Bridge" (or something like that), looks quite decent. I grew up reading stories about the Cold War and people like Rudolf Abel and Gary Powers, so I'll definitely see it. The lead role sounds like the sort of role that Hanks plays very well, too, so it should suit him well.
  Well, before anyone actually reaches the house, they'll have to have managed to avoid the carefully-concealed punji pits and log traps arranged around the yard.
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