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 The only Mahfouz novel I've read is "Children of the Alley", which I enjoyed. I think that existentialist themes are explored in all of Mahfouz's novels. A bit of literary trivia - the person who translated quite a few of Mahfouz's novels from Arabic to English is Peter Theroux, the brother of novelist and travel writer Paul Theroux.
  Looks good to me - I don't think that pea coats should be too tight, especially as you might want to wear a jumper underneath for extra warmth when you're out on the bridge of your ship. Also, the fit of the shoulders looks pretty spot-on with the large, so I don't think that the shoulders would fit you if you went down a size.
 I just got it for Father's Day (which was yesterday in Australia) and just need to finish another book first and then I'll get into Tsukuru Tazaki and be able to let you know what I think. Curiously - but much to the delight of my six-year-old daughter - the hardback edition that I was given had a set of stickers inside the front cover which presumably have some sort of significance with regard to the characters in the book.
 He's an SF member who posted in the hope of getting some feedback on the fit of his new trousers in an affiliate thread. I do agree that the camera positioning is unfortunate, but then pretty much any selfie taken of that area of your trousers is going to be problematic...
 Is this what you're looking for? There are still a few sizes available in Carmina's own online store: http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3640207 They also have the same shoe, but in black shell cordovan, in a wider variety of sizes: http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3640208
 Just don't complain too loudly about the food, in that case! 
 "Tell me - when did you stop beating your wife?"
 I thought that you'd approve, Oli - after all, they're very "trad"!
 I don't have any BB OCBD shirts, but I've got several pairs of their chino pants, in various bright colours (fire engine red, green, orange and sky blue), plus a pair of patch madras trousers for good measure!.
 Yes, indeed. I almost feel like crying when I look at photos of central Brisbane from the 1950s and even the early 1960s. There were so many nice, solid, classically-styled office buildings and by the 1980s, most of them had been demolished and replaced by very, very mediocre concrete office blocks. I know that there was a demand for more office space back in those days but other cities (only a few, admittedly) have managed to get by with retaining older buildings whilst...
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