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 Good suggestion - or even get a big serve of fish and chips, with a nice bottle of chilled white, and devour it all while sitting on a blanket on the beach. 
 It's all subjective, I suppose. Personally, I think that the 36mm size of the Tudor would suit your wrist much better than the watches that you prefer as they look too large on your wrist for my tastes.  Then again, I find a lot of modern/recent watch models to be too large. 36-38mm is the ideal size range for a watch, in my opinion, unless you have particularly large wrists. 
 Twelve Monkeys is available on Netflix Australia at the moment. I've been thinking of re-watching it, as I enjoyed it when it first came out. Thanks for reminding me to do so! 
 Certainly better than some of the Lowes Menswear-style black suits with black or lime-green shirts and brightly-coloured ties that I've seen in photos from past years, but virtually all of the outfits in those photos are pretty bad. In particular, hardly any of them fit - they're all too short/tight.  Still, they're better than this mob: 
@fxh - I'm pretty sure that I had a pair of those Puma sneakers with the red stripe when I was in grade 9.   By the way, is anyone having a re-direct problem with SF?    Whenever I click on the SF homepage or any of the other pages, such as this thread, I am re-directed to a page entitled "Visual DNA - Finding result" or something like that.    It's only happening with SF, and not with any other websites, so I assume that it's an issue with SF, rather than with my...
I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but for the past few hours, when I've gone to the SF website, or when I've clicked to open any individual threads, I am always re-directed to this site:   http://findingresult.com/?pid=9PO98WX17&dn=visualdna.com&rpid=9PO160YOL   If I click the "back" button on my browser, it takes me back to SF, but then I also have to click the "X" on the address bar to stop the page from loading too much, otherwise I just get...
I saw this today - a reboot of the classic Godzilla film from the 1950s:       I thoroughly enjoyed it and was pretty emotionally wrung-out by the end, having seen a lot of very familiar parts of Tokyo being laid to waste.    The movie isn't really an action movie - it's more of a political movie. Although there's quite a lot of explosions and destruction, the movie spends most of its time dwelling on the Japanese political system and on its layers of...
^Great photos, TBM, and I really like the outfit. An extremely important cause, too.    Just out of interest, what sort of shoes would traditionally be worn with such an outfit?
 Interestingly, even though I first read Slaughterhouse-5 at high school and have read all of Vonnegut's other books over the years, I somehow never knew that there was a film version of the book (although I did know that a film version of "Mother Night" was made some years back, starring Nick Nolte).  Coincidentally, having discovered only yesterday through reading this thread that there was a film of Slaughterhouse-5, I overheard a lady at work today inveighing against...
  This is an absolutely gorgeous version of the Reverso, one of most attractive that I've seen. 
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