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^ Looks interesting.   I haven't seen any of the Capaldi Doctor Who episodes as yet. I watched Doctor Who when young, so I saw a lot of the 3rd, 4th and 5th Doctor episodes (Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison) but didn't like Colin Baker or the subsequent doctors and can understand why the series came to an end for quite a while.   I wasn't such a fan of Ecclestone's Doctor but really like Tennant. I then lost a bit of interest again with Matt Smith's Doctor but my...
 Lovely home. Interestingly, the ad states that it sold for $739 000 in 2006 and now it's for sale for $619 000.
With regard to the post about the Elgin-branded chronometer:   The Wikipedia article for the Elgin Watch Company notes that:   "All US manufacturing was discontinued in 1968, and the rights to the name "Elgin" were sold and subsequently resold multiple times over the years. The rights eventually were purchased by MZ Berger Inc., which company manufactures its watches in China and distributes them outside traditional watch dealerships. Elgin-branded watches produced...
I really like the look of the Grand Repo, especially in leather.   Unfortunately, they command ridiculous prices in Australia (which is par for the course here, as we pay more for almost everything).
^ Are those actual photos, or are they computer renderings? They look quite realistic but still have that "computer-generated" look about them.
Does anyone have any info as to when the Nike ACG Air Mowabb re-edition is being released?   I had a pair back in the 1990s and they were fantastic - quite possibly the best pair of sneakers I've ever had - so I'd really like to get another pair. Let's hope that they're made well and that Nike haven't cheapened the construction and materials used.   I've seen a few articles about the release date being in the second half of 2015, but nothing more precise than that.  
  It's (almost) been done, over in SW&D: http://www.styleforum.net/t/394687/the-what-are-you-wearing-today-waywt-discussion-thread-part-ii/17325#post_7996005  
 True - and the butler can iron my newspaper for me and prepare my kippers and kedgeree in the morning, too.
  Decisions, decisions.... Personally, I refuse to even consider getting a wine fridge until I can buy one that can tell me which vintage is best for drinking at any particular minute of the day, and which will then extract the bottle of wine for me, uncork it and pour me a glass.
 Well, that's a bummer! I'll have to hurry and place an order. Well, either that, or remember to actually visit one of the Maker's Shirt stores this Christmas when I'm in Japan again.
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