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   +1 bazillion. Either keep it and wear it, or sell it on SF or Grailed. Don't send it back to Sth Korea, as I think that the likelihood that you will never, ever receive anything in return is very high. Better to have a jacket, even the wrong specification, than no jacket at all.
    Probably because of the Hublot...
  Great to see that you're going to be doing more stories and interviews - that's very good news!
  Check the Leatherfoot website - they had some navy shell wholecuts from Carmina on their website a while back and might still have some in stock. Edited to add: Sorry, didn't notice that CanadaCal already mentioned Leatherfoot as an option.
 Gorgeous - congratulations. I've got a three-register Heuer Carrera chrono from the 1960s but it hasn't been getting much wrist-time lately. I must get it out and wear it on the weekend.
 I remember seeing a couple here in Australia and they weren't very popular, either. I was thinking of picking up a Speedy Pro but didn't want a cartoon figure on my wrist (even though I do like Peanuts) so I passed, even though I could have got a very good deal. Another Speedy variant that wasn't popular (at least in Australia) when it was released was the "Broad Arrow" variant, back in the early 2000s. It came with an auto movement, a date window and the 1957 "broad...
  Stunning. What a house, and what a location. The stone and wood give it great warmth, too.
Here are a couple of quick pics of my plain-toe bluchers and my punch captoe boots, both in cognac cordovan. The shoes are quite a bit lighter than the boots.    They've both been exposed to rain lately and both are in need of a good brush, particularly the boots.       
Here are a couple of pics of a well-used pair of C&J Drummonds in beechnut, taken in natural light.    The second pic is the best representation of their real colour.        They've been worn pretty regularly for six or so years and they've held up very well. I've had positive comments, but never had any negative comments, but of course it all depends on where you work. However, as others have pointed out, given that a lot of the male workforce wear awful shoes,...
 It's not just a Sydney thing - I see it quite a bit in Brisbane, too.  There's usually one, if not two, men in their late twenties/early thirties on my bus every morning wearing suits (without ties, naturally), carrying a CR gym bag or other, similar bag. 
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