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Hmmm.... Hot, sweaty Cox.
  Perhaps Coxie is an unknowing subscriber to the Sator theory of menswear, which is that in hot climates, a well-cut, three-piece flannel suit is good in summer as, like the robes of the Bedouin, it will protect you from the desert sun and the hot environment.
 Apparently, this is how the ancient Greek dramatist Aeschylus died. The Greek historian Pliny noted that Aeschylus had been staying outside, as it had been foretold that he would die "from a falling object" so he refused to go indoors for fear that something would fall upon him. However, whilst walking near the beach in Sicily, an eagle mistook his bald head for a rock and dropped a turtle on to him from a considerable height, thus shattering the learned playwright's skull.
 Well, you can't expect other people to explain everything to you! 
 Of course, that's a sad indictment of the people that choose/elect them, or the system that allows such things to occur, or both...
 WB Yeats wrote it just a couple of years after WWI, in the early 1920s, so it wasn't about WWII.  It's generally thought to be about the atmosphere of post-WWI Europe, historical cycles, the ending of one age/system and the beginning/birth of a new one. 
  Hmmm...   I dunno, Foxie, I think that it's a bit difficult to mount an argument that you need a pair of $1200 (or more) made-to-order boots from Gaziano & Girling!  
 Vols I and II of the Norton Anthology of English Literature, and the Norton Anthology of American Literature. http://www.amazon.com/Norton-Anthology-English-Literature-Edition/dp/0393912477You should be able to pick up past versions pretty cheaply from second-hand book places/websites as the primary content doesn't change much! If you're interested in discussing poetry, pop over here and read/discuss/contribute some...
^ They are very nice PTBs, very nice indeed.   I'm not even sure if Tanino Crisci is even making shoes anymore, as I think that I read some years back that they were shutting down.
  At the risk of cluttering up the thread, if you're not fussed as to whether the boots are made by C&J or by another maker, you could get a shell cordovan chukka boot on the Rain last from Carmina without having to do a special order - you can purchase individual pairs from their website: http://www.carminashoemaker.com/cordovan-shoes/chukka-shell-cordovan-cognac-905 It's got a few more eyelets for the lacing than does the C&J Tetbury, which might be a deal-breaker for...
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