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 Really? You can't linked to Grailed?
 Please, by all means, continue flogging a dead horse.   At the risk of unnecessarily encouraging you, I hope that you realise that FlyingMonkey wasn't even contradicting your earlier post on Japanese denim - he was just providing some additional information to anyone who might be interested. His comment did not in any way warrant your overly sensitive responses.
  This is, of course, all very subjective but, speaking very personally, I don't understand the enthusiasm for "distressed" watches. If it's *your* wear - if you've owned the watch for a couple of decades and it has aged with you - then I understand it as the wear on the watch is a reflection of your experiences with the watch. However, if you're buying a watch from someone else, then that's someone else's - a total stranger's - wear and experience. You wouldn't look at a...
  I'd always shied away from single-strap monks as I thought that they looked a bit too old-fashioned but when I stumbled upon these a couple of years back, I didn't hesitate:  I don't wear them with suits, but they look very nice with a pair of grey or navy odd trousers.
 @KVG91 - Rene (the proprietor of Deer Style) has recently had to increase his prices a bit due to the dismal state of the Australian dollar.  I've included information below, but spoilered it so it doesn't interrupt this thread too much, but feel free to have a look if you are interested. Rene is very friendly and always happy to meet and chat about clothing and potential commissions.   [[SPOILER]]  You're right about the website and marketing - it is certainly not Rene's...
 In my earlier post about Uniqlo, I forgot to mention that they're going to be opening two stores in Brisbane soon, so @JRolley will be able to check them out in person.  Apparently, they'll have a very large store in the renovated Broadway on the Mall shopping complex in the city, and another store at Indooroopilly Shopping Centre.
  Come now, come now, it's not that bad - no-one's called anyone else a lawyer as yet.
 Their plain cotton socks aren't as thin as some other brands, but those other brands (Pantherella, Marcoliani etc) are much, much more expensive.  I don't know what Australian pricing for Uniqlo's cotton socks is like, but in Japan you typically buy four pairs for Y1000 (about $12 nowadays). Nice colours, very durable, great value. I've got them in navy, black, red, forest green, lighter green, brown, blue and several other colours.  Uniqlo also do a few pairs of thinner...
 Boom boom! 
 Isn't it a flannel pinstripe/chalkstripe (although it's a bit difficult to clearly see the pattern from the pictures)? Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't wear a striped jacket and trousers as separates - they simply look too much like a suit, which of course they are, to be worn separately. I do wear some of my suit trousers and jackets separately, but they're in less suit-like patterns - herringbone-weave light navy fabric, or charcoal birds-eye fabric (only trousers...
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