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Bounder, that's very nice indeed.   I've got a number of ukiyo-e, or woodblock prints (literally, "pictures of the floating world") that were done mainly in the late 19th century, although a couple of mine were printed in the early 20th century.   I've no idea where to get them outside Japan, unfortunately, but in Japan you can pick up some really good quality ukiyo-e quite cheaply. There used to be a place in the basement of the Hanae Mori building in Harajuku that...
@billbro - To add to Selvaggio's thoughts, you could also consider a mohair-blend fabric.   I've got a couple of suits that have a significant percentage of mohair and the mohair gives them some spring and stiffness that also seems to help the longevity of the trousers.
 As The Wraith said, you could look at Aspinal. There are a few other English brands that make leather accessories, such as Robertson Jessel. Jessel's wallets are very nice and, from memory, a bit cheaper than Ettinger or Aspinal. I came up with a few local options when LonerMatt asked about wallets a few weeks ago: http://www.styleforum.net/t/88856/australian-members/63660#post_7994124 
 I've just stopped buying anything from overseas at present, although I am saving up for some more G.Inglese shirts from Deer Style.  I was thinking of getting a pair of driving moccasins from overseas, as my brown pair have finally worn out, but the shock of the price conversion made me decide against it for the time being! 
 Large thighs do cause problems with trousers wearing at the crutch. I've got big legs from cycling and then putting on weight once I stopped cycling and started eating more!  The cut of the trousers can make a difference, but I think that two things that help the most are the fabric and the frequency of wear. Getting a very smooth, hard-wearing, worsted fabric will help your trousers to last, whereas getting softer fabrics and textured fabrics will increase wear and...
The PAM98 looks quite nice.    I know it's subjective, but I just don't like the bezels on the PAM24, 25 and 64 models. To me, the bezels and the little numbers in their small dots look like an afterthought and there is too much contrast between the bezels and the little numbers and the big, beefy features on the rest of the watch. 
^Is that bottom suit the one that used to belong to your dad, Cox?    It looks very nice - both conservative and elegant. 
  I was yesterday and Gerry Nelson is today - you can see his photos in the WAYWRN thread.  Edited to add - Gerry beat me to it!
 Hmmm.... I think that you're confusing md2010 with Tibor!
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