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Too similar - don't kop.
 +1. It's common for feet to swell during the course of the day so that a pair that's comfortable in the morning could be uncomfortable in the late afternoon.
 I think that they use two manufacturers in Italy, one in Rome and one in Naples. In Naples, they've been using Orazio Luciano, also known as La Vera Sartoria Napoletana. I don't know who they use in Rome, but you could always ask them.
^ It's been done:  
 True, true.  Pity about the short life-span, though.
^ He looks uncomfortable, and with a jacket and trousers as tight as that, I can understand why!
 At the risk of sounding pedantic (but this is StyleForum, after all), that's not bas-relief, as the crown is sunken, rather than raised up from the background. It's sunk relief.
Does this mean that cod-pieces are making a long-delayed comeback??
 Saw two young Asians - one man, one woman - get on my bus wearing "Hood by Air" outfits this evening. Awful. Truly awful. I wasn't sure if anything could be worse and more obnoxious than the recent WANG x H&M "gym goth" release but Hood by Air manages it comfortably.  I've got a secret suspicion that Hood by Air is actually some sort of fashion joke and the founders are laughing their heads off somewhere. 
I've been to WFG in Ginza and it's a tiny shop, squeezed into a small frontage in a side street, next to the Mariage Freres teahouse. Some nice shoes, though. http://www.wfg-net.com/ Another great shoe store is "Trading Post", which has stores in Ginza, Aoyama and a couple of other places. Again, they've got a decent range of shoes from a variety of Japanese, Euro, UK and American brands: http://tradingpost.jp/ However, if I was only going to go to one place to look at...
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