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  Do you mean like this shoe, except on the Rain last instead of the Forest last? http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3640205 By the way, for anyone interested in the lighter-coloured, Rain-last spectator above, it's available on the Carmina website, too:  http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3640211
 I know that, in the past at least, Herring Shoes have had Cheaney, Sargent etc make specific styles of shoes particularly for Herring Shoes (ie designs or combinations, such as spectator shoes) that weren't part of Cheaney's or Sargent's usual range, so that could be attractive, too, depending on what sort of style you are looking for. 
If I was in Melbourne, I'd definitely come along.    My son (9 year old) and daughter (7 yo) went busking for the first time yesterday morning, along with three of their friends aged 9, 8 and 7.   They all play the violin, and they had a great time playing Christmas carols and several other pieces outside a local shopping centre. They played for 45 minutes or so and made $50 between them, too, so they were pretty happy with the result! 
Herring shoes have a number of levels of "own brand" shoes that they sell, made by UK shoemakers.    From memory, the top tier are made by Alfred Sargent (called the "1866" or "1966"), the next line down are made by Cheaney for Herring (called Premier, perhaps), and then the next line down are made by Loake, with perhaps a few models by Barker. 
^ It depends mostly upon the positioning of the pockets, as well as the buttoning point.   You'd usually be fine to take up a jacket an inch (2.5cm) and I've had it done a few times before. However, I wouldn't want to have a jacket taken up more than, say, 1.5" (4cm) at the most as I think that the pockets and buttoning point would look too low and unbalanced.
^ Very nice-looking combo, fxh, although you should tighten that tie knot up a little bit.   Also, unless you're using a Hasselblad, I don't think that you need to use both hands to hold the camera up while you're taking a selfie...
 Perhaps I didn't say it particularly well but this is, in fact, the point that I was making when I said that "the main reason why Japanese people would buy from J.Crew over Beams, Ships, or Uniqlo is because of image - which, of course, is precisely why people buy overpriced stuff from LV or other such fashion/name brands." Branding/advertising is, self-evidently, used by most fashion brands to convey a message of quality and, hence, of value. When people spend a large...
   I do understand why people buy J.Crew shirts, just as I also understand why people buy, say, hideously overpriced, monogrammed canvas Louis Vuitton bags. LV also shows "enviable financials", but that doesn't mean that people who buy monogrammed canvas LV bags are buying quality goods at decent prices, and the same goes for that J.Crew shirt. I was, quite simply, surprised that the J.Crew shirt was that expensive because I always viewed J.Crew as being fairly...
 a) Blue, gingham check shirts have been around for many, many, many years from many different manufacturers. I've had similar gingham check shirts from Land's End and Hilditch & Key, who are two very different firms at two quite different price points. Simply because a firm makes a blue, gingham check shirt doesn't mean that they're ripping off another firm. b) They're made from different fabric - the J.Crew one is (by the look of it) poplin, the Gustin one is flannel....
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