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^ I've seen quite a few tourists using those to take photos of themselves in front of the kangaroo statues in King George Square.
^ Dan T is direly in need of some Rubinacci styling.
Next up in this thread - Foo debates everyone else on the meaning of "is".
I may be wrong, but it seems to me that much of the discussion over the last several pages of this thread is due to Matt (Foo's) inability or unwillingness to recognise that his experience with Rubinacci is simply his experience alone. It is not universal, and other clients of Rubinacci may well have had different experiences that are equally valid to Matt (Foo's) experience.   Simply because Matt (Foo) does not require Rubinacci to play the role of stylist does not mean...
  I'm wearing them in the rain today so I may well be able to give you some "aged" photos sooner rather than later!   To be frank, I'm not sure. Unipair referred to them as cognac and they do seem similar to some other pictures of cognac shell cordovan shoes that I've seen. On the other hand, I have a pair of cognac cordovan bluchers from Carmina, too, and they're lighter in colour than the boots. Of course, that could just be due to natural variation in colour between...
 These aren't brogues, but they are a pair of cognac shell cordovan captoe boots on the Oscar last that I bought recently from Unipair in South Korea:     They're excellent - the cordovan has a really lovely, warm, deep colour to it and I'm very happy with them. 
 Just think of it as patina. Alternatively, get one of your groundskeepers to lie down on the seat first and then you can sit on them while driving. This helps to give you an even more elevated driving position so that you can have an even greater feeling of superiority over the other mere mortals on the road whilst cruising around in your Range Rover. 
  Absolutely love the dial as I've got a huge soft spot for the old piepan Connies, but really hate the case. I've never liked the modern Constellation case, as the "claws" at the sides and the closed lugs just don't appeal to me at all. This would look so, so much better with a more traditional case but then I guess that you might as well pick up a vintage piepan Connie instead.
 I don't know... when I was at uni, I used to wear my hiking boots everywhere - university, shops, pubs, movies, dinner and pretty much anything else, including hiking and camping. I suppose that I was ahead of the curve - I looked like an urban lumberjack before being an urban lumberjack was hip.
Paying in a lump sum would only make sense if he paid two years in advance. The last time Jamison posted in this thread was on 13 February 2013 and the last time he was online (well, at least logged in) on SF was at the end of February 2013.   In other words, he hasn't bothered checking in here or updating his own affiliate thread in 1 year and 9 months - and counting.   He hasn't even updated the Howard Yount Tumblr for 11 months. I used to receive the occasional...
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