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 Aren't these two things a little contradictory?  Have you tried on the Milano-cut Brooks Brothers OCBDs that are available in Australia? They are fairly slim and could be worth a try.  Otherwise, if you want to order from the US, you will need to use a proxy server to block your Australian address (so as to get to the US BB website) - this is easily done in Firefox, at least, by downloading an extension. You'll probably also need to use a shipping proxy service to get the...
A happy new year to all in the Australian Members thread!    I had a lovely time last night, with about 20 guests, including nine children, piling on to our back deck to celebrate the end of 2016.    I was then woken at 8:00am today by my manic next door neighbour, cleaning his back deck with a very loud blower-vac. 
 Agreed. The Sinn looks great - I really like the two-register chrono style and in this case, it's been done in a lovely, 1960s fashion.  However, to my mind, the pushers don't match the 1960s look of the watch itself. They look a bit oversized and out of place.  Other than that, though, it's a beauty.
 Tokyo in winter is a wonderful place, I can tell you. It's a curious phenomenon - as the temperature goes down, hemlines rise and the knee-high boots come out of the wardrobe. 
An old friend from high school is a builder/carpenter who also makes occasional pieces of furniture.    He made this writing desk for another friend:             It's made out of New Guinea Rosewood, with a hand-rubbed oil finish.    He said that it took him about 2 weeks or 80 hours to make, not including design. The dovetails are hand cut and the drawers are made with traditional french slips, which is an additional rail of timber built into the...
 Yes, I think that he worked on drawing pictures for bubblegum trading cards back in the 1960s or early 1970s, at the beginning of his career, as well. 
 You ordered a suit from B'n'Tailor?  Be sure to post pics when it arrives.  @Coxsackie - did you every post pics of your B&T suit?
 Just make sure you check for the invisible mending where he's stitched up the knife and bullet holes! 
 Given that this is Styleforum, after all, I'm surprised that no-one has talked about getting a pair of custom-fit in-ear headphones. I've heard that there are a few different companies out there that make in-ear earbuds/headphones that are based on custom-made molds of your ears, so that they fit very well without the need for foam or rubber earpieces.  Obviously, you've got to pay to get the mold done professionally by an audiologist or someone - you can't just pour warm...
 We have Mirra chairs in the office where I'm currently working.  They are fantastic, and an utterly colossal step up in seating comfort and quality from the old, bog-standard office chairs in my old office.  I might be moving back to the old office in six months' time - I don't know if I'll be able to go back to using the old chairs. For one thing, my back might not stand it! 
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