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eljimberino,   You'll have trouble finding a boot at a comparable price to RM Williams that is the same quality.   However, if you don't like the shape/fit of RM Williams and you want an English boot, you could look at Crockett & Jones as they have a Chelsea boot with a chiselled toe in a variety of colours - the model is actually called the Chelsea.   Alternatively, you could have a look at a French brand, Septieme Largeur. They have a model of wholecut Chelsea boot...
   Me, too. As GC said, it's pretty popular amongst The Armoury crew, but I just don't understand why anyone would wear a pair of $1000 bespoke trousers and then use clip-on braces that look like something from Men's Wearhouse.  Anyway, to get back on topic, the shirt looks nice, Jeff. I've got a similar shirt with a one-piece capri collar from G.Inglese and it's lovely - a perfect summer shirt.
 NM, I agree - it does run the risk of making you sound a bit odd, so hardly anyone I know in real life is aware that I don't use shampoo.
 I joined the "no poo" (ie no shampoo) movement a couple of years back and haven't looked back. When I was younger, I was rather like LM and didn't have to wash my hair frequently, but as I headed towards my forties, my hair seemed to become greasier and I had to start washing it every morning otherwise it would look and feel awful. On holidays a while back (with my hair deliberately cut short, so the possible effects wouldn't show so much), I decided to stop washing and I...
 Clearly, it struck fertile ground, and there were a few off-shoots.
 I've seen them used for pyjamas. Don't know about streetwear, though. Then again, I've seen some crazy SW&D kids wearing shirts and jumpers made out of neoprene (ie wetsuit material) that cost many hundreds of dollars, so perhaps viscose t-shirts as streetwear shouldn't surprise me at all. [LM - apologies for the light-hearted dig at the SW&D side of things.]
+1 on PeterPan's suggestions.   In regard to affordable shoes (as opposed to Corthay, Aubercy and Lobb Paris, for example), in addition to Septieme Largeur, the Carmina store in Paris is well worth a look. It's at 4 Avenue de l'Opera.   Also, just for the sake of history, have a look in the Charvet store at 28 Place Vendome. It's a wonderful store and really a must-visit location for anyone keen on menswear.
 Not too bad, although I've heard some concerns about longevity. Techniques may have improved, but I saw some examples made by Italian companies that were early adopters of bamboo-blend fabrics that wore out more quickly than expected. Just watch out for giant pandas, particularly if you're wearing bamboo undies.
 I don't like it when my clothes plead. It can be quite embarrassing, particularly when I'm wearing them out in public. 
    Bit of an insider joke, but mafoofan (or "Foo") has waged valiant battles against numerous companies and people, including Hermes (in his epic quest for a green breast wallet), Italian bespoke trouser makers, Leica (the camera manufacturer), GJ Cleverley (his most recent struggle) and others too long-gone to remember.
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