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 The only off-the-rack stuff they do are rollable hats and knit ties, I think.  Everything else (trousers and jackets) is made-to-order and, as Foxie says, is limited to trunk shows in Europe and the US.  I think that I read that he charges about US$300 for a pair of trousers and they're only made of cotton or linen. 
@apropos - If you are after a slim briefcase, you could have a look at Hunt Leather, as they've got a couple of styles that might suit:   http://www.huntleather.com.au/men/briefcases.html   http://www.huntleather.com.au/hunt-flap-slim-brief.html       http://www.huntleather.com.au/hunt-three-compartment-zip-top-briefcase.html  
I watched this with my kids for the first time last night:       It was tremendously enjoyable. I thought that it was a great movie and my 8 and 11-year-old children really liked it, too.    A real homage to early movies and, I think, a real labour of love for Scorcese. 
  I think that you might be right - I'm pretty sure that O'Shea spent some of his childhood in Toowoomba, then moved up to near the Gulf of Carpentaria in his teens, before heading for the UK and then mainland Europe.  I don't know anything about The Afternoon Tailors but, having had a quick squizz at their Instagram, it doesn't look that great. They look like they're trying to pull a P.Johnson vibe, with the short trousers with very, very narrow leg openings, worn with...
 Well, fit is king.  However, as with pretty much everything, it's a matter of striking a balance.If you can get a well-made shirt that meets all of your other criteria but is a bit wide in the shoulders or a bit long in the sleeves, but costs $90, then you're probably better off getting four of those than paying $400 for a shirt that fits absolutely all of your criteria (unless, of course, you're fabulously wealthy). Japan certainly does have a lot of great clothing...
 Unfortunately, I think that in Obama's case, it was "damned if you do and damned if you don't".  Put more troops into Iraq, you get accused of betraying your principles and of being a warmonger. Pull troops out, you get accused of being weak, of betraying US allies and interests, of abandoning Iraq, of allowing terrorism to flourish etc. 
  You used to be able to order via the Japanese Maker's Shirt site and I did a bit of a write-up on how to do it in the Kamakura Shirts thread some time back. However, I'm pretty sure that the option for international shipping was removed a while later, and now all international orders are routed through the US-based, Kamakura Shirts website. It's a pity, as the Japanese Maker's Shirt site usually has a considerably larger selection than does the Kamakura Shirts...
  He spent some years as the "buying director" for European luxury clothing retailer/website MyTheresa and, while there, built up a large social media following. He was often seen in the front row at various fashion shows and rubbed shoulders with Anna Wintour (of Vogue), Kanye West and other (for better or worse) figures in the fashion industry. 
 Raymond Carver's short stories are great.  Interestingly, Paul Kelly adapted the story "So much water so close to home" into the song "Everything's turning to white", on his 1989 album "So much water so close to home" as a homage to Carver.
  There's utterly no doubt that fewer men, as an overall percentage of the population, wear a suit and/or tailored clothing when compared to 40-50 years ago.  However, to base the demise of the suit on the decline of one brand is very poor journalism. Brioni was failing before O'Shea, because they were selling a very expensive product but their target market was retiring and they had failed to attract a younger market. I can't be sure, but I very strongly suspect that many...
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