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 That's gold, absolute gold. "I even ordered two wallets and a daypack. I even wanted to buy a helmet bag despite the fact that it looks like a woman's handbag..."
 Pedantry alert! per se CloseStyle: MLA APA Chicago  adverb \(ˌ)pər-ˈsā also per-ˈsā or (ˌ)pər-ˈsē\: by, of, or in itself or oneself or themselves :  as such : intrinsically
 I'm 6 feet tall and used to weight 73kg (160lbs) and fitted into a couple of different capsule hotels without any problems. You can find clothes up to a US size 40 and even 42 pretty easily, and shoes up to a US size 9 or maybe 9.5 pretty easily. Beyond that, it starts to get difficult.
Some very nice stuff on the website, very nice indeed.   My only disappointment is that the Calabrese 1924 ties are only 8cm wide.   Is there any chance that you could have them made 9cm wide in the future, or offer a choice of widths, as 8cm is too narrow for quite a few people's tastes?
I took my 9yo son to see the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra's "Vivaldi Unwired" concert in Brisbane last night.   We both had a fantastic time - the music was generally very good and the musicians were excellent.   Of particular interest (to my son, at least) was the orchestra's use of period, or period-styled, instruments as they play baroque music and try to be original in their use of baroque instruments. This meant that the violins had no chin-rests or...
 Exactly. On a related note, if anyone's ever seen the elephant carvings on the Toshogu shrine in Nikko, it's clear that they, too, were done by someone who had never, ever seen an elephant and thus the craftsman based the carving on what he had heard or read about elephants. [[SPOILER]]
Speaking of indigo, I don't know if it is still there, but there used to be a fantastic little shop selling indigo-dyed goods in the basement of the Hanae Mori building in Harajuku.   The Hanae Mori building (designed by Kenzo Tange and named for the Japanese fashion designer) has a basement mall populated mainly with antique stores, including one selling Japanese swords, knives and armour, another selling very nice ukiyoe (woodblock prints), and others selling...
  Looks very good except it also looks although you're hunching forward a bit - although perhaps that's just the way the photo's taken.
 Ruzzi, the cardigans are meant to be thin and not substantial, as I don't think that they're really designed to be worn as stand-alone pieces but more as layering pieces under a jacket. If you want a thicker, more substantial jumper then Uniqlo also have those, as they offer (or did offer) lambswool and other jumpers that are thicker and can be worn as stand-alone garments over a t-shirt or button-up shirt but without a jacket. My main purchases from Uniqlo are things...
 @Windowpane1967 - Good to hear that you're satisfied with the work that Regent did. If you have time for coffee or lunch, let me know as it would be nice to catch up for a chat again.   Good question. MJ Bale and Herringbone have done light-weight cardigans in past seasons, but I think that both of them only have V-neck jumpers in stock this season. I don't think that Country Road has anything good in stock in terms of cardigans, either. BB may be a good bet, as you...
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