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Four new members have just created a multitude of new threads in General Chat, all about live sports streaming.   This guy created 61 - yes, 61 - threads in about an hour and a half. Unsurprisingly, all of them are about live streaming of sports events:   http://www.styleforum.net/u/227616/0asfsafsda70800     This new member wasn't nearly as fast - he or she only managed to create 25 new sports streaming threads in half an...
A story from a Fairfax site about scavenging things while travelling, that mentions the Perkal brothers and the things thrown out from their shoemaking business after both brothers passed away at the end of last year:   http://www.traveller.com.au/treasures-abound-in-travel-trash-10o8a7
 Given the low quality and high price of most shoes sold here, that certainly wouldn't be surprising.
 Young uni student who lives at home with his parents, so all of his income can go on discretionary spending (ie MTO clothing and shoes). I remember when I was in Foxhound's situation - I think that I had more money to spend at that time than I've ever had since! No rent/mortgage, no food bills, no utility bills. I was able to spend everything that I earned!
 I think that pique is a variety of dobby weave (fxh may be able to correct me on this) so I suppose that you could call it a dobby weave, too.  Dobby weave is used for shirts, and more substantial dobby weave fabrics are used for furnishings, sheets and so on. I don't know if I've ever seen it used for a jacket. 
 I agree that RTW lasts aren't guaranteed to fit, but at least if you've got one model in your size, you've got a pretty good idea that another model in that last and size will fit you, too. Unless the bespoke shoes are made to a higher level of quality than the RTW models, or unless they have some sort of special feature or design that isn't available in RTW models, I really don't see the point of getting someone else's bespoke shoes, even if they might be in pristine...
  They look lovely, but I thought that they were going to be 9cm, whereas the measurements on the site state 8.5cm? The brown one, in particular, is very tempting.
 Each to their own, but I personally don't understand the attraction of buying bespoke shoes that were made for someone else. Not only is there a risk that they'll be the wrong size (as noted above, finding out the size is largely guesswork), but the person for whom they were made may have entirely different from yours so they might fit you very poorly. Sure, they're bespoke, but they're not *your* bespoke, they are someone else's bespoke. Much better to buy a pair of...
 I've got a pair of navy suede chukka boots. They're certainly not a mainstay of my wardrobe, but I do wear them quite a bit with chino pants or with jeans.
 GF, is that Paperchain at Manuka? I went there a couple of years back as I was staying nearby at the Hotel Realm and picked up a few books, including The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen and Lustrum by Robert Harris. They were having a sale then, too, and I had to restrain myself from buying too much as I'd only brought a carry-on bag. It looked like a nice store.
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