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   Why can't you just politely explain that it's travertine instead of sandstone, instead of being offensive and insulting?  Your architectural knowledge is valued in this thread, but you don't need to be a condescending, patronising prick. Why not be polite and helpful instead of rude?
 You can get them from most places - even K-Mart or Target stock them.  As joiji points out, though, if you're hanging odd trousers (rather than hanging them on a suit hanger as part of a suit), then you might as well use a hanger that allows you to hang them by the cuff/hem so that the wrinkles fall out of them.  Also, you don't save that much space using those multi-hangers because the multiple thicknesses of cloth, the result of hanging several pairs of trousers...
^That's what the house in Japan that I was talking about a few posts back *could* have been like. Instead, due to foolish design decisions, it very deliberately turned its back on its great location and looked inwards instead of outwards. 
If you can show us some photos of the actual shoes, including shots of the inside of the shoes, especially any writing/sizing info on the inside of the shoes, it may help. 
@lukejackson    My info is a bit out of date, but I'm happy to chat if we catch up for a chat sometime in the coming weeks.    In short, it's not easy and most fairly entry-level positions involve poor pay relative to qualifications and experience. If you are really keen, then spending a stint volunteering is a good way to gain connections. I know a few people who participated in the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development (AYAD) program, which is now called...
It would be very useful if you could take some photos of the shoes themselves, including the insides of the shoe - is there anything written inside the shoe, either on the bottom of the shoe (where the foot sits) or on the inside walls of the shoe?
Whew - Brazil really threw this tournament away. 3-0 to the Netherlands get Brazil 4th place in the WC. 
  @lukejackson - I'm just back from a week in Japan and am keen to arrange some sort of catch-up. Evening could work but I may not be free in the evening until August.  However, if you happen to be around the city, we could always catch up for lunch or coffee and I'm sure that I can rope some others into coming along, too. 
Just got back from a couple of weeks with family in Japan.   With some friends, went to visit some friends-of-friends in their new house beside the sea south of Tokyo.    Wonderful location, on a fairly steep, forested slope near the ocean.    Terrible house design. Whilst the house was structurally well-designed for the site, as it was essentially a series of interconnected boxes which stepped down the slope on three levels, apart from the structural factor, the...
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