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^ Surely that article is satirical. Surely it must be. 
^ Lovely combo, Jason.
 Just in time for a scorching hot summer!  When you get a chance to try it on somewhere cool, so you don't melt away immediately, I'd be interested in getting your impressions concerning fit. 
  They look so good that it almost seems worth amputating a couple of toes so that you can fit into them. 
 You are a man of hidden depths - I didn't expect to see G.K. Chesterton quoted here. "If the only end of the thing is nothing, it hardly seems worth doing."
 Oli, I'll send you a PM. 
The man on the left, Nguyen Ngoc Loan, was the Chief of the National Police of the Republic of Viet Nam (ie South Vietnam).    The man being shot was the leader of a Viet Cong "revenge squad" who had been captured while on a mission that deliberately targeted both police officers and their families. He'd apparently been captured next to the bodies of several family members of police officers and he was then taken to Loan who interrogated him and then summarily executed...
 Well, my theory was that with the money that he saved on shampoo and conditioner for his ponytail, he was able to buy a pair of new boots! 
 +1.  I'm not sure where Ernesto works, but dressing has never been an issue in any part of the public service that I've worked in.  The APS has lots of issues with the way that it recruits and promotes people, but judging them by appearance and dress is not one of them. I used to work with a guy who, in his thirties, still sporting a greying, thinning ponytail and a goatee and who used to wear a shabby leather jacket and battered Doc Martens to work. It didn't stop him...
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