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  I've got a couple of Panama hats - one expensive one from a hat shop here in Brisbane (that looks quite like the photo that Pink Socks just posted) and one cheap one that I picked up in Japan during summer a couple of years back. The one that I bought here has a very tight weave and I wouldn't want to throw it in a bag whilst travelling.  The Japanese one has a looser, larger weave and folds up very easily. I can throw it in a backpack or in a suitcase and squash it down...
 I really enjoyed A Tale of Two Cities. I read Crime and Punishment in the school library in year 7 and I think that I was a bit scarred by it. I remember having nightmares about Raskolnikov killing the old lady with an axe. I didn't read any more Dostoyevsky until I was at university as a result!
 Almost - Lauren Bush is George HW Bush's granddaughter, and George W Bush's niece.
I don't mind AE lasts. Yes, they're hardly fashion forward and I can understand why some people might think that they're a bit blobby and fuddy-duddy.   However, they're very similar to the shape of, for example, the classic Florsheim longwing, the famous C&J for RL Marlow wingtip in shell cordovan and, of course, Edward Green's classic 202 last.   The problem for me is that the few AE lasts that I've tried on, including the "5" last on which the Park Avenue and Fifth...
 Far from a boy prodigy, but I've always loved reading and writing and did very well in English and History as a consequence.  I remember reading The Hobbit in grade 2 and Lord of the Rings in grades 3-4. I found books to be very immersive and enjoyed books far more than television (although I always made time for Doctor Who back in the Tom Baker/Peter Davison era).
 Foxie, were your Alden's shell cordovan? Shell shoes typically cost quite a bit more than the calf versions, and Lachy is talking about getting shell cordovan AEs for $325.    Hmmm... DB navy jackets tend to fall into two camps - very capacious cuts, typically with brass buttons, for elderly gentlemen, and very slim, short cuts, with brown (possibly corozo nut) buttons for young gentlemen. I suspect that it would be pretty much impossible to find anything between those...
I read quite a lot of 19th century literature at primary school, in grades 6 and 7, and I remember really enjoying it at the time - Wuthering Heights, Oliver Twist, The Red Badge of Courage, The Scarlet Letter, Lorna Doone and many more. However, I revisited them again in my late twenties and found most of them to be really hard going. I gave up about one-third of the way through Oliver Twist on that occasion. On a similar note, I read a lot of early - mid-20th century...
That looks really good - a great collection of different retailers under the one roof.   Now the real question is - who is going to pay for @Connemara's airfare so that he can attend? 
 My eyes! My eyes!  [[SPOILER]]
Those Meermin shortwing boots look very nice.   I saw a pair on the Meermin website some months ago, but they're no longer there. Maybe I should e-mail Meermin to ask if they're still available...     @jaoben - are the split-toe bluchers made from shell cordovan, too?
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