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At the risk of interrupting things, for anyone who's not fussed about the colour of the cordovan and who doesn't mind if they don't get a pair in whiskey shell, it's worth noting that you can order a pair of ready-to-wear Harlechs in dark brown (a "dark cognac", I suppose) shell cordovan directly from C&J at any time without going through the GMTO process, as they usually have them in stock:   http://www.crockettandjones.com/product/harlech-darkbrown   You can also...
Speaking of MJ Bale, I certainly think that their current line-up is considerably better and more interesting than the stuff being churned out by the Herringbone/Rhodes & Beckett twins.   I do, though, think that MJ Bale does make some items that are too thin/shrunken - some of their jackets are too short and are cut too slim, with lapels that are very slim, and their ties are very similar.   Even acknowledging the current trend towards short/slim clothing, though,...
  They're priced well but the leather looks pretty bad from the photos on their website and I'd say that's why they're able to offer shoes cheaply. The stitching doesn't look all that great, either. It's also worth noting that they're "handmade" in the same manner as other Blake-rapid welted shoes in that while quite a few of the steps are performed by hand, there's also machines involved with certain steps, too.
^ Dopey, it would be much cooler if you stacked them up like that and then stood on them when you have guests - especially if you all took turns doing it after you've had a few drinks.
 No need for them to imply. There are quite a few people who have actually done it - and I suspect that some of them are still waiting for their Ambrosi pents! 
^ If you want to sell your jacket, you need to create a "for sale" listing in the Buying and Selling subforum:   http://www.styleforum.net/f/6714/classic-menswear-classifieds   If you want to increase visibility, you can then add a link to your for sale listing in your signature, which will show up at the bottom of each post that you make.
 He already mentioned it in the original post, JH - it's Common Projects. Matt - I think that you should take the boots to a cobbler, get him to stick the soles back on, then sell the CP faux-hiking boots on Grailed, go to your local hiking/camping/outdoor shop (of which Tasmania has many) and get yourself a good pair of hiking boots that are proper whole-cuts with soles that won't come unglued after a few years! Edited to add: If you want a similar look, but which are...
    It's worth pointing out that should divots are, typically, not caused by a jacket being too large. They're caused by the sleeve opening not fitting the shoulder/upper arm correctly. This can actually be caused by, amongst other things, the jacket being too small (not too large), as well as various other issues. Jefferyd, an SF member and a very experienced tailor, wrote about this issue quite a few years...
^ Yes, Memento is great - it takes you on quite a mental ride.
 Carmina is a shoe-making company - they make their own shoes and boots in Spain. The soles are a type of sole called a "victory" sole and they are made in the UK (as are other types of rubber soles such as Dainite). So, the boots are made by Carmina in Spain and, when Carmina made the boots, they attached a pair of rubber soles that were made in the UK.
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