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  Looks like one of those Alessi kitchen utensils that were cool back in the 1990s.
 How often do you clean (ie de-scale) your machine? If you haven't done it for a while, it could be worth doing so as that could be the root of the problem. If it doesn't fix it, then it's probably a more serious problem.
 Matt, surely you can find moleskins and flannel trousers in the UK?  After all, that's where flannel and moleskin trousers originated! Have a look at places like Cordings or Charles Tyrwhitt, as they usually have both flannel and moleskin trousers. Moleskin trousers at Charles Tyrwhitt: http://www.ctshirts.com.au/productlisting.aspx?q=|moleskin||||||||||||| A few pairs of grey flannel trousers at Charles...
 Didn't someone just post a few days back about sending a bracelet to someone in HK who tightens them up and restores them? Could be worth looking into that. Alternatively, as you say, keep the original bracelet somewhere safe and get a new bracelet for daily wear.
 Frankly, Oli comes across as more of a Puritan than a Catholic.
I know, I know that I shouldn't read the "style" section of newspapers, but every now and then I succumb to foolish temptation and click on the "Executive Style" articles in Fairfax. This one really left me scratching my head: http://www.executivestyle.com.au/the-spring-racing-carnival-survival-guide-for-men-gkljfs Under the sub-section entitled "Keep your shoes looking neat", the article contains this curious advice: This strikes me as very, very odd. Putting oil on your...
 You'll be a happier man. Now, if only we could also improve the dialogue in the prequels and get rid of Jar Jar Binks, everything would be good.
 Is "cup of tea" a euphemism for something now?!?!
 That would be an hilariously awkward conversation.
 How much are they? I haven't bothered registering on the Gustin website, so I can't see the pricing.
New Posts  All Forums: