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 Some very good/useful links in the above list - thank you very much.
 If my memory serves me correctly, based on some of Cox's posts and pictures when he first joined SF, I think that he may have gone through an expensive watch phase some years back but then mostly got it out of his system before then moving on to clothing and shoes!
I spotted this article recently:   http://www.executivestyle.com.au/swiss-watchmaker-greubel-forsey-cuts-price-of-entrylevel-signature-1-watch-in-half-gm8q6e   Gruebel Forsey has cut the price of its entry-level watch by 50%, from 298 000 Swiss francs down to 150 000 Swiss francs.   I thought that this quote was amusing:   "It was a good idea also that we could decrease the price for being attentive to some clients who can't afford a watch of 300,000 francs,"...
Kyoto, it really depends upon what you want from a shirt.   Borrelli, Barba, Finamore and other Italian makers will typically have some hand-stitching in their shirts, usually where the sleeves attach to the body of the shirt and around the collar. Apart from that, it will be much of a muchness and the question then becomes one of fit, because it doesn't matter how much hand-stitching a shirt has, or how thick its mother-of-pearl buttons are, if it doesn't fit you...
 I think that the issue here is that women generally don't get all excited about designer furniture, as they're typically more interested in practicality. It's the same with watches - I have yet to meet a woman who cares about the movement inside her watch and the vast, vast majority of women couldn't care less about whether they're wearing a quartz or mechanical watch and yet there are quite a few men who obsess over these things.It's the same with furniture - by and...
 You're correct - I'd entirely forgotten about that until now: http://www.styleforum.net/t/417986/oscar-hunt-tailors-official-affiliate-thread
 Absolutely. The villian with diamonds embedded in his face and the invisible car and the duel in the ice palace were very low points.
 Matt, I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy either Matthiesen (Snow Leopard) or Newby (Hindu Kush). I enjoyed both of them, although I also read them while I was travelling so that may, for whatever reason, have coloured my recollection of them. "A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush" wasn't the best of Newby's books, though - the book that I enjoyed the most was "The Last Grain Race", the story of Newby's passage as a young apprentice on a four-masted steel barque from the UK to...
 Wowsers - I thought that Steinhart was pretty blatant in their "homages" but that Rodina is simply a direct copy of a Nomos Tangente.
 Yes, same here. It's quite frustrating.
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