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 I agree with this, particularly the bolded part, and I think that PSG expressed it very well.
 Thanks very much for the response - I was a bit worried that my post might get lost in amongst a discussion of women's outfits! Clearly, it's a case of different strokes for different folks, but I preferred your more information-oriented approach, rather than the whimsical articles that have dominated the last few Pitti events that SF has attended. After all, if I want to read articles about people eating too much and getting drunk while travelling overseas, there are a...
 I believe that he works for a humanitarian NGO and that, as a result of the new job, he headed over to Jordan a couple of months ago.
^ Thank you very much for the pictures.
 Such as? * * * On another, Pitti-related, note I was looking back through a 2013 thread on Pitti where LA Guy, unbelragazzo and rach2jlc (I think) headed over to Pitti. I must say that I really enjoyed that coverage and I, personally, found it much more interesting that SF's coverage of the last few Pitti events. Looking at the 2013 Pitti thread, there were great photos in the main thread from various exhibits, and comments on the goods that were being exhibited. That...
 That doesn't bode well for Mr Modi, then!
 I remember that former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had a similar suit. I can't remember who wove the cloth, but it was one of the English mills. Edited to add: Apparently the cloth is by Holland & Sherry, who market personalised cloth as part of their "Signature" collection.
 Well, you could say the same about the majority of humanity for the majority of history! Seriously, though, there certainly is friction/conflict between tribes and, of course, friction and conflict between the Sunni and Shia sects of Islam. I do think that, even if Israel was not an issue, there would likely still be conflict in the ME between different tribal factions and different sects. Luke - thanks for the info and impressions. It was very interesting to read. I've...
^ To be frank, I think that you're over-reacting.    I realise that people have personal histories and that you've mentioned that your spouse is trans, so clearly the issue of transgendered people is one that reverberates deeply with you.   However, my take on the earlier post was that it was simply an observation by Darkside, as the models used looked quite androgynous and I suspect that was a very deliberate tactic on the part of Rick Owens, but despite the...
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