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  ...and looking Foolish.
I'm not sure of French pricing but, given that we pay a premium for pretty much everything here in Australia, I don't see why Hermes scarves and Charvet ties would be any different.   Edited to add: I've heard anecdotally that Hermes ties are about AU$90 - $100 cheaper in France than in Australia, so I assume that their scarves are similarly cheaper over there than they are here.
 It's probably as easy to tailor the shoulders on Eidos jackets as it is on other jackets - which is to say, it's not easy at all. Just my personal opinion but I'd say that, if the shoulders of a particular jacket don't fit, then put the jacket back and look for a different jacket.
 Charvet ties? Bonnet spectacle frames? Hermes scarves? Goyard briefcase or document folder? A pair of Corthay "Arca" shoes?
 I suspect that, after shipping costs are added (if they're prepared to ship overseas), you'd be looking at $1100 or so for a pair of tassel loafers. Unfortunately, imported shoes, particularly those imported from the UK and US, are very expensive in Japan as there's a significant import tax applied to them. Edited to add: - If you could persuade the shop to ship overseas, then there's a chance that they might agree to remove the consumption tax from the price for you, so...
 No, but I am interested. I noticed a few months back that they had "patina cordovan" offered on their site - in other words, you could choose "natural" cordovan and they would then dye it in your choice of colour, as with their regular patina service for calf-leather shoes. However, the patina cordovan choices now seem to have disappeared from the SL website, so perhaps they sold out quickly.
 Hmmm... I can only conclude that you haven't been paying attention to this thread! 
 Fixed that for you. Most of the outfits pictured there are horrendous. I'm no snob, and I don't expect people to wear a dinner suit and patent-leather loafers when going to the opera - I certainly don't - and I suppose that it's nice that some of them have clearly made an effort to dress up. However, despite their efforts, most of them look pretty awful - clashing patterns, mis-matched colours, clothes that are either too big, or too small, or have waaay too many layers...
   I've shopped a bit at Xile in the past and bought a suit, some shirts and some ties there about 15-16 years ago. The last thing that I bought there was a pair of shoes, about seven years back. To be fair to Xile, it's better than some of the competition, such as several of the other menswear stores dotted around the same area. However, the staff are often obsequious and will recommend that you buy things that don't fit (ie shoulders too wide) or that don't suit you, and...
H. Moser & Cie make some lovely watches, although as Mimo says, they don't have much name recognition amongst the masses.   I just did a search for dealers and had a look on the online "Watches of Switzerland" website. Amusingly, the tagline used for Moser watches on the website was: H. Moser & Cie - Very rare - Available almost nowhere. So, they're making a virtue out of their lack of visibility!   Anyway, they are very nice, simple, elegant watches. I particularly...
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