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@pavlov - Very nice! I'm sure that they'll serve you well. 
   That was hilarious. Well done!
    +1. More than a month ago, Drew posted: 
  Roger, do you take the same size in boots as you do in shoes, or do you go up a half-size or so? I'm awfully tempted by a pair of Carmina bal boots, but I'm also concerned about whether they'll lace up properly over my instep.
@Groove - You should probably cross-post this query in the Watch Appreciation Thread, as I'm sure that the members who post there will have some good suggestions (although you may find your budget creeping up a little, too!).   http://www.styleforum.net/t/36253/the-watch-appreciation-thread   Having a watch appreciate in value is really more luck than anything else, unless you happen to buy a "grail" watch that is highly coveted. Even then, though, you may find that...
Would anyone happen to know whether the 300 Euro option of "last adjustment and test shoes" is available when ordering from the "regular" Mecariello line?   Or does one have to order from the more expensive, Aurum line to take advantage of the "last adjustment and test shoe" option?
 I don't think so, as I haven't received any e-mails from them for a while. Whenever they've got some sort of sale on, they usually bombard you with e-mails so I assume that no e-mails = no sale. Edited to add: I just had a quick look at their website and it doesn't say anything, either. The "cover" photo for the website shows a model wearing a jacket that's too small and too tight. Their suits and their stock photography are virtually identical to Rhodes & Beckett. I...
^ Haute couture overalls?
  Yes, I've only got one pair of Vass on the U-last, but they're very small compared to shoes from other brands in that size (UK9/Euro 43). Unless it's an aberration, if I were to get other shoes on the U-last, I'd probably go up a full size to a 44 as they're both quite short and quite narrow in comparison to my other shoes in that size.
Yes, the "three colours" trilogy came out in the 1990s.   So did one of my favourite films, "The Usual Suspects".
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