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 I agree with your points, but it's also worth noting that Henry Bucks charges $250 more than Skoaktiebolaget in Sweden does for Carmina shoes, and Sweden is a country with high wages, high taxes and high real estate costs. It is, however, a gross over-simplification of a complex situation when people talk about "the Australia tax". As you say, whilst I'm sure that some retailers make a mint, others aren't making much in the way of profits after paying expenses.
  Did they allegedly engage in such event after meeting the lady while posting up at the bar?
 All of my odd jackets are the same length as my suit jackets. Generally, it's the material or the pockets that make a point of difference - larger windowpane check, shepherd's check, fresco weave, lighter colours, patch pockets etc etc.
 http://unipair.com/product/carmina-762/ I'd guess that there's a Value-Added Tax discount available if you live outside Korea, too.
 I'm not up on their different cuts and styles at present, but a friend of mine has some TM Lewin shirts and the collar points are quiet short. Other than that, the TM Lewin shirts do look nice, but the collar points are too short for my taste whereas the Charles Tyrwhitt collar points on their typical "English spread" collar have a nice length. 
 Charles Tyrwhitt and TM Lewin (another, very similar business) make good shirts for the prices that they charge. As you say, their real strength - particularly for their pricepoint - is the ability to specify cuff type (barrel or double cuff) and sleeve length. You can also usually choose either classic or slim fit and sometimes also an even slimmer fit.  The only downside is that in the shirts that I've seen, the fusing in the collars and cuffs is a bit too stiff for my...
 I've never seen you post a selfie before - thanks for the photo.   You can get good socks from Australian member Henry Carter - he sells a selection of Bresciani at decent prices. Otherwise, you can get Viccel socks from Turkey at decent prices. For plain socks, I quite like Uniqlo. I don't know what their Australian pricing is like, but in Japan you can get three sets of Supima cotton socks for the equivalent of $10. They're quite thin, nice and soft, they wear well and...
 I know that it's subjective, but I don't like the "cross-over" lacing style with a sleek pair of shoes like those Carmina wholecuts. I think that they're much better suited to straight bar lacing, for example, whereas the cross-over style suits a pair of long-wing bluchers well.
 That's uncanny - you don't post on Whirlpool, too, do you?!?! ;-)
 +1 to everything that LM said.  If you're into marketing via social media, then certainly Instagram seems to have jumped ahead of Tumblr as a means of reaching clients.  However, if you want to share photos, then Tumblr is still a very, very popular platform for photo sharing and is definitely superior to Flickr in terms of sharing photos.  They're each superior in their own ways.  I think that one reason why people prefer Instagram for social marketing is that IG is like...
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