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 Shhhh... Don't let everyone in on the secret, or the next thing we know, all the iGents will be dressing like this: 
  Given that it's a "live edge", does that mean that "designer", in this case, equals God? 
 At the risk of sounding pedantic, it's not a gold allergy, but is instead an allergic reaction to small amounts of nickel in the gold alloy (as, of course, watches and other jewellery are not made from pure gold). As mimo suggested, you could try the fingernail varnish trick as I've known a couple of people who've used that with rings. The downside to that is that you'll probably have to reapply the varnish from time to time and it will be a bit fiddly. Otherwise, try an...
  Has anyone ever seen Cox and Edelsten in the same room at the same time???
  Coincidentally, I think that Cox once said that he has a passing acquaintanceship with Geoffrey Edelsten.
 The chin strap on my Burberry trench coat can be unbuttoned. When I bought the coat, it was reversed under the collar. In other words, it had been unbuttoned, flipped around and re-buttoned in the backwards position so that it was tucked up nicely under the back of the collar. I've never needed to use it, but if I do, then I'll just un-button it, flip it around, and button it on the right way so that I can fasten the collar.
^Interesting. If the shirts can be made with unfringed cuffs, I'd be interested in the blue- and orange-striped ones for Friday/weekend casual wear.
 Agree on the great pics - thanks, EFV. I like a lot of Post Imperial's patterns and colours, but I'm deterred from buying anything because of the fringed cuffs on the shirts and the fringed ends on the ties. Absent the fringes, I'd definitely be a customer as they'd be great for a more casual look.. Hopefully, though, I'm in the minority and that there are a lot of people out there who by Tirailleur1's products!
 I've ordered quite a few pairs from Valmour in France, but that was always in conjunction with a shipment of Saphir polish and cream, as the shipping cost is too high to warrant ordering shoelaces alone. I noticed recently that the Shoe Snob has started selling flat, waxed shoelaces in a variety of colours on his online store, so that could be worth a look: http://www.theshoesnob.com/products/flat-waxed-dress-shoe-laces-75cm-30in As well as a lot of eye-catching colours,...
  I'm not - the base ruins it for me.
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