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  Ah, the infamous GJ Cleverley x Mafoofan bespoke shoe. That's not what RKlan is looking for, because that has a toe-cap, rather than a wingtip. That style is, I think, referred to as a galosh balmoral, rather than as a longwing.
 I've got a pair of the Drummonds in beechnut (a darker colour) that I picked up five or six years ago. They're a lovely colour, but perhaps C&J doesn't offer the Drummond in that colour anymore. My Drummonds get a lot of wear - probably too much wear, given that I've got a lot of other shoes that I should be wearing.
 It will all be worth it if it protects the Australian footwear and suit-making industries... oh, wait.
  I can't think of anywhere off the top of my head - you may need to go the made-to-order route. The closest that I can think of would be the Edward Green Oakdale, which is an oxford longwing with broguing *and* a medallion. I can't think of anything in that style without a medallion. If you're happy to forego the longwing requirement and get a pair of shortwings, you'll have more choice, including a pair of C&J Drummonds on the 348 last.
 PoP, I haven't imported anything from them, but two friends of mine have and neither of them had any issues. That was a few years back, though, and of course sometimes these things are based on whether you get an officer who's relaxed or one who's a stickler for the rules inspecting the parcels.
  I know that it's often spoken of as a "prestige" thing - company X is big enough/sophisticated enough to manufacture their own movements - but often it's used as a reason to jack up prices considerably. Let's hope that doesn't happen with Tudor, although I suspect that it will. Also, I must admit that I'm not sure why Tudor bothered with a see-through back on that watch. Sure, it might be an in-house movement, but it's not as though it's much to look at (of course,...
 The place in Singapore is probably Hwa Seng Textiles, or HST: http://hst.com.sg/products/products?path=71
 No chance. A certain someone will have reached 100 000 posts by the time we get there...
  This could become a new SF identification phrase - upon seeing a well-attired chap on the tram or on the street, you could give a cautious nod of recognition and then murmur, sotto voce, "Show us your buttonholes".
 +1 - stuff a couple of pairs of socks into each shoe. It'll stop the shoes from being squashed while travelling and it saves on space as it gives you somewhere to put your spare socks.
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