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Lovely combo. 
   Forgive my ignorance, but what is the "pen crease trick"? 
 If it's someone who sent you a message to try to scam you, then copy the message, including the member's username, and forward it on to Fok (LAGuy). 
 1. When people on Styleforum talk about the "roll" of the collar, they talk about the shape that it makes when the collar points are buttoned down. A collar that is too short (ie the points don't come out very far from the neck) won't have a very good roll, and nor will a collar that is too stiff (ie if the lining material inside the collar is too stiff and heavy). The ideal, on Styleforum, is a soft, quite light collar and develops a good shape when it is buttoned down...
If you're asking about Gitman Bros and BoO, you're probably right that you'd get more of a response in the Streetwear and Denim (SW&D) side of the forum.    However, there's still plenty of discussions of button-down shirt quality in the Men's Clothing part of the forum.    To my mind, fit and the shape/roll of the button-down collar are the two things that separate most of the makers of button-down shirts. A lot of them use similar oxford-cloth fabric, so you're not...
 You can probably find some online if you look hard enough, although all the places that have them on sale are probably sold out.  However, if you're happy to pay full price of close to $400, you can probably find a pair. 
 Interestingly, that was happening to me a few hours ago, but everything is fine now. 
That's a good look, Foxie - quite possibly my favourite outfit/combination of yours out of the ones that I remember you posting over the past year or so. 
I agree that it's not birdseye or nailhead.    It looks rather like the hopsack weave fabric in an old Brooks Brothers odd jacket of mine, so it could be hopsack.    Then again, I could be entirely wrong.
 Could always do what the ancient Romans did and execute the architect who designed the faulty insulae or domus. 
New Posts  All Forums: