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 I tend to agree, particularly for that kind of money.  Speaking of diving watches, I saw that Oris has introduced a new, old version of their "65" diving watch, that harks back to the style that they made back in, well, 1965.  Old:  New:  You can also get it on a leather, rubber or NATO strap. 
^ Interesting.    When you're sitting in the little courtyard on one side of the tree, I wonder if you can see the person taking a shower in the bathroom on the other side of the tree? 
   Oli had to get rid of it because it was green, rather than black or grey, so it didn't go with the rest of his wardrobe. 
  There's a lot of the talk about "bespoke" in the Australian media concerning P.Johnson but they are really made-to-order. There are certain things that you can change but other things that you can't change in their designs. When you go in for a fitting (at least when they're doing a trunk show) they'll put you in an existing suit of theirs in your usual size and then make notes as to the adjustments that it needs, so I certainly wouldn't call it bespoke. I haven't used...
 True, but then it's not trying to win a "most attractive jacket" award. Instead, it's aiming at a more "trad" or "ivy" aesthetic. Of course, it'd probably win more fans if the outer layer was blue, green or brown/tan, instead of orange! Where's it from, GF?
 Mimo, that's interesting to hear as I'm quite similar in size to you, albeit slightly taller and with a slightly larger chest. May I ask how wide you are across the shoulders? That is, what sort of shoulder/yoke measurement do you prefer on your suits and shirts? I'm interested in some of Suit Supply's offerings but we don't have a bricks-and-mortar store anywhere in Australia as yet and I can't be bothered fiddling around with ordering and returning without having a...
 Have a great evening, Matt!  The dinner suit will probably be baggy as all heck, with massive shoulders and almost enough break in the trousers to make a second pair, but 99% of the other men will most likely look the same and no-one will really care, anyway. The main thing is to have a good time. P.S. Even though you're renting the suit, try to find a tie-it-yourself bow-tie, rather than a ready-tied one. If you're not used to tying one, it takes a little bit of...
Noodles has already gone down the Formosa route, with mixed results. The suits don't look too bad on him (even counting the debacle over the mis-sizing or whatever happened with one suit, but let's not re-hash that again), but they don't look outstanding, either.    Let's not forget that regardless of brand, if a suit/shirt/jacket/shoes don't fit well, it's a waste of money. Having said that, of course, here on SF we do tend to nitpick a bit too relentlessly at times and...
 Absolutely. It's old-fashioned protectionism dressed up for the digital age. 
 I've dealt with both @Petepan and @Master-Classter and they've both been very good.  M-C has a wider range than Pete, but he mentioned to me recently that he's getting out of selling decants of Tom Ford scents. That means that there may well be some deals to be had but, on the other hand, the range he offers might be smaller or he might be out of stock entirely. 
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