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 I had some great dog in East Timor, but the dog in Flores just wasn't as good!  Entirely agree on the "eat where you can see the cooking" philosophy - that's why the warungs/street stalls are so good.  Kaya toast is great.   Book Off also sells second-hand watches. I'm not sure what prices are like now, but it used to be a great place to pick up a second-hand Omega Speedy Pro in excellent condition. 
 I can heartily endorse the duck at Chairman & Yip.
 The Rootbeer GMT deserves to be forgotten!
 It really is inexplicable. Local food is often one of the highlights of travelling (yes, even eating boiled dog with dirty rice in a thatched shack in the highlands of a remote Indonesian island) and it's an insight into the culture and circumstances of the local people. The food stalls at night markets in SE Asian countries are usually great - cheap, fast food prepared right in front of you so that you can check ingredients for freshness, unlike food prepared out in a...
  What's that bar/club that's up on top of a skyscraper, with an outdoor deck with amazing views? Actually, I think that there are a couple of them, but there's one called "Sky Bar" or something like that, which is up on top of a hotel on the 63rd floor.
 It's just my opinion, but I think that it looks horrible.  They've taken a lovely, elegant-looking watch and ruined it by filling up the face with an unattractive font (although at least it's not Arial!). Also, to me, the choice of putting the months in-between the hour markers in the way that they have done looks rather strange, as well as unattractive. 
If the sleeve length bothers you, you can do a couple of things to help.   Firstly, if you find that the longer sleeves are slipping down over your hands, you can move the cuff buttons so that the cuffs are tighter and stop at your wrist. Of course, that won't stop the bunching of fabric in the sleeves but it will make the stop at the right point.   Secondly, you can have the sleeves shortened. Get this done from the cuffs, rather than from the sleeveheads (the top...
  Lovely photos, Cox. The inscription around the tsukubai is interesting because each of the four characters uses the central, square shape as part of the character.  If you ignore the central "kuchi" (mouth) character in the middle of the basin, the other characters have no connection with or significance to each other, but when you use the central "kuchi" character as a "bushu", or radical, it changes the meaning of each kanji so that the read (from the top, going...
 That's the problem, really, isn't it? The institution of the church was more important to him - and to many others inside the church - than the actual people who were being abused.
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