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^ You're welcome.   It depends on the shoes, but particularly on a pair of shoes that have decoration on the front of the shoes, I like the look of a heel counter as it tends to provide some balance to the appearance of the shoes.
 Um, I think that Dieworkwear was actually trying to be helpful, so I don't understand why you're being snarky.
 An extra layer of leather, often with decorative punching detailing along the edge, that wraps around the heel and the rear sides of the shoe. You can see it at the back of the shoes in this picture of a pair of Carmina wingtips from the Skoaktiebolaget website:  
 I think that there's a Nudie pop-up store somewhere around - perhaps that's the one in the Wintergarden? I second the mention of Apartment. I haven't been in there very often but the people there have always been friendly and helpful and they have a good range of denim in stock. If you're not set on selvedge, then you could always look at Levis, as they've got a few stores around the place.
LM - I suppose that it comes down a different mindset/taste/preference.   I'm sure that the Guidi boots are sturdy and long-lasting. However, I just don't get why anyone would spend $1100 on a pair of boots or shoes that are deliberately deformed or misshapen. I'd much rather buy a pair of boots that are "normal" and then wear the heck out of them and beat them up myself, rather than buy a pair that already look like they've been worn out.
 That's an understatement. Bad luck if any of the people to whom those jackets belong have sold their spots in the past 6 months, or however long those jackets have been sitting there, as it means that the person who bought the spot won't get a jacket in their size.
 I suspect that you're right. However, maybe it's just me, but there's something rather peculiar about paying $1100 for boots that are *deliberately* imperfect. Also, I strongly suspect that the people that are paying $1100 for twisted, imperfect boots would be horrified at the thought of, say, pre-distressed denim, as the idea is that you buy heavy denim and wear it in yourself. So, why is it desirable to spend big bucks on one deliberately imperfect item (boots) but it's...
 LM - My mistake. It looks as though you're generally correct with regard to men's boots by Guidi. The women's shoes/boots seem to cost quite a bit more, for some reason: http://www.farfetch.com/au/shopping/women/guidi/items.aspx?q=Guidi#ps=1&pv=60&oby=5 I know that they are hand-made, but I'm not so sure that Guidi are well-made. Then again, perhaps this example from Mr Porter are an exception:   If you look at the above pics, you can clearly see that the boot on the left...
 Ouch! An unfortunate illustration of the power of marketing over product quality.
 Frankly, I'd be very surprised if they cost that much. Late last year, I remember reading an article by someone who studied Nike (and who had access to Nike info) as part of their post-grad business studies in Portland, Oregon, near Nike's headquarters. He concluded that, on average, it cost about $30 all up for Nike to make and transport a pair of sneakers. Nike then sells those sneakers for a wholesale cost of $50. Interestingly, he also concluded that, averaged across...
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