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 MJ Bale have a few different blue cotton jackets in stock at the moment, ranging from mid-blue to a darker, navy blue, so it could be worth having a look in one of their stores. I think that they've even got a DB cotton jacket, if you want to look as though you own a yacht!
 Obviously, the situation will differ depending upon the item. However, in general, if you bid early, you indicate to others that you value an item and you indicate the value that the item has to you (your max bid amount). Some (thankfully not all) people will try to establish your max bid amount by placing incremental bid after incremental bid so as to find out what the current max bid amount is. This pushes up the price. Unfortunately, given human psychology, people are...
  Pretty sure that @Petepan, @ColdEyedPugilist, @wurger and one or two others have purchased made-to-order shoes through Kazuna.  I think that Kazuna's shoes are made by Miyagi Kogyo: http://www.miyagikogyo.co.jp/english/
 You can, but it doesn't work as well as sniping.If you bid your max amount early, then you will unfortunately get some imbeciles who will keep on bidding, bidding, bidding to find out what your max bid is so that they can then bid a bit more than it. This has one of two results - either they give up before they reach your max bid amount, but they've driven up the price considerably, or they end up bidding more than you and you then have to decide whether to increase your...
Interesting that, if that is a genuine pic of the proposed Tudor Black Bay "Bronze", that Tudor decided to adopt numerals for the 3, 6 and 9 spots, rather than indices as on other Black Bay models.
 Sniping, man, sniping. Don't pre-bid - just bide your time, keep your powder dry, and then put in your one-and-only bid at the end. Bid the max that you're prepared to pay and that's it.
I watched this last night:        Surprisingly good and enjoyable.    I watched both Avengers movies recently, and didn't really enjoy them, but I've been watching a few of the "solo" movies (Captain America, Thor, and now this one) and I like them a lot more. They're quieter, without the hectic, very large scale battles and massive destruction of the Avengers movies, and there's more plot development. Obviously, not to be taken seriously, but pleasantly escapist.
 Mimo, I think that particular GP model actually has a Dubois-Dupraz chrono module added to the base movement.  Later 1966 chronographs do use an in-house GP movement, but I don't think that's one of them. 
^Cox, I think that you've almost managed to talk yourself into taking it over as a side business!    And the best bit is - you get your pick of the ties! 
  TAG Heuer did make a re-edition of the Autavia about ten years back, but it was the less attractive, 1970s-style case, rather than the lovely, more circular, 1960s style case. 
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