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Well done, Oli - but tighten up that tie knot!
I don't bother watching "Kitchen Cabinet", so I can't speak as to whether Crabb asks hard questions while cooking sausages with politicians.   However, what I like about Crabb is that she does not play sides. She is openly critical of both sides of politics when she considers that they deserve it - she calls out politicians where she considers that they have been hypocritical or where they have failed to live up to their promises. What's more, she does so in an amusing...
 I've only seen the theatrical-release version of Apocalypse Now, but it was great. I saw it in the cinema some years back when a local "heritage" cinema had a special showing and it was fantastic seeing it on a genuinely big screen. Point Break was enjoyable. Keanu plays pretty much the same character regardless of the film he's in.
 Hey! The Mazda Miata is a great car!        You just knew that someone was going to come along and post that, didn't you? 
The RL jacket is essentially a blatant rip-off of the classic Belstaff Panther motorcycle jacket, which you can get in both waxed cotton and leather:   http://www.belstaff.com/men/outerwear/leather/   http://www.belstaff.com/men/outerwear/jackets/the-panther-jacket-cognac/71120006-17.html?start=13   The large pockets are typical of that model of jacket, so if you want that style, you've got to expect that it will have large pockets.   The Panther model is cut quite...
I understand that this is the new theme song for the upcoming Eidos advertising campaign:    
 Yes, there's a thread on the latest Bond movie and the clothing and accessories here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/443077/the-suits-of-spectre-2015-the-latest-bond-film    You're right - it certainly doesn't look good. It does appear that it's for a funeral scene (presumably a funeral for Judi Dench's "M" character), so at least he's got an excuse for wearing a black (or what appears to be black) suit. The fit doesn't look great, though, the collar pin is out of place with...
At the risk of moving away from sartorial discussions, Annabel Crabb really is the finest - and funniest - political columnist writing in Australia today.   She has the ability to strike right at the heart of an issue, to highlight the hypocrisy of various groups involved, and to do it with wit and great humour.    Today's article by Annabel Crabb on the recent kerfuffle surrounding Prof Gillian Triggs, the head of the Human Rights Commission, was very good...
 I'm sure that you'll cut a fine figure in it, too.
 My dad had an "off-the-Row" bespoke suit with a pair of self-belted trousers that were made in the 1950s. You're right - it's certainly not something that you see much of nowadays in menswear, although you still see some self-belted skirts or trousers in womenswear.
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