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  The KD9 looks awfully similar to the Adidas Tubular Primeknit that came out some time ago: 
My FB feed has been telling me over the past couple of days that Herringbone is introducing a "Heritage" line. Today I received a link to it:   http://www.herringbone.com/collections/mens-heritage-shirts   Four shirts - two white, one light blue, one French blue with a thin, white stripe. Three "satin" (ie shiny) shirts, three with French cuffs. The sky blue shirt has very ostentatious, unevenly spaced pick-stitching along the yoke that appears to be done in a...
 Several do - have a look at the Christian Kimber appreciation thread started by Melburnian member, Gerry Nelson: http://www.styleforum.net/t/519984/christian-kimber-appreciation-thread/0_20
 Love eating at cha chaan teng - pretty much all I ate in HK was Indian/Pakistani food and cha chaan teng. Order from the grumpy auntie at the front counter, sit down at the laminate table and get a steaming hot bowl of tasty food and tea slammed down in front of you in a few minutes. None of this upmarket stuff such as staff using iPads to take orders!   I think that there is a niche here - look at Double Monk's success in Melbourne and now in Sydney.
   Personally, I wouldn't. Ventless jackets were quite popular in the 1960s or so, particularly in the US - when you watch some classic Hitchcock and other movies with actors such as Cary Grant, you can see that they're wearing ventless jackets, and the jacket fit them well. I agree that a well-cut, ventless jacket can sit well. I've got a large backside and so prefer double-vented jackets but for my dinner suit, I went with tradition and got a ventless jacket but due to...
 The smell they make when you burn them?
While we're on the subject of salad dressing, how about:   I come not to praise Caesar, but to bury him...  
  You don't want a pair of Joker-green or baby-poo brown shoes.   Which store - the original one that sells suits and shoes or the small one that pretty much only sells accessories?
Another vote for Valmour and, as cypi2 said, they typically offer lower per-unit pricing if you order more of a particular item.   I did a group buy for some SF members here in Australia a few years ago and when you buy 30 tins of Medaille d'Or polish, the price-per-tin goes down quite a bit!
 I quite like some of the printed silk patterns used by MJ Bale, but unfortunately their ties are waaay too skinny for my liking. I can't help but feel that they'd probably tie pretty skinny knots, too.    No direct experience, but a friend of mine has bought a few suits, jackets and odd trousers from Peter Lee, of Lee Baron. On his first trip, he went there on his first day to be measured up and choose fabrics and he specified that he was leaving in a week or so. Lee...
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