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 Sadly, a lot of "fashion journalism" (if that isn't an oxymoron) nowadays is just lumping together a lot of expensive brand names and, for added points, dropping the names of a few, supposedly stylish, people who wear those brands.
 I'd have thought that there'd be a lot of dough in baking - maybe you're doing it wrong?
  If you keep going in that direction, you're going to end up building a forge and making your own tools!
  Isn't that just caused by the curve of the crystal and the angle of the photo, rather than by the shape of the hour markers themselves? P.S. How's the polo shirt project coming along? I'm interested in purchasing some when it's up and running as good, long-sleeved polo shirts with button cuffs and shirt collars are hard to find.
 Well, I don't necessarily agree. I do think that, if someone is dissatisfied with a product, they should attempt to settle things privately first. In other words, they should give the vendor a chance to make things good, if the issue is actually the fault of the vendor. As we all know, of course, mud tends to stick and stuff lingers on the internet for years, so as I said, before airing any dirty laundry, the vendor should be given a chance to respond and make things...
 It's only a short drive up the M1 and you'll be going against the traffic flow!
 TBM, you're going to be hanging around in town for rather a long time, in that case!
 Very good, Gerry. Just one nitpick - if you really want to imitate Claghorn, you should be carrying your shoes in your hand, rather than your bag!
  Oh, I don't know - we could sample the contents of his new wine fridge.
   Great - look forward to seeing you then. Are you going to be wearing your suede A-1 for easy identification? I'm wearing a grey suit in a large-scale, glen-plaid check with a brown grenadine tie, so I expect that it will be fairly easy to spot me.
New Posts  All Forums: