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I took my normal size in a pair of Detroit plain-toe bluchers in shell cordovan, and they fit very well.   If it's any help, I take the same size in the C&J for RL Marlow wingtip bluchers in shell cordovan, too. I'd say that the Detroit-last bluchers are just very slightly more generous in width across the ball of the foot.
  I don't know if they're still around, but a British company called "Hawick" also used to make great cashmere knitwear. Very sturdy but incredibly soft cable-knit jumpers and cardigans etc. Edited to add: It appears that they are still around, but that they now call themselves "Hawico", for some reason: http://www.hawico.com/home.php http://www.hawico.com/mens-aw2014-15.php
  Um....  Well, if you're looking for some haute couture to despoil, perhaps you can chat to California Dreamer about some of his op-shop finds.
 Have a look here: http://barimavox.blogspot.com.au/2010/06/meet-swenkas.html Essentially, it sounds like a South African version of the Sapeurs, from further north in the Congo:  http://www.npr.org/sections/pictureshow/2013/05/07/181704510/the-surprising-sartorial-culture-of-congolese-sapeurs
 See this post: In essence, Drew Keith, the founder of ToJ (Temple of Jawnz, an MTO leather jackets and accessories business with quite a lot of customers who were SF memnbers and an SF affiliate thread) announced in mid-2013 that he was shutting down ToJ production so that he could concentrate on a restaurant that he was starting with some other people in Seoul, where he lives.  He announced that he was cutting off orders on such-and-such a date, a month or so after the...
The front page of Classic Menswear is over-run with Korean spam threads.   Could this be revenge for the ToJ fiasco?!?!  ;-)
 Yep. It's interesting - and depressing - to see just how many people seem to be out quite a lot of money. It also seems that - if the messages from the Libertine restaurant were Drew Keith worked/part-owned are correct - that his business partners have told him to stay away from the business but that, even prior to that, he hadn't turned up to the restaurant for a little while, he hadn't been responding to communication from his business partners and his phone had been...
 I'm not partagas, but I suspect that it's a Deep Sea Chrono, ref. 2068570: http://www.jaeger-lecoultre.com/AU/en/watches/jaeger-lecoultre-deep-sea-chronograph/2068570#/t1 The red/white "on-off" indicator for the chrono function is an interesting touch.
fxh - That's a nice, casual outfit. I particularly like the Harrington jacket.
 Well, they held a World Cup which they (probably) obtained through paying bribes donations to people in charge of the football organisations in mostly very small, Caribbean nations.
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