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You look fine.   Much slimmer and fitter than the vast majority of people. Congratulations on your half-marathon.
Just to confuse things, I'd call the tie a "melange" but the polo shirt "marle".
 +1. I understand that watchmakers have raised prices because they can, particularly due to demand from China and the Middle East, but it's still depressing to see just how ludicrous prices for some watches have become over the past decade.
 Doesn't Charles Maimone in Melbourne do bespoke?  In regard to recent bespoke commissions in Sydney, you could have a look at Andrew Doyle's "A Timeless Man" blog. Andrew posts on here sometimes as (not surprisingly) TimelessMan, too. http://timelessman.com.au/ He's had a number of commissions over the past year or two from various bespoke tailors in Sydney, including Bijan and Cutler.
 Yes, the boot in particular looks fantastic. 
 Well, to be fair, Rolex have been doing it for a few decades and it's worked for them...
  I may be wrong, but I strongly suspect that the Cosa Nostra comment was a joke, and that it wasn't meant to be taken seriously.
 I didn't know that - in that case, especially given that he seems to smoke like a chimney, he's well-preserved for his age!   Does this mean that we can expect to see In Stitches at the next Pitti, milling around near the wall wearing a brightly-coloured poncho, calf-length, drop-crotch trousers, faux-combat boots and a floppy hat???
 No, Lino's the perma-tanned guy in his sixties who wears tight DB jackets and partially-unbuckled double monks that look as though the toecaps have been dipped in dark paint:  He's got a shop called Al-Bazar in Milan with a branch store in Tokyo.
  Scott Schuman has a lot to answer for!
New Posts  All Forums: