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 Well, you can ask, but I don't think that you'll receive an answer from Drew.
 Crappbag, Unless you can somehow alter the jacket so that it conceals the moth-hole, you're going to need an invisible mender. Unfortunately, invisible mending can cost a pretty penny. A friend of mine had a hole in his shirt mended some years back and it cost him over $100. If the shirt hadn't been by Borrelli, I don't think that he would have bothered! I'm not sure who does good invisible mending in Brisbane. If you like, I could ask Rene from Deer Style for his advice...
^ 22 years for the kitchen? Wow - it's aged very well indeed.    I second (or third) the suggestions to *not* paint the timber framing and beams, nor the fireplace. They definitely look best as they are and it would be a great pity to paint over the lovely, natural warmth of brick and wood. 
 This should be StyleForum's motto.
 Be careful of the BB jackets - I had a look in one of their stores a couple of weeks back and although the jacket fabrics are very nice, the actual jackets themselves aren't particularly good. A surprisingly large number of their odd jackets were made in Thailand and, in the Thai-made jackets, the construction was quite hard and the cut wasn't so nice. Also, the lapel buttonholes didn't look very good, either.
 Actually, the second shot is an actual photo of the house as it is now. Article on the original house and the replacement: http://www.theage.com.au/it-pro/the-house-on-a-pole-to-be-replaced-by--a-house-on-a-pole-20130122-2d5d5.html House as it is now: http://www.stayz.com.au/accommodation/vic/great-ocean-road/fairhaven/87553
 I thought that you had to have 11 Rubi commissions before you could get one "reputation"?
  Is this an appropriate time to ask how Mafoofan's study to pass the NY Bar exam is going??  
 No, you haven't.  He looks awful, and it's fine to point it out. In fact, I'd argue that someone like him wearing a watch chain and a hat does more harm than good, if you genuinely want to encourage people to start wearing watch chains and hats as he looks like such an awful caricature that hardly anyone, apart from his coterie of instagram followers, would take him seriously and hardly anyone will want to imitate him as a consequence. 
    Now that I've made that confession, I'll feel too embarrassed to meet up with any of you in the future...
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