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^ Man, I absolutely used to love both of those when I was young.   I was in Japan a few years back and a local TV channel was showing re-runs of Battle of the Planets (called "Gachaman" in Japanese). I watched a couple of episodes and they were pretty bad - the animation wasn't as good as I remembered it being (lots of camera pans across still pictures in action scenes, obviously done to save money on animation). Just goes to show that you can't re-live your childhood.
 I really like that one, and my kids really enjoy it, too. A lot of Miyazaki's earlier stuff is fantastic, even though it can be a bit more "child-like" that some of his later stuff - Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Porco Rosso and others are fantastic movies.   Howl's Moving Castle was OK, but I felt that it didn't need to diverge as much from the (much-loved) children's book as much as it did. I must admit that I didn't understand why Miyazaki felt that it was necessary...
 That's dedication. I really enjoy Studio Ghibli movies, too, particularly those by Miyazaki Hayao.
 In the photos that you posted, I can't see any creasing on the toe, only on the vamp (which is, of course, entirely usual).  I think that they look fine on your feet - the real question is how do they feel to you?  For what it's worth - and I know that everyone's feet are different - I take the same size in Rain, Oscar and Forest lasts. The Forest last does have a shorter, more rounded toe than quite a few other lasts such as the Rain last and C&J's 348 last. 
 Ironic - a spammer posting in the "Forum Support" thread...
 That's crazy talk!
 Cleverley's bespoke service involves making an individual last and then making a pair of "try on" shoes to check fit, before making the final pair of shoes for you to wear. Cleverley visit Double Monk in Melbourne twice a year, with their next visit planned for around Easter time. Of course, if someone places a bespoke order then, they'd have to wait for about six months for Cleverley's next visit to try out the "try on" shoes and then they'd need to wait for the final...
 I think that if you go on to the TM Lewin website, they'll have a wider variety of shirts with button cuffs. Charles Tyrwhitt (CT shirts) offers pretty much all of their "dress" shirts (as opposed to their business casual shirts) with either a double or single cuff - you click a radio button when ordering the shirt to choose with style of cuff you like, as well as choosing sleeve length.
There was a house rather like that (albeit on a smaller scale) for sale near my place recently, so I went to look at it.   Architecturally, it was quite bizarre.   The house had a large sunken lounge that had an indoor garden at the side of it, with a glassed section of roof above the garden. Strangely, the only way to get from the lounge to the rest of the house was to walk through the garden on a series of stepping stones that had been placed there.   It really...
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