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 I must admit that I'm a bit confused. I'm not a ToJ/Drew fanboy. I assumed that the jacket was actually klonowj's jacket, albeit with a mistake having been made during manufacture, and so I suggested that he keep the jacket because if he sent it back to South Korea, he'd probably never see it again, and he'd never receive a replacement jacket, either. After all, as the old saying goes, a ToJ jacket in the hand (even if it's the wrong one), is worth two on a Google Docs...
Speaking of the Abbott government's response to the HRC's report on children in detention, I was particularly impressed by what a marvellous coincidence it was that the Secretary of the AG's department, Chris Moraitis, just happened to misplace his notebook whilst on an overseas trip.   That was, of course, the very same notebook that would have contained notes of his meeting with Professor Triggs, the President of the HRC.   Of course, I'd never suggest in any way,...
  Harold, I think that he removed it himself, more than three years ago.
 I agree. It's one thing to disagree with a report, but to shoot the messenger (the President of the HRC) instead of responding to the substance of the report was foolish and, in my opinion, political folly. Brandis and Abbott's behaviour was reprehensible.  It would have been far more sensible for the government to have stated that it disagreed with the report and to then have argued that whilst it's regrettable than children to remain in detention, the number is now much...
 Probably not someone else's jacket - I suspect that the order was just stuffed up.   You're right, it is pathetic - pathetic that ToJ is acting like it is. At this stage, if klonowj sends it back, he's either going to be waiting 18 months to get a replacement, or he's not going to receive anything at all.
   +1 bazillion. Either keep it and wear it, or sell it on SF or Grailed. Don't send it back to Sth Korea, as I think that the likelihood that you will never, ever receive anything in return is very high. Better to have a jacket, even the wrong specification, than no jacket at all.
    Probably because of the Hublot...
  Great to see that you're going to be doing more stories and interviews - that's very good news!
  Check the Leatherfoot website - they had some navy shell wholecuts from Carmina on their website a while back and might still have some in stock. Edited to add: Sorry, didn't notice that CanadaCal already mentioned Leatherfoot as an option.
 Gorgeous - congratulations. I've got a three-register Heuer Carrera chrono from the 1960s but it hasn't been getting much wrist-time lately. I must get it out and wear it on the weekend.
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