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Was it NM who was interested in the Nike "Liberty print" floral sneakers? These aren't quite the same (they're Blazers, rather than Roshes) but are Liberty print: Nike Blazer QS floral pack.
I'm no audiophile, but I've always been confused by the popularity of Beats headphones/earbuds. They're clearly designed for rap- and hip-hop-friendly heavy bass, but they don't sound very good, particularly considering the amount of money they cost.Yet another example of the success of name-brand marketing over actual quality, I suppose.Until recently, Beats headphones were produced by Monster, a company which is primarily known for its range of over-priced cables which...
You remember the old Thriller video clip, where the zombies emerge from the ground and start dancing?
Have you tried the Rain last in Carmina? I've found that it's generous in the instep and actually fits me better than the pair of Loakes that I have on the Capital last.
PoP - putting iGents to the sword since January 2009.
Well, there is the possibility that it is a "hard three button" jacket, instead of a three-roll-two jacket, which could well be why the lapel roll is higher than you would like it to be.However, there's certainly no harm in asking someone to have a look at it.Leon's Dry Cleaning at Woolloongabba are probably the best dry cleaners in Brisbane and most of the high-end places send their stuff there for cleaning. You could head over there and ask them if they could press the...
Greater feeling of space with furniture up against the walls.Even the grand piano is up against the wall. Pretty much all of the furniture except the Noguchi coffee table in the lounge room ("F$%* your Noguchi coffee table" immediately springs to mind!) is up against the walls.
Some good points from Coxsackie, although you can also get hard-sided suitcases that have those mesh zip-up areas that nicely fit over the top of each side of the suitcase. From memory, there are some websites out there with good tips on folding suit jackets and trousers. One of my tailors once taught me to turn my jackets inside out (not the sleeves, just the jackets) and to fold them in a particular way that was very good at preventing creasing. Unfortunately, it's...
Mmm... The black, suede, side-zip boots look very nice.
Let's not forget that bell bottom pants were very much in vogue in both menswear and womenswear in the 1970s, and that large shoulders were popular in menswear in the 1980s and early 1990s and even appear nowadays in some garments.Well, at least Nutter's were good quality and well cut and well made.
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