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^ Were you really wearing that vest today?    What was the weather like down there in Melbourne? It was 40 degrees celsius here in Brisbane today, without much of a breeze. The thought of wearing a down vest makes me want to collapse with heat exhaustion! 
I think that there have been some photos of Esther Quek, one of the editors of The Rake, but given that she wears menswear-inspired outfits very well, I thought that I'd post some more.    These are all taken from Tumblr. Apologies for not attributing them, but they'd been re-tumbled many, many times and, of course, may not even have originated on Tumblr in the first place:          
 Yes, indeed.  I'm quite surprised that Gianni still shows his face on SF, or at least shows his face without having apologised for his shameless misrepresentation of "vintage" silks and his failure to provide customers with goods that they paid for. It's also very disappointing - although perhaps not surprising - that style bloggers don't seem to bother doing a basic Google search for Passaggio Cravatte before writing up a soft-soap piece singing Gianni's praises. The...
^ Surely that article is satirical. Surely it must be. 
^ Lovely combo, Jason.
 Just in time for a scorching hot summer!  When you get a chance to try it on somewhere cool, so you don't melt away immediately, I'd be interested in getting your impressions concerning fit. 
  They look so good that it almost seems worth amputating a couple of toes so that you can fit into them. 
 You are a man of hidden depths - I didn't expect to see G.K. Chesterton quoted here. "If the only end of the thing is nothing, it hardly seems worth doing."
 Oli, I'll send you a PM. 
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