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 Exactly. However, Sarto's been told this time and again, both here and over on Dressedwell, and it's been exhaustively explained to him that, if he cut out the raging and the insults and instead explained things calmly, people would be much more inclined to pay attention to what he's saying, instead of dismissing him as being crazy and obsessive. Unfortunately, thus far, despite all of the advice, he hasn't changed one bit.
 No worries at all, and I'm glad that I was able to give some decent advice!
^Someone who really likes dogs?   A friend of mine actually bought the "flag trousers" that BB had a while back, with the flags of various nations embroidered all over them.
^I saw that pic somewhere, and I saw that someone had commented, "That's an awfully-fitting jacket".   However, it was obvious that Kamoshita-san had just buttoned it up incorrectly and that he was just trying it on and not wearing it as part of an outfit, as he was still wearing his seersucker trousers.   Sometimes the outfits worn by people at Pitti are truly awful, and truly ridiculous. You're certainly right that people take the pictures far too seriously, though,...
 I don't know if they still have them, but I picked up a pair of white, cotton trousers from Land's End a few years back. They're made out of a nice, thick cotton which is entirely opaque (unlike some other white trousers that I've seen).
 Sadly, yes. Looks like a few people at Pitti are doing it, even though it makes their jackets look silly.
I was walking past my local dealer at lunch-time today and noticed that they've got a steel-cased Universal Geneve Tri-Compax with moonphase in the window display.   AUD$4950, which translates to US$3821 or thereabouts, if anyone's interested.       (Sorry about the orientation of the pics - SF doesn't seem to like uploading pictures that are taller than they are wide.)
 He's had some mediocre films, but give the man a break - anyone who's made Carlito's Way, Scarface, The Untouchables and Casualties of War deserves some credit!
 "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!"     It definitely depends on your boss. I'd be happy to do this sort of thing - and to be plain-spoken and honest - with my immediate superior as he is very easy-going, he's very honest and straight-forward with us, and he encourages honesty and open-ness in return. However, if he was a different person, then I'd be very, very cautious about it.  
 If you buy a pair of shoes as an investment and then rent them out but the rental return is less than the interest you pay on your credit card bill, can you negatively gear your shoes?
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