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 You should be able to check them yourself. Go up to the top of the screen and move your mouse over your user-icon in the top, right-hand corner of the screen. A drop-down menu will then appear which includes "preferences" amongst the options. Click on "preferences" and you will be taken to a screen which includes "Notifications and subscriptions" as one of the sub-headings. You can then check to see whether the "Send e-mail notifications" box is ticked.
Now that I'm living in a house, instead of an flat, for the first time in over 15 years, I've started to wish that more people would go to church on Sunday mornings!   Instead of going to church, our secular lifestyle now seems to demand that all yard-work is done on Sunday mornings. I'm sitting out on my deck with a book, with the cat on the sofa next to me, when all of a sudden I'm assaulted by the cacophony of not one, but two different whipper-snippers. I then hear...
 It's difficult to compare, as the styles are quite different. As others have mentioned, Drake's ties are constructed in quite a traditional manner - usually slightly heavier/thicker interlining down to the tip of the tie, with the tip of the tie being backed with the same material as the rest of the tie. Vanda's ties are of much lighter construction than Drake's. The interlining material is lighter and they're not fully lined down to the bottom of the tie. Vanda's ties...
Looks nice, CEP.    Personally, I wouldn't have gone for patch pockets and peak lapels on a single-breasted jacket, but it appears to be cut nicely and to fit well and I like the fabric. 
  Well, I must admit that I've felt that saying that myself sometimes! Edited to add: I have a colleague who, quite fortunately, is located in another city who is somewhat notorious within my team for a particular hearing that they did. Upon being corrected by a tribunal member about the precise nature of the matter under discussion, this person responded to the tribunal member, "Um, yeah, what-ever~!"
  I bow to the expertise of my learned colleague and respectfully adopt my learned colleague's reasons for decision. I was going to point out that "jaywalking" is an Americanism but I didn't want to appear to be too pedantic! Anyway, if we continue to discuss this any further, I might start to cite the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 (Qld) and I'm sure that no-one wants that to happen.
 Well, that's a massive "F&%* you" to everyone in the surrounding, low-rise dwellings (which is everywhere else in town, by the look of it).
 At the risk of sounding like a pedant, jaywalking is actually legal (at least in Qld) in certain circumstances. As long as you're 20m away from a set of traffic lights or a pedestrian crossing, then it's fine to cross as long as you're not in imminent danger of being run down. 
 No, but as fxh pointed out, you don't want them coming back drunk, either. Let's face it, the sort of person who is going to come back from lunch high on cocaine isn't going to give a crap whether it is legal or not. Simply because something is decriminalised doesn't mean that its use will be permitted everywhere, at all times, and that society will descend into drug-influenced anarchy and chaos.
 I think that Veronika Maine only makes pink dresses, not pink socks, so he probably won't.
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