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 Well, most of Hakone and the area around Hakone are still open, I think. At the moment, it's just the area around Owakudani, isn't it?
 You'll be able to find shirts that fit - just - although quite a few Japanese brands might be short in the sleeves, depending on how long your arms are. However, you won't find many choices at all in terms of jackets with a 45-46 chest. 
 Definitely. Unipair's photos are uniformly excellent and their service is fantastic, too. 
 Absolutely. When I was in my final year of high school and at university, I used to sometimes wear one of my dad's suits. He had a couple of suits made for him in London almost forty years earlier, and they were still in fine condition and entirely wearable. Of course, if you wear a suit every day and if you only have one or two suits, then the suits (particularly the trousers) are going to wear out. However, as long as you have a reasonable number of suits or if you...
I received a pair of burgundy shell cordovan balmoral boots from Unipair earlier this week, and I wore them for the first time yesterday.   They are fantastic, and Unipair's service was absolutely excellent. Fantastic communication, happy to add a couple of pairs of extra bootlaces at my request (which I paid for, of course), and quick shipping. A great shopping experience.   The boots look lovely and they fit very well indeed.   Here's a quick photo from...
   I think that you're actually affirming LA Guy's point. In the very small world of StyleForum, the words of our clothing nerds hold a lot of weight. Outside Styleforum, though, no-one knows or cares what someone on SF says. Opinions are formed by advertising, by editorials in newspaper style pages, by magazines like GQ which are now largely paid advertorials and by fashion placement in TV shows and movies.   I assume that it's largely the same with boxing nerds. The...
 If you've got the self-confidence (or the self-delusion) to wear a flowing floral jacket with traditional, Japanese-style trousers out in public in the first place, then you can probably wear it wherever you please!
@ovlov - It's quite common for shoes with more chiselled toes to have a fair amount of space in front of your feet, so I wouldn't worry about that.   If you want to have a cobbler make another hole in the strap, that should be fine. It's a bit unusual to only have one hole in the strap and most double monks would typically have two or three holes in each strap for adjustment purposes. Hopefully, putting another hole in the front strap will help you to buckle them up, and...
 This is, sadly, a very accurate observation nowadays.
 That's gold, absolute gold. "I even ordered two wallets and a daypack. I even wanted to buy a helmet bag despite the fact that it looks like a woman's handbag..."
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