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 Also depends whether people are wearing jeans or trousers.  If trousers, then you simply shouldn't wear the shirt untucked. With jeans, though, I think that a button up shirt can look good either tucked or untucked, depending on the shirt, what shoes you are wearing and so on. 
With regard to the square, I'm pretty sure that you should be able to stuff it into the pocket so that the other three parts are down below the top of the pocket and only one quarter is showing. The tricky bit would be to get a decent "puff" with only one quarter but I'm sure it could be done, especially if you puff the other quarters below it and just make sure that the quarter you want to show is on the top. 
 You've got to look at Guardians of the Galaxy if you want some inter-species loving. 
 I knew that we'd have at least one private school attendee here who would grasp my meaning.
 Do you happen to know if Oxxford's cut fits/suits you? If you don't know if it will fit you or if the cut will flatter you, then don't buy it. Don't get taken in by the brand. Oxxford makes very nice suits but if it doesn't fit, it doesn't matter what the fabric is like or how much hand-work has gone into the suit. For what it's worth, Topshelfapparel is a very good seller. He's also a member here (or was, at least) - VMan. I've bought quite a bit off him in the past and...
  Used to be common practice when a few SF members got together. A couple of photos from old WAYWT threads (not of me, I hasten to add):   Traditionally, in line with old private school tradition,  the slowest shoeshiner then has to shine everyone's shoes.
 Here you go: H.Moser & Cie Pioneer Perpetual: https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/the-h-moser-pioneer-perpetual-a-favorite-now-comes-with-a-more-casual-vibe-and-120-meter-water-resistance Edited to add: As the name indicates, it's a perpetual calendar (ie indicates months and days and also takes account of leap years). There's also a dressier version available, called the Endeavour Perpetual.
 I'm the opposite - I prefer the Speedy Pro to the Daytona. A large part of that is the price, as I simply wouldn't want to pay as much as a Daytona costs for a "tool watch" and since I've got a Speedy Pro and a Heuer Carrera, I don't feel the need for another three-dial chronograph. Also, for me, the Daytona is a bit too blingy, with the polished surfaces, and I don't like the design of the pushers for the chronograph functions but those are, of course, entirely...
 Corthay. The design itself is very nice - minimalist and elegant - but the long, extremely chiselled last does not suit everyone and Corthay also tends to make them in unusual colours with a very antiqued finish.  I am very disappointed by the lack of an "SF shoe circle" photo - especially at a shoe-related event!
I feel a bit ashamed to admit that, having really enjoyed a few of Thomas Pynchon's books, I stopped reading "Gravity's Rainbow" at around the 100-page mark. I tried to pick it up again a few times over the intervening years but again found myself frustrated by it and so never really proceeded any further.    I don't mind reading things that challenge me, as long as I enjoy them and find them interesting - but if they are a chore, then it's not really worth the trouble....
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