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 I got some Collonil suede protector in a spray can from either Hallelujah Shoe Repairs, which are downstairs in the Wintergarden food court, or from the shoe section at DJs, I can't remember which.
 Have you tried a tin-foil hat?  It probably won't help with avoiding the nutters (it may even have the opposite effect), but it could help with the ATMs and traffic lights. 
 No problems, glad to be of help, particularly as the Japanese website has a much better selection of shirts and is much more frequently updated than the US website.   Whereabouts in Australia are you, by the way?
 Yes, they do ship overseas (or, at least, they appear to do so). Using the "Maker's Shirt" online store, find the shirt that you want and choose the size that you want. Click on the "shopping cart" button to add the shirt to your cart. You should then be taken to your shopping cart. You will see a list of items in your cart (probably just one shirt at this stage). Below the shirt, you will see three buttons. The left-most button will return you to shopping. The middle...
 Matt, how cheap is "cheap"? It might be a bit higher than your ideal price range, but you could always pop along to Hunt Leather at 283 Little Collins St and have a look at their wallets. They've got some pretty expensive ones but their own-brand Hunt Leather range of wallets are pretty reasonably priced and are nicely-made, with quite small stitches (which is one of the things I'm a bit obsessive about when it comes to wallets - I prefer a high stitch count and dislike...
  To help others get the joke: http://www.styleforum.net/t/215158/mafoofan-struggles-to-buy-breast-wallet-at-hermes-arises-victorious
 Certainly does - Ed also does MTO jackets and suits (single- and double-breasted).
 I suspect that you're right when you say that the larger the pattern, the more difficult it is to line-up or pattern-match. However, as you've pointed out, the jacket is oddly mis-matched. On the right-hand-side of the suit (to the left of the photo), the pattern at the sleevehead is almost aligned, but the pattern at the gorge, where the collar meets the lapel, is not aligned. Then, on the left-hand-side (to the right of the photo), the pattern at the sleevehead is not...
 Great stuff, Foxie. When are you going, and where are you thinking of travelling while you're there?
 I plan to, although I probably won't read it immediately, but will rather wait a little while.  I re-read "To Kill a Mockingbird" a few months ago, having not read it since primary school, and was reminded of how good it is. Of course, in the "Mockingbird", Atticus Finch is set up as being an almost unbelievably good person, and it appears that, in "Watchman", he's either changed as he has aged or Scout now has the perspective of an adult and so can appreciate that her...
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