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 Pink shirts are great. I've got two plain (one poplin and one oxford), a couple in different stripes, and a small-scale gingham check. Highly recommended. 
 Just start off by using some darker brown polish on the toe and either clear or mid-brown/chestnut polish on the rest of the shoe, or alternate dark and medium on the toe when you polish. You'll start to deepen the colour in no time. Cream will darken the colour more quickly than polish.  I had a pair of Loakes that in burgundy that I wanted to darken a bit so I used some black polish on the toe cap and the heel counter and it worked well. I didn't apply too much, and not...
 Thanks, GDL.  I've got another four on the way and that will bring my total number of Inglese shirts to eight. I might have to stop there for a while...
 Given that they are made-to-order, can't you specify that you want the collar points to be lengthened? 
Some recently acquired G.Inglese shirts, obtained from Deer Style in Brisbane:            There are some more pics, including close-up shots, on my Tumblr here: http://brown-in-town.tumblr.com/post/87032007132/some-new-shirts-by-g-inglese-of-ginosa-in-italy
 Well, I am a Queenslander, but I don't follow rugby league and I didn't watch the game. I just feel a bit irritated when people make out sporting contests to be something that they aren't. It's sport, not war.  At times like this, I'm reminded of the old quote from the great cricketer Keith Miller, responding to a question from Michael Parkinson about feeling pressure whilst playing cricket: "Pressure is a Messerschmitt up your arse, playing cricket is not".
 Just a little bit of hyperbole there.  It's a game, for Christ's sake, not D-Day all over again.
  Interesting. Is the Vanzetti briefcase named after the Vanzetti of Sacco and Vanzetti, the Italian anarchists who were executed in the US in the 1920s amongst a storm of criticism and serious concerns about whether justice had properly been done? 
  Aw, shucks. Thanks, NM!   They are! I've got some more on the way, too, so I should have some more photos in a couple of weeks' time.
  @ruzzi Deer Style's made-to-order cotton trousers start at $150. I had the Deer Style, Charles Tyrwhitt and Brooks Brothers cotton trousers cuffed as they're a bit more formal and businesslike and I wear them with business shoes. The LE and the Herringbone cotton trousers are more casual in nature so I didn't get them cuffed. I wear them with canvas sneakers, boat shoes or driving moccasins on weekends and on casual Fridays.
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