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Thanks for the compliment, LM. I spend most of my time writing about dry, legalistic issues so it's nice to have the opportunity to be more expressive once in a while.
Whoever does R&B's advertising and copywriting does a great job.[Rant]Unfortunately, it's largely bollocks. I remember that when R&B first opened its stores (which, at that time, were merely a rebranded version of Harrold's shirt shops), they blathered on about a fabricated backstory concerning two British lads (called Rhodes and Beckett, of course) who went to Egypt in the early 1900s in search of Egyptian cotton and who made lovely shirts there. R&B did, at least, make...
Tommy, my fingers are crossed, but I don't hold out much hope.When I look at some of the Herringbone stuff in my wardrobe from years past - a suit in a light brown PoW check with a sky-blue overcheck with unpadded shoulders; a grey mini-houndstooth check suit with pagoda shoulders by Ring Jacket; a mid-grey flannel suit in a large-scale glen plaid with waist patch pockets and so on - and then compare it to their current range I feel as though it will be difficult for them...
DR, from memory Van Laack (which already owned Herringbone) bought Rhodes & Beckett in the second half of 2012.I was told about it by the then-manager of the Brisbane Herringbone store, who said that VL was merging back office/management operations for Herringbone and Rhodes & Beckett (and thus also the R&B lower line/spin-off Boston Brothers) in the interests of efficiency.
Tommy, I'm sure that he's a great guy in person, but I (and I do realise that this is subjective) find his menswear writing to be irritating most of the time, both in style and content.However, I also realise that he's writing for a particular market and that market likely doesn't include me - he's more competing with other menswear publications like GQ and so on.I think that's part of it. However, I also think that their range for the past couple of years has, in the...
The novel involved underage sexuality, but I certainly don't think that it glorified it. Quite the contrary, in fact. As fireflygrave points out, Humbert Humbert is a very unsympathetic protagonist and Nabokov was quoted as having referred to his literary creation as "a wretch".At the risk of sounding pedantic, the narrator is technically a "hebephile", someone who is attracted to young teenagers instead of younger children.
Yes, I've got a lot of Uniqlo cotton socks in a wide range of colours. They are good, durable and very affordable.However, the original enquiry was about where someone could find thin woollen dress socks, not cotton socks.
Surprisingly decent, particularly as it was written by the usually insufferable Luc Wiesman of D'Marge.No mention whatsoever of Herringbone on the list - an unfortunate sign of the times, perhaps, given their uninspiring direction under current management.
+1. I'm pretty sure that the HY socks are made by Marcoliani because a) HY used to stock Marcoliani and b) when he changed over to his own label, they looked identical to the Marcoliani socks.Yes, but the selection is usually pretty dismal.Also, the original query was about thin woollen socks. I did get a couple of pairs of thin, woollen dress socks by Marcoliani at DJs some years back, but I'm not sure if they carry them and they may well be very expensive.
I remember seeing that jacket at Herringbone last (?) winter. It is definitely more "green" in real life, and the fabric looked nice, too.
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