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  This could become a new SF identification phrase - upon seeing a well-attired chap on the tram or on the street, you could give a cautious nod of recognition and then murmur, sotto voce, "Show us your buttonholes".
 +1 - stuff a couple of pairs of socks into each shoe. It'll stop the shoes from being squashed while travelling and it saves on space as it gives you somewhere to put your spare socks.
Just to confuse things further, it seems that there can be quite a bit of variation between different batches of cordovan.   As an example, within the space of a week, I bought a pair of Carmina cognac cordovan boots from Unipair in Sth Korea, and a pair of Carmina cognac cordovan plain-toe bluchers from Skoaktiebolaget in Sweden. On both boxes, they were described as "cordovan cognac", but the shoes were considerably lighter than the boots.   After a number of wears,...
 Well, what he should have done is to send it back to Formosa to have the sleeves fixed or replaced. The really odd thing is that before IS became defensive, he actually seemed bemused that anyone would even bother to ask about the cuffs. Failing that, really the only way to salvage the jacket would be to take the arms up from the shoulder. I know that's not ideal, as it introduces issues with pattern matching and whether the sleeve fits properly into the sleeve head and...
 Apparently, IS ordered a made-to-order jacket by Formosa from No Man Walks Alone, but when it arrived, there was something that needed changing or adjusting and so it was sent back to be adjusted. When it was back with Formosa, they finished the sleeves before sending it back. Unfortunately, the finished sleeves were too long for IS. For reasons that are entirely opaque to me, rather than sending the jacket back to Formosa again so that they could fix the sleeves, IS took...
 If only In Stitches had known about them - perhaps they could have salvaged his made-to-order jacket:  [[SPOILER]]
An interesting article on an Australian house, built in 1967:    http://architectureau.com/articles/lyons-house/   The house is quite unconventional, comprised of a central brick structure which houses a swimming pool, with the living area constructed around the outside of the pool on suspended, cantilevered structures.    The structure of the house provided privacy from neighbours and also elevated the main living areas so as to afford good water...
 It's a popular loafer last - I think that all of the suede string loafers, which are a popular design here, are on the Uetam last. 
 For what it's worth, I wore a pair of brown suede chukka boots with crepe soles on my last couple of overseas trips, and they were very comfy and my feet didn't feel tired at the end of the day, despite a lot of walking and time on public transport. 
 There's a pic on the site, although of course it's always good to see a "real life" pic: http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/articulo.asp?idarticulo=4786756
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