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 +1. I remember that Huaraches and other such Nike shoes were $200 plus in Australia back in the early-mid 1990s.
   No - the groundskeeper, once he's finished cleaning the seats in the Range Rover.
 My Uniqlo merino sweaters are years old, so I don't know if the current range are the same, but I've hand-washed mine in cold water a heap of times and they've never shrunk. After I've washed them, I roll them up in a towel gently to squeeze out some of the water and then I lie them flat on a towel (usually on an outside table) to dry them.
 Plenty of people out there with big, expensive (much more than RX100) DSLR cameras shooting full auto. Yes, it's largely a waste, but I suppose that even if you shoot full auto all the time, having a good camera with a bigger sensor, processor and lens still gives you benefits over a smaller, cheaper camera. Edited to add: I used to shoot manually with my Fuji, but my wife frequently became irritated with me and she'd say, "Why do you always fiddle around so much and take...
Stitches - If the guy's your friend and if you don't want the coat, then just offer it to him for the price that you paid (including shipping costs), plus a max of 5%.   Frankly, if you ask him to pay any more than that, then he may be your friend, but you're not his friend.
 SR tailors may have not, but there were plenty of "off the Row" tailors in London who offered tailoring services to those who wanted or needed suits but who could not afford the prices charged by tailors on the Row. Let's not forget that most men would only have one suit at a time so it's not as though people were commissioning multiple suits at a time, either.
  Well, fit is very subjective and depends upon the physique of the person wearing the clothes. What fits you very well could be too tight or too baggy for someone else.
^ Trickers?
I, too, tend to think that Gianni's not getting a discount or kickbacks, but rather that he's doing it as a friendly favour.   However, given Gianni's reputation on this forum, I think that instead of doing Pirozzi a favour, he's more likely doing him a disservice.
^ Nice!   It's also great to see someone wearing something a little left-field, from a brand that's not so well-known amongst the general public.   When I was in Tokyo earlier this year I had dinner with a friend of mine who works for a large bank and he invited some of his friends/colleagues along. One of them was wearing a De Bethune DB28 Digitale. It looked great and the night-sky display was stunning. If I were a rich man...
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