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  The ability to choose different sleeve lengths with Tyrwhitt and TM Lewin shirts is a big advantage, especially if you have arms that are either longer or shorter than average.
 I haven't looked at either for a while, but I suspect that it's much of a muchness. CT shirts tend to have fairly stiff collars and cuffs, which can be a downside if you like softer collars. MJ Bale shirts tend to put the stitching too close to the edge of the collars for my liking (as I like the edge stitching to be set back about 5mm), but that's subjective and probably just a sign that I'm too obsessive about clothing details. Some MJ Bale shirts also have some odd...
 Agreed.   Well, clearly it comes down to the size of the kitchen. As an example, quite a lot of apartments have fairly small kitchens and there's not always room for an island bench with additional storage and, as the kitchen is small, there's not that much bench space, either. As a result, wall-to-ceiling cabinetry might look good, but it's not always practical because it takes away too much bench space in smaller kitchens. It may well not look as elegant, but as a...
 Slightly off topic and I could be wrong, but I think that regardless/irregardless is the correct word for the sentence. 
 Oli, it's not quite so simple as all that, as there are differences within those two camps. Not all "continental" suits have minimally padded shoulders and are slim-fitting, for example. If you want to go down the rabbit-hole, you can delve into differences between Roman, Milanese and Neapolitan tailoring.However, simply put, I suppose that when most people think of the drape cut, they think of having some extra fabric in the shoulder and armscye, padding in the...
 He's too busy making great ties!
 Well, she could have left it at a table with friends and the jealous ex-bf was one of those friends. Anyway, it's all mere speculation and as long as sliq enjoyed himself and isn't assaulted by the ex-bf at some future stage, it's all good!
 I noticed that the pictures on the website show that the shirts are darted. I know that it's not an absolutely ideal solution, but it's entirely possible to (carefully) unpick darts on shirts to release extra fabric. Once the shirt has been washed and ironed, the stitching holes from the darts typically disappear. I've only done it once, on a Borrelli shirt that I didn't realise was darted when I bought it, but it worked out well.
 Boom boom! 
 Same here. Naturally occurring obsidian (volcanic glass) is a very, very dark colour, typically almost pitch black. There's no blue in it.
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