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 Stop drinking so much alcohol and eat more fibre! 
 Strangely, it appeared that Nash and his wife Alicia were riding in a taxi when it crashed, killing both of them. Reports said that neither of them appeared to have been wearing seatbelts and that they were thrown from the vehicle, whereas the driver was injured but survived.
 I've seen a couple of Roadsters around, and they typically seem to be (in Australia) around the US$4000 mark and up. That's the plain (non-chronograph) version in steel. You can probably get them more cheaply elsewhere, as things like watches tend to be more expensive in Australia. I've never seen one with a blue dial, only with a black or white (or maybe silver?) dial.
  Very nice. A bit too "loud" for me, but the last shape and construction look very, very nice indeed. I wouldn't like to be wearing shoes with those metal top-lifts on stone or tile flooring, though, unless Shooey's adept at ice-skating!   Lovely, Cox. Being able to create and enjoy music with friends is an absolute pleasure and it's good that you've kept it up despite having a busy career in an entirely different area. On a related note, the Amadeus Quartet's rendition...
 Nice. They're a small, Australian company that really takes pride in their work. My dad had a couple of their planes. 
 You probably found this already, as you say, but they're made-to-order by Enzo Bonafe through Skoaktiebolaget. 
 Very nice, Foxhound.     I've never heard of them, but they look cheap.  The leather looks very much like it's corrected grain leather, which is low-quality leather that has had the outer layer shaved off and is coated with a plastic-like finish so that it looks smooth and shiny.  If you really want something from C&J, is it possible for the London C&J store to arrange to get the boot you want from Paris? I know that C&J have some French models and some Japanese models,...
 I'm not really knowledgeable about HSV utes, but perhaps the HSV Maloo R8?  Your friend must have a shed-load of money to burn, though, as he'll presumably have to have the car re-modelled to suit left-hand-drive, which won't be cheap. Also, I don't know if it's imposed for personal imports, but I remember reading that the reason that the Holden ute wasn't exported to the US, whereas the Holden Commodore was (the Commodore SS was re-badged as a Pontiac G8), was because...
 Holy mackerel, that Patagonia one's expensive!  I bought a down-filled vest from Land's End a few winters ago and it's served me well. They'll probably have them on sale, too, as the weather is warming up in the norther hemisphere.  Edited to add: I think that this is probably the same as the one that I bought - it's on sale for $25.50: http://www.landsend.com/products/mens-600-fill-down-vest/id_257323
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