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 I can't give you any advice on pricing, but definitely go and try the Pelagos first before you decide whether or not to get one.  I was really attracted to it, but I found that it was just too large for me - but then I'm typically used to lower profile watches of 36 - 38mm diameter.  It's a great watch, but may not be for everyone because of its diameter (actually not that unusual in these days of oversized watches) and its thickness. 
 Yes, thank you, SartodiNapoli.
 If you're really set on that style of watch, then you could either consider a Tudor Pelagos or, for a more vintage look, a Tudor Black Bay Noir. Otherwise, if you really want a Submariner, look for a very lightly used Sub in good condition. Here are a few that are available now, from a watch store that has branches in both Brisbane and...
  I thought that you were Dopey, not Sleepy!
Darth Vader: "I am your father."   Luke Skywalker: "Noooooo!"
 Any tailored clothing that comes out of NZ is most likely by the Rembrandt group.  As you say, nothing fancy, but reliable clothing at a reasonable price. One of my first proper work suits was by Rembrandt, in a charcoal birdseye weave. The jacket was rather boxy, but it served me well for a few years. 
I think that someone who posts (or posted) in this thread has one, but perhaps in gold?    It's from a "heritage" sort of line that GP did a while back called the Vintage 1966 or Vintage 1960 line.    If I remember correctly, it's powered by a modified ETA movement with a Dubois-Depraz 2030 chronograph module piggy-backed on to the base movement (which is actually quite common - lots of manufacturers do it).    Edited to add: Beaten to it by Belligero - he was the...
 Not to forget wine mavens, coffee snobs and legal eagles! 
  I try to never, ever click on those Executive Style articles, because I unerringly know that I will regret it.   NM, I prefer the double-tube trees with the spring-loaded piece on the side of the toe. Not only do I think that they fill out the shoes more, but the piece that fits into the heel also tends to be more rounded and so it doesn't press against the inside of the heels of the shoes as much. Of course, I'm probably over-thinking things, but I'm sure that's not the...
 I tried the slim platinum Octo a while back, courtesy of a friend who works at a Bulgari boutique. It's very nice, and it's only about 5mm thick. The manual wind movement has a reserve of about 70 hours and there's a power-reserve indicator in the back of the movement, which is a nice touch (as, in general, I really dislike PR indicators on the face of watches). It's really the only Bulgari watch that I would ever consider buying (not that I can afford it).   It also...
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