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 Speaking of Japan, I just arrived back from a family trip there.  Nothing clothing-related to share, unfortunately, as the only clothing store I managed to get to while I was there was Uniqlo!  However, we were there for the cherry blossoms for the first time in 11 years, which was great. We also ate far too much food and generally indulged ourselves.  
 You can never have enough flanges.
^Interesting.    It's nice to see the warmth of brick, rather than the concrete that is often used nowadays.    I must admit, though, that even though there's probably no reason at all to be afraid, I'd probably be a bit freaked out by having a ceiling made of bricks like that - I'd be sitting there thinking about how I really, really hope that the mortar's holding firm!
   I think that you should think more about what "risk" means.  Yes, the Sept 11 2001 attacks killed quite a few people, but that was a one-off occurrence.  People worrying about terrorist attacks are like people worrying about being eaten by a shark when swimming in the sea - they've got a much, much, much greater chance of being killed in a car accident driving to and from the beach than they do being attacked by a shark while they're actually at the beach, but they...
 Ah, no. Maybe the people who blow themselves up don't think like that, but the people that send them to blow themselves up certainly do think of the long game. That's what terrorism is all about - bringing the fight to the enemy, creating fear, creating panic, getting your enemy to change in response to your attacks.   As you said, it's a silly example. Putting reversing beepers on trucks is a very different matter from the PATRIOT Act, from draconian and ever-enlarging...
 If I remember correctly, this was discussed quite a few pages back and Jr Mouse or someone linked to a page that had an explanation of the situation. It went something like, "After the events in Return of the Jedi", the Empire was in disarray and various Grand Moffs (or whatever the Imperial governors were called) managed to retain power over their own areas. Much like the chaos that resulted after the US invasion of Iraq, peace and order did not reign and the New...
 Article sounded quite good to me, actually. It's asking an entirely reasonable question - how much freedom do we want to sacrifice in order to protect ourselves and, if we do give up freedom and surrender to ever-increasing oversight and ever-more-draconian security measures, then doesn't that mean that the terrorists have achieved their aims? 
 Depends on how drunk the NT News editors were when they approved the front page!
Strangely, I miss travelling to Darwin for work and reading the NT News over breakfast.   Invariably, there would be something on the front page about crocodiles, guns or UFOs.
  As I mentioned, I just tuck the tail of the tie in-between my shirt buttons to hold the tail in place. Given the light construction of Vanda ties, I don't even notice it's there.
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