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 Boom boom! 
 Isn't it a flannel pinstripe/chalkstripe (although it's a bit difficult to clearly see the pattern from the pictures)? Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't wear a striped jacket and trousers as separates - they simply look too much like a suit, which of course they are, to be worn separately. I do wear some of my suit trousers and jackets separately, but they're in less suit-like patterns - herringbone-weave light navy fabric, or charcoal birds-eye fabric (only trousers...
Well, that came as a surprise.    I knew that Abbott wasn't that popular, but I honestly didn't think that, having flung so much ridicule at Labor for "knifing" a sitting PM in the middle of his first term, the Liberal Party would do the same.    When you look up "schadenfreude" in a dictionary, there'll be a picture of Julia Gillard with a smile from ear to ear. 
Well, clearly there's nothing like a good leadership spill to get the discussion happening in the Oz Members' thread!    To add to the intrigue of today's events, I seem to remember that, to qualify for the full retirement package as an ex-PM, you must have been PM for 24 months. Tony became PM on 17 (or 18) September 2013, so if my calculations are correct, he's still got three or four days to go before his full two years are up.    I can't help but wonder whether...
 It's probably too late to say this, but if you're from Brisbane, you should give very serious consideration to ordering something from Rene at Deer Style in Brisbane. Excellent price point, very wide range of customisation, very wide range of cloth and, as you note, much, much, much better than the Cloakroom. Rene's also an extremely nice person, to boot. I don't have a commercial interest, but I'm a very satisfied customer of Deer Style. With regard to Suit Shop, I've...
 I like the look of a lot of the Kamakura/Maker's Shirt ties but they're too narrow for me.  The wool ties that you linked to are only 7.5cm wide, unfortunately. 
 Good point. Perhaps I should have phrased it as "... for his roles in television dramas..."
 Some colleagues in their late twenties were talking about the movie earlier in the week and they were saying, "What's NWA?" and "Who are these people?"  I suddenly felt very old.  They knew Ice Cube, but for his acting, rather than his music. 
 Exactly - there are massive, massive barriers to entry in the taxi marketplace as purchasing a taxi plate costs such a ludicrously large amount of money and those massive barriers tend to be a barrier to good and effective service. 
 Just had a quick look.  RM Williams are now selling "distressed wash punk jeans" and navy blue Craftsman boots with cream-coloured elastic gussets. 
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