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 I think that it's one of the Park family, from BnTailor in South Korea.
  Lino? That's very retro, GF!  Or should I say - you're going to put Lino on your floor? 
Hodinkee has been getting more and more "commercial" in recent years (just like another website that we all know...) but this is really taking it too far, I think:   The above article is, essentially, an infomercial for Bamford. Now, that's not unusual for Hodinkee, as they've been doing that for a long time and I generally don't...
 Quite different to the movie, and originally published as a short story. My favourite Dick novel - written before he really started to get pretty surreal - is "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep", later filmed as Blade Runner.  I love Blade Runner but, with the exception of the visuals and Rutger Hauer's off-the-cuff additions to Roy Baty's speech, the book is better, deeper and more philosophical than the movie. 
 @Foxhound - Where else are you travelling in Indonesia, and how long for?  I hope that you have a great time. Indonesia's not necessarily an easy place to get around (diametrically opposed to Japan in that respect) but it's a fascinating place. 
Furniture from the Philip Johnson-designed Four Seasons hotel in New York City is to be auctioned off:        
 Absolutely. @rirakuma - are those the straps that came with both watches, or are they aftermarket? If so, would you mind letting us know where they're from?
 I usually wear a dinner suit once, sometimes twice a year. I've got a shawl-collar dinner suit from Herringbone, back when they made decent clothes.  Obviously, I don't wear my dinner suit much, but I never saw the need for a special pair of shoes to wear with my dinner suit, so I've always just worn it with a pair of well-polished, black C&J Audley cap-toe balmorals.  I do also have a pair of black wholecuts with a medallion on the toe, and I did consider wearing it with...
 Thanks for the review, CD.  I've been re-reading (and, in some cases, reading for the first time) the Discworld series this year and I just read Raising Steam for the first time a couple of weeks back.  It's been a very interesting experience reading through all of the books in as much order as I can manage, given that I don't want to buy them all and given that the library doesn't always have the one that I want in stock.  The way that Discworld evolved, and the way that...
^Doesn't that car in the poster look more like some other US muscle car like a Firebird or Trans-Am, rather than a Corvette? 
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