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 Pete, I'd be interested.
  Now that would take some serious salesmanship! To me, the Big Bang looks like an AP RO knock-off, without the classic appeal of the RO, and often with flashy colours, patterns, or jewels thrown in to increase the price. If I had $10k to $30k to spend on a watch, there are plenty of others I'd rather choose.
Hublot might love cricket, but I certainly don't love Hublot. I find them to be really flashy and over-done.     Jacket looks OK, but personally, I think that the lapels are a bit narrow and the throat-latch on the lapel looks a bit silly. Fine on a tweedy, country coat but out of place on a fashion piece. Then again, maybe I'm just a grumpy old fuddy-duddy.
 Every time you post in a thread, you create a "subscription" to that thread so that it shows up on your personalised front page when you log in to SF. Of course, you can also subscribe to threads in which you have not already posted, if the thread topic is of interest to you. You probably know this already, but if you click on the "Styleforum" banner up at the top of the page, it takes you to the "recent Styleforum activity" page, with links to threads on your subscribed...
Lange Datograph looks fantastic.   Is it only available in platinum or gold, or did/do Lange make a steel version, too?
 I haven't watched Attack on Titan, but I've read quite a bit of the available manga volumes. It got really, really, really depressing after a while - people being eaten, more people being eaten, walls being breached, more people being eaten, little hope of defeating the mysterious giants. Massive downer for volume after volume. I kept on reading, even though I was depressed, because I wanted to find out what caused the titans to appear in the first place.
^Untucked, because you're wearing it in summer so you don't have to worry about the "tucked/untucked under a jumper" quandary.
I aim to please!   Seriously, though, my dad used to recite Ogden Nash and Hilaire Belloc poems to me before bedtime when I was young, and some of them stuck in my head.   This is another good (albeit short) one - although more suited to adults than children, perhaps:   Candy Is dandy. But liquor Is quicker.
But why did Spectra, led by Zoltar (?), always only attack with one weapon at a time?   They would attack with a very advanced spaceship that almost always had its design based upon an insect or animal and, just as it seemed that Jason, Princess, Tiny etc were going to be defeated, they would snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and trounce the enemy, leaving Zoltar to blast off in an escape pod of some kind.   It always seemed to me that if only Spectra saved up its...
 Sorry if this has been discussed already, but what are the chukka boots actually made from? Are they made from llama leather (ie the South American animal) or is "Lama" leather a version of calf leather (ie bovine leather) that's been treated in a particular way? In any case, it reminds me of this whimsical poem by Ogden Nash: The one-l lama,He's a priest.The two-l llama,He's a beast.And I will betA silk pyjamaThere isn't anyThree-l lllama.
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