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 I'd tend to go with either Loake instead of Meermin, or to save up more and get a pair or two of Carmina. From memory, Carmina are pretty inexpensive if you order them directly from Carmina (provided that they have the model and size that you want). By the way, did you happen to see my response to your question about Deer Style trousers a little while back?  I only have experience with Vodafone. As I have my mobile phone with Vodafone, I decided to sign up for mobile...
 I think that this is a key statement. People can wax lyrical about how brands like Vass offer great value for money - and they do - but as it stands, even though a couple of places are now carrying Vass on a regular basis, Vass shoes are still not widely available and even places like No Man Walks Alone only offers a very limited range of models. One of the advantages of C&J is that they are very widely available, both online and in bricks-and-mortar stores. You can...
  I'd like to know where you're getting your EGs, in that case!  As far as I know, comparing full-price ex-VAT C&Js to full-price ex-VAT EGs, you're still paying about $250 to $300 more for EGs compared to handgrade C&Js, or an extra 30 to 40%. 
 What happened? 
Stitchy or someone else - can you please get on to all the "live streaming TV" spam threads that have suddenly sprung up?
 But is it pink?
 Pink shirts are great. I've got two plain (one poplin and one oxford), a couple in different stripes, and a small-scale gingham check. Highly recommended. 
 Just start off by using some darker brown polish on the toe and either clear or mid-brown/chestnut polish on the rest of the shoe, or alternate dark and medium on the toe when you polish. You'll start to deepen the colour in no time. Cream will darken the colour more quickly than polish.  I had a pair of Loakes that in burgundy that I wanted to darken a bit so I used some black polish on the toe cap and the heel counter and it worked well. I didn't apply too much, and not...
 Thanks, GDL.  I've got another four on the way and that will bring my total number of Inglese shirts to eight. I might have to stop there for a while...
 Given that they are made-to-order, can't you specify that you want the collar points to be lengthened? 
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