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     Very hairy legs and cute little hooves?
 He's been posting over in the "What are you wearing right now" thread. I suppose that he's just been busy with travel and moving.
^ Are you near a Uniqlo?   I haven't tried any of their Australian products, but their Japanese V-neck jumpers are cut pretty slim and they are very well priced, so I'd say that they are worth a look.   http://www.uniqlo.com/au/store/men/tops/knitwear.html
 @Windowpane1967 - great to hear from you and I hope that all is well! Ashley and Schreder are good for simple alterations (ie hemming trousers etc) but for anything more complex, I'd go to Regent Tailors. Regent and Ashley and Schreder are now in the same building - the T&G Building on the corner of Queen and Albert Streets in the middle of the mall, opposite Hungry Jacks. It's the building with the "alleyway" around the back with Little Singapore and Avanti in it. Let me...
 ...unlike ToJ.
 Exactly. Cool as it may be, I can't think of many pilots who'd be using the slide rule function on the bezel of the Breitling Navitimer...
 +1 - As soon as I saw the picture I thought, "I didn't know that Nicelynice was a scientist/lab tech". You can pick up decent cotton lab coats for less than $20 from online stores, so I hope that the Dries jacket didn't cost too much more than that...
   I'm a bit late to this discussion and it's probably been canvassed already, but I'm pretty sure that I remember that when he was here previously (before he took a break from posting on SF and used Tumblr instead), Victor said that his photographer at that time was the son of his tailor and that the son was a professional photographer. I don't know if it's still the same guy taking the pictures.
^ You're welcome.   It depends on the shoes, but particularly on a pair of shoes that have decoration on the front of the shoes, I like the look of a heel counter as it tends to provide some balance to the appearance of the shoes.
 Um, I think that Dieworkwear was actually trying to be helpful, so I don't understand why you're being snarky.
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