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 It does get messy with shipping options.  I don't think that it would be easier for the purchaser to raise a dispute as long as (as has been pointed out) you use the minimum necessary level of tracking etc required by eBay/Paypal.  The big issue is shipping costs, as thanks to Australia Post's sky-high charges for international shipping nowadays, it costs about $80 to send a pair of shoes to the UK. You're pretty much never going to agree to get a buyer to pay you that...
 +1. I do a four-in-hand for knit ties and wool ties, and a double-four-in-hand for printed silk ties.
 Definitely regular ebay.com.  As jas0nt said, there's only a small pool of people in Australia that like/appreciate/are prepared to pay for decent clothing.  Also, if you list on ebay.com.au, it won't show up for international customers unless they specifically choose the "worldwide" option when doing a search (and maybe not even then).  Therefore, I think that regular eBay is your best bet when selling most things. 
 I'm sure that the Sheffield Kitchens people can point you in the right direction.
 This is very nostalgic. I used to ride a Turner Burner back in the late 1990s, before I switched to riding a GT Team LTS (a bike company also coincidentally started by a different Turner, Gary Turner).  The Turner was a lovely bike. 
@goatandtricycle - when you hit "reply", you should get a box at the bottom of your screen (in which you type your reply), which has a few tool bars above it, just as with MS Word or similar programs. You can choose text size, hyperlinking, indenting and various other functions.   In the middle box on the second line, you will see an icon that looks like a small rectangle with a small depiction of two mountains and a sun. It's just to the left of an icon that looks like...
 I think that it's probably some sort of throat latch arrangement that folds under the collar when not in use, as on Burberry trench coats. 
 Well, given that Interno8 were also making a double cuff that had a circular hole in the top cuff layer on the left sleeve so that you could see the face of your watch (which you did up over the bottom cuff layer), hearing that they also did a 4 button collar doesn't exactly surprise me! 
 Yes, I think that Ethan mentioned that the people that own "The Few" were using the old "The Real McCoy" factory in NZ. I don't know if the same people are now making both "The Few" and "The Real McCoy" jackets but they look very, very similar.  Edited to add: Just had a look at the website for "The Few" and the prices seem higher than I remember "The Real McCoy" prices as being. 
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