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 If I remember correctly, this was discussed quite a few pages back and Jr Mouse or someone linked to a page that had an explanation of the situation. It went something like, "After the events in Return of the Jedi", the Empire was in disarray and various Grand Moffs (or whatever the Imperial governors were called) managed to retain power over their own areas. Much like the chaos that resulted after the US invasion of Iraq, peace and order did not reign and the New...
 Article sounded quite good to me, actually. It's asking an entirely reasonable question - how much freedom do we want to sacrifice in order to protect ourselves and, if we do give up freedom and surrender to ever-increasing oversight and ever-more-draconian security measures, then doesn't that mean that the terrorists have achieved their aims? 
 Depends on how drunk the NT News editors were when they approved the front page!
Strangely, I miss travelling to Darwin for work and reading the NT News over breakfast.   Invariably, there would be something on the front page about crocodiles, guns or UFOs.
  As I mentioned, I just tuck the tail of the tie in-between my shirt buttons to hold the tail in place. Given the light construction of Vanda ties, I don't even notice it's there.
 What did you have done with your jacket? Did they insert a bit of wadding/padding in the shoulder to smooth out the line? Joe's jacket (what we can see of it) looks nice - it's the unbuttoned, button-down collar, the clip-on braces being worn with bespoke trousers and the enormously long back blade of the tie, deliberately worn untucked, that make the whole thing look rather silly and costume-like. However, maybe I'm just an ageing fuddy-duddy!
 I first ordered a tie from Gerald before Vanda became Vanda, and the tie didn't have a keeper back then, either. I asked Gerald about it, and he said that he preferred to make the ties that way, as he felt that it suited their style - light, partially unlined, no keeper and so on. Over time, I've become accustomed to it and now, if I find that the back of the tie is flapping in the breeze, I just tuck the shorter, narrower end into my shirt, into the space between the...
 I went to my local Mei + Picchi store a few years back and bought up a lot of hangers. I'm very happy with them and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. They had quite a wide range - thick, contoured hangers with a trouser bar with integrated clip; thinner, curved hangers with the same sort of trouser bar and clip; thick, contoured hangers without trouser bar; thinner wooden hangers suitable for shirts; dedicated trouser hangers and more. Prices were very good,...
 Exactly right. A fully canvassed suit (or, more properly, a suit with floating, as opposed to fused, canvassing) might feel a bit more flexible than a half-canvassed suit but it's still going to have structure, because of the presence of the canvas and the other fabric used to form the chestpieces in the jacket. I've got suits that are half-canvassed and suits with fully-floating canvassing, including ones where the majority of the stitching in the jacket is by hand, and...
Generally, I like Joe Ha's outfits.   However, this is definitely not The Finery Company's finest hour:   https://www.instagram.com/p/BDRkF34QAUT/  
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