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  Used to be common practice when a few SF members got together. A couple of photos from old WAYWT threads (not of me, I hasten to add):   Traditionally, in line with old private school tradition,  the slowest shoeshiner then has to shine everyone's shoes.
 Here you go: H.Moser & Cie Pioneer Perpetual: https://www.hodinkee.com/articles/the-h-moser-pioneer-perpetual-a-favorite-now-comes-with-a-more-casual-vibe-and-120-meter-water-resistance Edited to add: As the name indicates, it's a perpetual calendar (ie indicates months and days and also takes account of leap years). There's also a dressier version available, called the Endeavour Perpetual.
 I'm the opposite - I prefer the Speedy Pro to the Daytona. A large part of that is the price, as I simply wouldn't want to pay as much as a Daytona costs for a "tool watch" and since I've got a Speedy Pro and a Heuer Carrera, I don't feel the need for another three-dial chronograph. Also, for me, the Daytona is a bit too blingy, with the polished surfaces, and I don't like the design of the pushers for the chronograph functions but those are, of course, entirely...
 Corthay. The design itself is very nice - minimalist and elegant - but the long, extremely chiselled last does not suit everyone and Corthay also tends to make them in unusual colours with a very antiqued finish.  I am very disappointed by the lack of an "SF shoe circle" photo - especially at a shoe-related event!
I feel a bit ashamed to admit that, having really enjoyed a few of Thomas Pynchon's books, I stopped reading "Gravity's Rainbow" at around the 100-page mark. I tried to pick it up again a few times over the intervening years but again found myself frustrated by it and so never really proceeded any further.    I don't mind reading things that challenge me, as long as I enjoy them and find them interesting - but if they are a chore, then it's not really worth the trouble....
  The KD9 looks awfully similar to the Adidas Tubular Primeknit that came out some time ago: 
My FB feed has been telling me over the past couple of days that Herringbone is introducing a "Heritage" line. Today I received a link to it:   http://www.herringbone.com/collections/mens-heritage-shirts   Four shirts - two white, one light blue, one French blue with a thin, white stripe. Three "satin" (ie shiny) shirts, three with French cuffs. The sky blue shirt has very ostentatious, unevenly spaced pick-stitching along the yoke that appears to be done in a...
 Several do - have a look at the Christian Kimber appreciation thread started by Melburnian member, Gerry Nelson: http://www.styleforum.net/t/519984/christian-kimber-appreciation-thread/0_20
 Love eating at cha chaan teng - pretty much all I ate in HK was Indian/Pakistani food and cha chaan teng. Order from the grumpy auntie at the front counter, sit down at the laminate table and get a steaming hot bowl of tasty food and tea slammed down in front of you in a few minutes. None of this upmarket stuff such as staff using iPads to take orders!   I think that there is a niche here - look at Double Monk's success in Melbourne and now in Sydney.
   Personally, I wouldn't. Ventless jackets were quite popular in the 1960s or so, particularly in the US - when you watch some classic Hitchcock and other movies with actors such as Cary Grant, you can see that they're wearing ventless jackets, and the jacket fit them well. I agree that a well-cut, ventless jacket can sit well. I've got a large backside and so prefer double-vented jackets but for my dinner suit, I went with tradition and got a ventless jacket but due to...
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