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 +1.  Upper design looks fine (to me, at least), but I'm really not feeling those soles. They look like a set of children's construction blocks, so that you can click your pairs of shoes together for storage. 
It all looks great, Jase. Great to see that HC is going from strength to strength. 
 Aurora muses amica est.
 Whacko - congrats, TBM!
^New phone, GN?
 I'm guessing that you're buying now in anticipation of winter 2015?
  Yes, see above - I made that precise point in the post to which you responded. However, I'm still surprised that wholesalers seem to still play such a large role in the market given the advantages of modern technology - computerised ordering systems, the ability to communicate easily with people in other countries, and more. Whilst the above points do clearly work in favour of using wholesalers in some circumstances, I would have thought that they would have been more...
 This. I understand that wholesalers can be convenient to both manufacturers (as they don't have to deal directly with retailers) and retailers (as wholesalers can buy large amounts of stock from manufacturers and then sell smaller amounts to retailers, thus enabling them to run smaller inventories). There are probably some other reasons, too. However, given how easy modern technology has made it to communicate with people around the world, and to send photos, documents...
 I agree with your points, but it's also worth noting that Henry Bucks charges $250 more than Skoaktiebolaget in Sweden does for Carmina shoes, and Sweden is a country with high wages, high taxes and high real estate costs. It is, however, a gross over-simplification of a complex situation when people talk about "the Australia tax". As you say, whilst I'm sure that some retailers make a mint, others aren't making much in the way of profits after paying expenses.
  Did they allegedly engage in such event after meeting the lady while posting up at the bar?
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