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 Well, you could say the same about the majority of humanity for the majority of history! Seriously, though, there certainly is friction/conflict between tribes and, of course, friction and conflict between the Sunni and Shia sects of Islam. I do think that, even if Israel was not an issue, there would likely still be conflict in the ME between different tribal factions and different sects. Luke - thanks for the info and impressions. It was very interesting to read. I've...
^ To be frank, I think that you're over-reacting.    I realise that people have personal histories and that you've mentioned that your spouse is trans, so clearly the issue of transgendered people is one that reverberates deeply with you.   However, my take on the earlier post was that it was simply an observation by Darkside, as the models used looked quite androgynous and I suspect that was a very deliberate tactic on the part of Rick Owens, but despite the...
 Thanks for the interesting comments. I also remember reading - again, a few years ago - that Jordan was very generous, relatively speaking, towards the waves of Palestinian refugees that it received in 1948 and 1967 (and probably also now, coming over from Syria).  Compared to other Middle Eastern countries housing Palestinian refugees, such as Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, Jordan granted the vast majority of the Palestinian refugees citizenship, which made them eligible for...
 Just think of all the people that you're helping! Have you been out to the border to see refugees coming through, or been to the camps?  I remember reading an article a few years back about how Jordan treats refugees - apparently (from memory) they let everyone through and house them in camps as best they can, with the army even meeting people at the border and helping them to get to camps. 
 Great facial hair, although I'm not so enamoured of the two-tone waistcoat. 
I'll just leave this here:       I'm not sure if the man on the right is a resurrected Joseph Conrad, or whether the Amish have started to attend Pitti. 
Does anyone here with white gold watches have experience with the rhodium plating on the white gold wearing off over time?    I don't have any white gold jewellery or watches, as I prefer stainless steel or platinum, but I have heard from others that the rhodium plating that gives white gold its shine can wear off over time and that WG jewellery can need to be re-plated as a consequence. Of course, I'd guess that this happens more with rings, rather than watches, but it...
 Unless they're much too long, if your shirt has button cuffs, it would be better to just move the buttons so that the cuffs are a bit tighter around your wrists.  It can be done, but be careful of where you go. A good place should shorten from the cuff, and this means detaching the gauntlet and cuff, shortening the sleeve, re-setting the pleats and re-cutting the slit for the gauntlet and then re-stitching it all together again. 
 +1. I don't understand why it has the overstated Roman numerals around the rest of the dial, and then a large marker at 9 o'clock instead. Yes, I realise that it's no doubt there because there's no 3 o'clock on the other side because of the date, but to me, it still looks really out of place and unbalanced. 
I agree with Lachy - I definitely prefer undarted shirts and, if at all possible, a well-fitting shirt should be cut with curved side seams and with less fabric for the back than the front and so on. 
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