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  It's a close-run thing.
Speaking, as we were, about the dire state of discourse in Australian newspapers and on online sites about menswear, here's an execrable article about "Men's denim trends to know for Jeans 4 Genes day": http://www.executivestyle.com.au/mens-denim-trends-to-know-for-jeans-for-genes-day-gisgqf   
 People don't always have bespoke clothes made because of fit. Often it's because they can have clothing made with particular features, or from particular fabric, that they can't find in off-the-rack clothing.
  For what it's worth, I do order bespoke trousers, but I don't order them from eccentric Italians. I don't think that it's necessary to have ordered, or to intend to order, a pair of trousers from Signore Ambrosi in order to discuss his trousers and his customer-relations issues. If that were the case, then we wouldn't have much discussion occurring anywhere on Styleforum.
  Agree with Marbles - there are some excellent options on eBay. I picked up a double-sided pair of mother-of-pearl squares, connected by a little chain, from eBay and they are excellent. Also, have a look at Herringbone. I don't know if they still carry them, but they used to have a nice selection of enamel and sterling silver cufflinks in their stores. I got a pair of their sterling silver "barbell" cufflinks for occasional wear and they're very well made.
   I thought that was ties??
 I like them a lot - although I don't own any - and I think that they've got some great new models. We've discussed Montblanc's new offerings before in this thread, but it was some months ago.  Overpriced? Maybe for their really top-of-the-line models, but they've got some really good models that are very competitively priced when you look at the features and movements. You'd be paying a great deal more for a watch from the "big names". I particularly like the Star...
For any Brisbanites interested in getting some shoes, I just received a message from Mitchell Ogilvie advising that, amongst other offers in their current sale, they have discounts of up to 70% on their Canali shoes.   Mitchell Ogilvie stock some very nice Canali shoes, but at their usual, eye-watering price of $1000, they are rather over-priced. At $300 or $400, though, they're a decent option.
 It's a different style of garment, of course, but Burberry trench-coats have Raglan sleeves, and I don't consider that they're overly informal or unrefined. Clothing trivia note: Raglan sleeves are so called because the 1st Baron Raglan, Field Marshall Fitzroy Somerset, apparently liked to wear jackets with Raglan sleeves after he lost an arm at the Battle of Waterloo.
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