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 +1. The OP mentioned that he'd post measurements shortly when he first put up the post. I think that it makes sense to mention measurements and perhaps some better detail pics, rather than dropping the price rapidly.
 The "straight Euro lacing" is good, but as someone with a very high instep, I've found the "straight bar lacing" to be more comfortable for lacing oxford/balmoral style shoes, as the laces sit a little bit higher and they don't press down on my instep as much: http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/straightbarlacing.htm I've also found that, if you get into the habit of pulling the laces in the right order as you lace up the shoes, you can pull them tight easily - it just takes...
^ I think that Oscar really suits that style of boot, and it looks great in the grain leather. 
@LonerMatt - that's a nice, relaxed, casual look.   By the way, did you hear that Christophe Lemaire is going to do a collaboration with Uniqlo?
^ The only place in Australia that I've heard of that does sunk toe plates is Double Monk, in Melbourne.   It would be great if some other places offered the option.   I took the plunge and had toe-taps nailed on to the toes of some of my better shoes, so as to slow down the rate of wear. Even though they don't look nearly as nice as the sunk toe plates, nobody apart from me sees the soles of my shoes.
 Mimo, I think that the Heuer GMT Automatic is actually a re-edition from about 10 years back, rather than the original from the 1970s. Still a nice watch, but not "vintage" if that's what someone wants.     Yes, Glashutte is home to quite a few watch manufacturers and nowadays, GO is very highly regarded, as are Glashutte watchmakers such as A. Lange & Sohne and Nomos. However, prior to re-integration between East and West Germany, Glashutte was (not unexpectedly) a...
   Perhaps there's some confusion here because P.Johnson now has two businesses. There's P.Johnson, which used to have its suits made in the Netherlands but which now largely has its suits made in two different places in Italy. Then there's Suit Shop, which was the original name of P.Johnson Tailors before Patrick Johnson decided to call it P.Johnson Tailors, and which has now been brought back as a "budget" line. Suit Shop suits are made in China, although I don't know...
 Personally, none. I prefer to avoid wearing "wrist-raff". Plenty of shots of beads and other wrist jewellery on Tumblr, though, particularly whenever Pitti Uomo happens to be on.
 A mere detail!
 I'd tend to agree that Uniqlo is fast fashion in some ways. After all, the name of Uniqlo's parent company is "Fast Retailing Co."! Still, Uniqlo do tend to keep basics in stock all year round, such as the same style of jeans, polo shirts and plain, coloured t-shirts. Then they've got their seasonal lines and some of those items tend to come and go pretty quickly. I remember when I was in Japan for a month some years back and when I arrived, stock of half-zip,...
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