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 Well, if I were the person mentioned in the third para of your post above, I'd construe what you've written as a threat.
^ I won't quote it, just in case you decide to edit it, but perhaps you should re-think that last paragraph as it's quite an over-reaction.   I haven't posted on Ask Andy for years and I do agree that the moderation there is very heavy-handed and that moderation decisions seem very arbitrary or biased at times, but I think that your last para (as it currently stands) is uncalled for.
    I could be wrong (and apologies to arahat if I am), but at least some of those pictures look like photos that former SF member Shooman/Hooman has posted in the past on various fora, so the photos may originally have come from him. Shooman/Hooman has had shoes made by a few different makers around Melbourne that he managed to ferret out, including a chap by the name of John D, I think, as well as some other, generally elderly, shoemakers. Shooman's writing style is,...
 I thought that same thing when I was looking at it. It's rather like the conservatory that you see in a lot of larger, older houses in the UK, with the proviso, of course, that the UK's climate is much, much milder than the climate in California. Depending on the season, I agree that the room would probably be unusable for quite a bit of the day, perhaps depending on the season. 
 Weren't G&D on their honeymoon until the very end of May? 
Absolutely amazing natural setting.   The glass-box bath and the vertical porthole are interesting features.
 I take the same size in both, 9UK.
Shirts - navy polo shirt, light blue polo shirt, blue oxford-cloth shirt with button-down collar, sky blue or navy linen shirt and so on and so on. I wear my red shorts a lot with a blue-and-white horizontally-striped polo shirt with a shirt-style collar (rather than the usual ribbed collar that polo shirts commonly have).   Belts - I tend to wear mine with a ribbon belt or with a navy woven belt with suede around the buckle area.   Shoes - Yes, navy boat/deck shoes...
 I was going to insert a double-entendre here, but then I remembered that I'm not fxh or PoP.  Seriously, though, I agree with this. I've got some fairly heavy Japanese selvedge denim that was quite thick and hard (ha!) at first but which softened up nicely with some regular weekend wear and now it's really comfortable. 
 I got mine a few months back, so I'm not sure if they're still offering a discount. You can get the pocket wifi 4G device on a monthly plan (similar to what you do for mobile phone handsets) but I thought that, given the large discount, it made sense just to buy it outright as that way I can cut off the mobile broadband when I don't need it and then have it reinstated when I do need it.
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