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Any chance of getting some Lindrick boots? Or are they not being made at present?
At the risk of enticing people to spend money that they should be saving, SF member eddieveddr10 has some C&J for RL shell cordovan loafers and wingtips available at good prices:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/441850/november-14-rl-shoes-cordovan-and-purple-label-models#post_7529031   Marlow shell cordovan loafers are USD$359 + $45 international shipping, and Marlow shell cordovan wingtips are USD$535 + $45 shipping.   He's also got some Edward Green for RL Purple...
^ Personally, I think that anything from mid-grey to charcoal would be fine with such a jacket. You could also wear the jacket with brown trousers.
 Be nice if he could man up and post updates in this thread instead of posting pics on his private, restricted Instagram account.
No, but he is in an induced coma and may well have permanent impairment. Nothing's certain until he comes out of the coma but the fact that he required CPR and had to be intubated doesn't bode well. 
Have a look for "Jazz Age Lawn Party Governors Island" for some ideas as to what to wear a 1920s-themed events. The Jazz Age Lawn Party is an annual party held on Governors Island in New York and people get dressed up in 1920s-style clothing.   Lots of spectator shoes, boaters, fedoras and newsboy caps, as well as white trousers and braces.
Yes, as Jason said, if it's a local establishment, then paying upfront wouldn't be too worrying.   If it's a travelling tailor, though, I'd be more concerned as I've heard plenty of stories of tailors like Darren Beaman and Luigi Solito who have taken orders and taken money, promised to come back, and then never returned.
 +1. I don't understand how the heck some people have Uniqlo socks that are wearing out or developing holes after they've been worn and washed just a few times. I'm still wearing some pairs of "colour socks" that I bought in 2005 or 2006 and whilst the colour has faded a bit and whilst the toes and heel are showing a bit of wear, there are no holes in them and they're still going strong. I've also been wearing these for the past six months, and they're very nice. A little...
 Send a PM via the forum to a member here with the username "Romp" - he knows the person who runs Andy Tom so he might be able to give you advice on sizing. I think that another couple of members may have bought Andy Tom driving mocs, too, so they might be able to chime in.
 Well, there's paying dues, and there's throwing money away.  It's a simple fact that the vast majority of men don't finish growing until the period between 20-25. I know that I bought a few suits while I was at university, as well as several pairs of shoes, and by the time I was 23-24 I couldn't wear them without serious discomfort. I hadn't put on weight - in fact, I was actually thinner than I used to be - but my physical structure continued to change through my...
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