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 Yes, it was like that for me in both Chrome and Safari yesterday but now (morning Australian time) it's back to normal.
  These are absolutely excellent but a quick Google search seems to show that they'll only be available from "NIKE Lab" stores in about six locations around the world. Aaaaagh! Damn you, Nike!
 Agreed - I've got quite a few Borrelli and Inglese shirts with very similar cuffs that open (or "hinge") out from the button and which easily accommodate an Omega Speedy Pro or a vintage Heuer chrono under the cuff.
Yeah, I do find it difficult to understand why so many posters in that thread seem to be on the side of the police.    Sure, the young man may have stolen some cigarillos, and he may even have acted unwisely towards a police officer - but shooting an unarmed shoplifter dead seems totally disproportionate to the scale of the offences. Despite that, there are a number of comments there about how he was a thug, and good riddance to him, and he brought it on himself and so...
Interesting article on a Qld kangaroo leather tannery from the ABC:   http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-08-16/kangaroo-leather-big-in-sport-fashion-luxury-goods-packer-says/5674312
 Land's End charges based on the cost - the more your order costs, the more you get charged for shipping. Their costs are pretty reasonable, though. As long as your order is under $100, you only pay $27 in shipping. If you order between $100 and $200, you pay $39. http://www.landsend.com/customerservice/shipping/online/other-countries/ Edit: Beaten to it by GF! I agree that Sierra Trading Post and Brooks Brothers can be bad with shipping. At least BB is (I think) a flat...
 It is excellent, isn't it?  The stitching on my Santoni FAMs and some of my other Italian shoes is also very, very good, with a high number of stitches per cm and very neat lines.  For some reason, Italian shoemakers and shirtmakers seem to be better at fine, high stitch count stitching than their English counterparts, and looking at that stitching, Japanese shoemakers seem to take after the Italians. 
Land's End in the US has some decent odd trousers in a couple of different cuts (tailored, classic).    Shipping isn't too expensive, they often have a discount floating around and if they don't fit, they have an Australian return address so you don't have to pay international shipping.   http://www.landsend.com/shop/mens-pants-dress-pants-wool-wool-blends/-/N-jllZjxr   LE even has a page on their website with their discount codes on it, so you don't have to bother...
 It does get messy with shipping options.  I don't think that it would be easier for the purchaser to raise a dispute as long as (as has been pointed out) you use the minimum necessary level of tracking etc required by eBay/Paypal.  The big issue is shipping costs, as thanks to Australia Post's sky-high charges for international shipping nowadays, it costs about $80 to send a pair of shoes to the UK. You're pretty much never going to agree to get a buyer to pay you that...
 +1. I do a four-in-hand for knit ties and wool ties, and a double-four-in-hand for printed silk ties.
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