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  Graph check fabrics look very nice, as long as the scale of the pattern is small. I think that they are very versatile. As you say, they can be worn with grenadine or other solid-colour ties, but also with repp stripes (again, as long as the graph check pattern is small) or even with spotted/dotted ties. However, in my opinion, they look particularly good with neat print silk ties. Essentially, anything that would go with a small, gingham check shirt will also go with a...
 I don't think that the "bagel-head" was ever actually popular in Japan - that was more of a "Japan WTF" thing that became popular on social media and news articles that love to publish articles about how Japan is a very peculiar place. However, having snaggle-teeth (protruding canine teeth) - called "yaeba" in Japan - is quite popular amongst Japanese women, as it's thought to make them look cute and youthful. Women will actually pay for a dental procedure to make their...
 Really depends upon how much you want to pay. Uniqlo is a great option at the cheaper end of the scale. I've only had good experiences with Uniqlo knitwear, but I haven't bought any for some years (as I haven't needed to, as my v-neck lambswool jumpers and wool/cashmere blend cardigans are still going strong). However, others have said that the quality might not be as good now and that they've experienced pilling and wear fairly quickly.
^Very nice.   If you are mailing something overseas that is made out of, say, alligator (a species protected under CITES) do you know whether you have to provide any sort of certification when you send it? Is that something with which you've had experience?
@fxh - You might enjoy this article on the Gantmacher brothers and their impact upon the button-down shirt:   http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/comment/obituaries/elliot-gant-the-man-who-popularised-buttondown-shirts-dies-aged-89-20160319-gnmea1.html
 He is a man from Brown, but he is not the brown man! 
 Not such a fan of the Zenith Cafe Racer - I'd probably like it more if it wasn't for the greenish-brown look to it.  I like the GP Stradale Chrono - it actually looks very, very much like a classic Heuer Carrera, except the Stradale has slightly thicker lugs. 
 Also depends whether people are wearing jeans or trousers.  If trousers, then you simply shouldn't wear the shirt untucked. With jeans, though, I think that a button up shirt can look good either tucked or untucked, depending on the shirt, what shoes you are wearing and so on. 
With regard to the square, I'm pretty sure that you should be able to stuff it into the pocket so that the other three parts are down below the top of the pocket and only one quarter is showing. The tricky bit would be to get a decent "puff" with only one quarter but I'm sure it could be done, especially if you puff the other quarters below it and just make sure that the quarter you want to show is on the top. 
 You've got to look at Guardians of the Galaxy if you want some inter-species loving. 
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