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 Exactly. Get the size 60 and then put a strip of folded newspaper inside the hatband to make it a bit smaller. Exactly what my dad did when he bought me an Akubra when I was a teenager. 
  This is all largely subjective, of course, but I often wear a fine, pencil-stripe shirt with a checked jacket or suit and I think that it looks fine. I stand by my tie-related comments!
    Definitely agree - Cox's outfit would have looked better without the striped tie as the fairly broad stripes clash too much with the checks in the jacket. I think that it would have looked better with a small-scale, neat print silk tie, a plain grenadine or a knit tie.
  Well, you can get red wine in goon bags... Note: I only know this because the Clubs and Societies office at my uni used to hold a "Goon and Coon" (wine and cheese) night to welcome new club members at the beginning of the year.
 Coincidentally, I did find a bone half-buried in the dirt as I was hiking up Mt Misen on Miyajima. Unfortunately, it looked more like a chicken bone than a deer bone, so I didn't try threatening animals with it, or rubbing it on my shoes...
 They can get a bit too friendly at times - a pair of very nice, cashmere-lined suede gloves that were sticking out of my jacket pocket ended up with deer bite marks on them when an overly-friendly deer tried to eat them!  
 Well, I guess that we'll have to agree to disagree! I don't have an issue with the fabric, as I think that Don's outfit would have looked good with a pair of darker blue or navy trousers in cotton or a cotton-linen blend.
 Having an element of contrast in clothing tends to look good, so if you're wearing a lighter-coloured jacket, it's often good to wear darker trousers. I think that your outfit would have looked better if you'd been wearing blue trousers or perhaps brown trousers (although some people would say that brown trousers are for autumn-winter) to provide more contrast with the lighter jacket.
 Congratulations! You're braver than me, though. I'm sometimes tempted to have a home built from scratch, incorporating particular features that I want, but having seen quite a few of my friends go through hell having houses built, I've decided that it's too stressful and is just not for me. I'd rather keep my hair and my marriage! I've got a friend (who may just be certifiably insane) who's just moved into his third house that he's had built, all in the last 15 years....
 GN, I can't remember if you went there last time, but in Autumn, I'd definitely recommend a visit to Arashiyama, over on the western side of Kyoto. Not only do you get the bamboo groves of Sagano, but it's a lovely area in which to spend a day or two and the hills should be covered in autumn colour at that time of year.  Of course, the hills behind Kiyomizudera in eastern Kyoto will also look great in Autumn.  You could also consider a trip up into the mountains in...
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