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  I think that one of the issues is that people are nervous about Vass sizing. This is exacerbated, of course, by the fact that quite a lot of the "Vass for sale" posts in the B&S subforum mention "got my size wrong" as the main reason for selling!
^Nice! Is that the Seiko SARB065 "Cocktail Time"?
 A friend of mine used to have one, and I found that it wasn't very comfortable, although others may have different experiences. I always felt awkward lying/reclining/sitting on it and I found that a proper chaise longue or couch were more comfortable. Also, I always felt that it was quite delicate, too. It didn't seem to be very practical and was more a piece of furniture for people look at, rather than something that was actually used.
 No reason why they should be. A decent cobbler should be able to install a Topy sole and counter-sunk toe-plates as well. The Topy would simply end at the toe plate. Also, whilst not counter-sunk, I remember talking with Ethan about his C&Js some years back and he said that, in the interests of longevity, he had a Topy sole applied to his shoes and then had a toe plate nailed on to the front of the toe, too, on top of the Topy sole.
   Amusing piece of trivia - the book that the film was based upon was called "Six Days of the Condor" but when they made the movie, it was shortened to three days.
Speaking of big watches that won't fit under shirt cuffs, I just saw a print advertisement for Breitling.   Above a big picture of a Navitimer, it said, in large print: "AN ICON JUST GOT LARGER", followed by "The new Navitimer 46mm".   46mm? 46MM?!?!?!   How much larger can these damned watches get? Who needs a watch that big?
 Which TAG? If you mean the Heuer GMT twin-time posted by Mimo a couple of pages back, no, it's not. It was a "heritage" model that TAG Heuer put out about 10-12 years back.
 +1. The OP mentioned that he'd post measurements shortly when he first put up the post. I think that it makes sense to mention measurements and perhaps some better detail pics, rather than dropping the price rapidly.
 The "straight Euro lacing" is good, but as someone with a very high instep, I've found the "straight bar lacing" to be more comfortable for lacing oxford/balmoral style shoes, as the laces sit a little bit higher and they don't press down on my instep as much: http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/straightbarlacing.htm I've also found that, if you get into the habit of pulling the laces in the right order as you lace up the shoes, you can pull them tight easily - it just takes...
^ I think that Oscar really suits that style of boot, and it looks great in the grain leather. 
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