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 In the past, Carmina have offered quite a few different boots, including some shortwing boots, as "group made to order" (GMTO) shoes through various vendors including Gentlemen's Footwear, Skoaktiebolaget and Epaulet NY and probably others. I'm not sure if any such GMTOs are in progress at present.  Carmina also has its own webstore where you can order shoes and there's one shortwing boot in the store at...
   It's worth noting that Skoaktiebolaget, another Carmina stockist, has some cognac shell PTBs on the Detroit last in stock at present: http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/carmina/products/carmina-cognac-cordovan-blucher
 +1 million. I guess, however, that it also depends upon why you're buying it.  Are you buying it because you want to look like a celebrity, even though you're not? If so, then don't buy it.  Are you buying it because you want to look like you're very wealthy, even though you're not? If so, then don't buy it.  LV and other brands are "aspirational" - they pull in customers (I almost wrote "suck in") who want to emulate celebrities who carry around LV/Gucci/Armani/Hermes...
Well, it's not quite the same, but there's a picture of Greg from No Man Walks Alone in the Pitti pictures thread wearing a very similar tie: http://www.styleforum.net/t/399539/lightbox/post/7204249/id/1326827
 Here's a photo of the outside of the house:   It does look nice - although I hope that it's double glazed otherwise it would be absolutely freezing in winter - but the accompanying photos aren't that great (in my opinion) as they don't really give you a good idea as to how the house is structured, or of the flow of the house. 
    I guess that he's asking about sizing and whether a person would take the same size in all three shoes/lasts. 
 The local chemist should have some in stock... Seriously, though, if you know your prescription then I'd probably try one of the online glasses places such as the one that Lachyzee mentioned or others such as Warby Parker or Sneaking Duck.  Otherwise, I think that the Optical Superstore is fairly cheap (as in cheap in the context of Australia's horrendously expensive eyewear market).  Edited to add: I just found this article from the Australian last year which talks about...
 No, no, no.  As I mentioned in my post, dry cleaning ties is a very bad idea, at least in my limited experience. 
 That's a serious bummer. I had a wonderful, wonderful MTO tie from Rene at Deer Style on which I foolishly dripped some mayonnaise. Regrettably, I took it to the dry cleaners and they utterly ruined it as they spot cleaned it instead of cleaning the whole tie and the tie faded in the area that they spot cleaned.  I recently got something on a Drake's tie and so I took the advice of a friend of mine and I dampened the tie very, very lightly in the spot with the stain, then...
  Looking good, Mr Nelson!   I saw that yesterday afternoon. Profoundly depressing. Ironic but not unexpected that the article mentions "quality shoes" but, of course, most of the shoes in the accompanying photos are poor quality, corrected grain shoes, with the exception of the Allen-Edmonds.  I'd heard of Jeffery West before but had never seen his shoes - and I wish that I still hadn't. 
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