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 Elvish, hope that everything's going well in Sydney. With regard to re-aligning the clasp, I suspect that most reputable jewellery stores should have someone to do repairs, or they'll be able to recommend someone trustworthy and capable who they refer work to.  With regard to polishing, there's no need to pay anyone to do it. You just need to get some of this and a soft cloth: 
 I thought that it was a fossilised trouser snake! Or, failing that, a polished coprolite. 
 The Northern Lights trilogy (aka The Golden Compass in North America) is indeed excellent.  My son's been reading the books, so I've recently re-read them so that I can discuss them with him. Thoroughly enjoyable, very creative and thought-provoking. 
 The first time I travelled up to the Sunshine Coast to appear at the courthouse there, I walked into the lavatory and thought that I was seeing things - everything was suddenly dim and blueish-purple. I guess that it's a reflection of my relatively sheltered upbringing because I wasn't sure at first whether it was meant to be like that or whether someone had been holding a disco in the toilets, but when I asked the associate about it he explained it was to stop people...
I've not yet been to Paris, and when I pictured government housing in the "banlieus" and other, poor arrondisements around Paris, I always pictured large, brutal, Stalinist-style concrete blocks.    It seems that I was, at least in part, incorrect if this gallery of photos is anything to go by:   http://www.laurentkronental.com/Souvenir-d'un-Futur-(2011-Ongoing)/Text-(EN---FR)/1   Photographer Laurent Kronental has been documenting the decay of some of the large...
For the Melbourne members - an article from The Age on a treasure trove of photos of Melbourne street scenes and everyday life in the late 1960s and early 1970s (yes, that's right - someone's stolen fxh's family photo...
^Nice. The interior and some of the features have rather a Japanese feel. 
  Janine Turner, from "Northern Exposure"? Yep, she was very nice. 
 That's both interesting and depressing - why is that (in reference to the bolded part above)?  As FindFinn said, couldn't the buildings be made of so-called cavity brick - a double layer of brick with a space in between which can be either left as open, air-filled space or filled with insulation?  My parents' house is cavity brick, with plaster-sheeting over the internal walls. It was built almost 50 years ago now, but although fairly expensive (due to greater use of...
I had a look at the "paper bag" building the last time I was in Sydney, mainly because I really like brick buildings!    The design didn't really appeal to me, but I did really like the fact that it was made from bricks. 
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