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 Bit of a pointless quote without knowing that the life sentences were for.  Were they for mass murders, rape, or other very violent crimes? Or were they, for example, for people who'd been sentenced under the unnecessarily draconian (and ineffective) "three strikes" laws and who were sent to gaol for life for three, relatively trivial marijuana and petty theft offences? 
 Thanks for the link, Ed.  I'll just leave this here: 
 Used to be.  Now it's just the denim that's woven in Japan, but the jeans themselves are made in Pakistan or Bangladesh. 
 I actually really liked it, although part of that is probably because my dad and I (well, mostly my dad) made a bow together when I was 10 or 11 years old.   It's nice to think that there are people like SkinnyGoomba and the bow-maker (or bowyer) in the video out there, still making things by hand, preserving time-honoured, ancient skills.  Sure, perhaps it's not practical. Perhaps it could have been done many times faster using machines. However, the same can be said...
 Uniqlo's made-in-Japan, Japanese selvedge denim jeans were fantastic, and they fit really well (well, they fit me really well, anyway).  Now they're still made from Japanese selvedge denim, but they're made in Pakistan or Bangladesh and the cut's been changed and I don't like them as much, which is a great pity.  Still definitely worth a look, though, as if they fit well they're very good value.  I bought a pair of Uniqlo's selvedge denim jeans for my ten-year-old son...
 No underwear.
^A bit of buffing with cream and/or polish and it should be fine.    Boots and shoes will inevitably get scratched and scuffed as they are worn. You'll be able to cover up most of the damage with some shoe cream and polish and the stuff that you can't cover up most likely won't be noticed by anyone else anyway.   You could ask the people in your RM Williams store to look at it but, given the general calibre of people working in retail nowadays, I highly doubt that...
 He's an interesting guy. I don't know whether he'll help Brioni to find its feet again, but this article from Vogue about him, including an interview, is worth reading: http://www.vogue.com/13454070/brioni-justin-oshea-interview/
 I think that it's one of the Park family, from BnTailor in South Korea.
  Lino? That's very retro, GF!  Or should I say - you're going to put Lino on your floor? 
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