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 Well, yes, except that the movie mentioned above starred Milla Jovovich, not Mila Kunis.
Hi, pn134.   There's a Septieme Largeur thread on SF already, so you could have a look through it and see whether there's any useful advice in there. Also, once you've had a quick look through the thread, if you didn't find the answer to your questions, you could try re-posting your questions in the SL thread as people who've already posted there will be more likely to see your post and to respond to...
 And I've got no idea what the heck the picture that Coxsackie posted is about at all! 
 Same here. I've been wearing a couple of Uniqlo V-neck lambswool jumpers every winter for the past 8-9 years and whilst I've had a little bit of pilling under the arms over that period, it's hardly excessive and the jumpers are still going strong and I expect that I'll be wearing them for quite a few years to come.
 My trench is knee-length and I prefer the look of the longer coat. The check's only on the inside and, given that the coat's double-breasted, virtually no-one except yourself will ever notice the lining. You can also usually get a button-in liner (I've got a button-in camel-hair liner) so that the coat will keep you warm in colder weather. A bonus is that it covers up the Burberry check pattern.
Carmina shell cordovan balmoral boots on the Forest last:   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Carmina-Shell-Cordovan-Balmoral-Boot-in-Cognac-size-UK-9-US-10-/251978901299?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3aab1ce733   Starting price of $300. Looks like they were only listed recently, as the auction has 6 days and 16 hours to run.
^ Really enjoyed My Beautiful Laundrette, and Stephen Frears is a great director.   I just had a quick look at his Wikipedia page and noticed that the film of "High Fidelity" came out in 2000.   Now I feel very old. How did the last 15 years (no, scratch that, the last 20 years) pass so very quickly?
I watched this again a few weeks back:     I first watched it about twenty years ago and loved it. Thankfully, it's stood the test of time well and I really enjoyed it this time, too.   As well as having a good storyline, the movie has a great soundtrack and a fantastic chase scene through the streets of Paris and down in the Paris Metro.
 Agree entirely with the bolded section. If you're happy with the Carmina boots, then get them. As you point out, they cost much less and you don't have to wait for them. If, on the other hand, you prefer the design of the Bonafe boots, then wait for them. In the overall scheme of things, a few months isn't much and if you really want them - and if you can afford the extra $400 - then get them. Personally, as long as the Carmina design was what I wanted, I'd just go with...
  I don't have any direct experience with Aquascutum, but I've got a Burberry trenchcoat that I've been wearing for the past 10 or 11 years, and it's still in fantastic shape. The leather buckles have darkened a bit as I put some leather conditioner on them very occasionally so that they don't dry out, as I've heard that the leather can dry and crack over time. Quite simply, it's a great trench-coat and is well deserving of its reputation. It's just a pity that Burberry...
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