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 This. If you don't trust the buyer, then don't sell it to that person.
 You troublemaker!
  Hmmm... I don't often feel tempted by clothing or shoes nowadays, but I do like the look of that Borrelli jacket. Would you happen to know the size?
 Weltschmerz, perhaps?
 CPCP = "Collection Privee Cartier Paris" - a small collection of watches by Cartier that they produced for a few years last decade. It was comprised of four of five different models in different cases - a classic "tank", a tonneau-shape, a round case, and a "cushion" shaped case that was rounder than the tonneau and that was called "Tortue" (tortoise).
^ Very nice. That is indeed a cool chair.
A public service announcement for anyone in Brisbane - a local menswear store called "Ubermen", which is largely filled with awful rubbish, surprisingly stocks both Loake 1880 and Alfred Sargent shoes.   They are currently holding a sale on their stock of Loake and AS shoes, with the shoes being discounted by 40%, down to $330.   They've got two models of AS shoes - the Hunt brogue wingtip in brown or black from the "Exclusive" range and the Milton wholecut (I think)...
^ It's a bit difficult to give you any ideas when you haven't said anything about what you actually like.    Do you like the idea of a wooden frame? With a headboard? Wooden headboard? Leather headboard? Fabric headboard? Metal bedstead? Storage underneath? Solid ends or legs? More details would be helpful! 
 One thing that I'd caution against is ordering a lot of stuff online, from brands that you haven't tried on before.  Yes, you live in Perth, which places you at a disadvantage as a lot of the stores that are discussed here don't have stores in Perth. However, at least when you're "starting out" in building up a wardrobe, it's much better to buy stuff that you can try on so that you can ascertain the fit, rather than stuff that looks trendy online but which may not fit...
I never pegged Oli as a Liberal, but I saw this photo the other day and realised that he's the spitting image of a young John Winston Howard:     Yes, that is young JWH - just look at those eyebrows. 
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