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I realise that it's all subjective, but for some reason I find the Glaser Designs bag posted above to more of an "old man" or "man bag" design than the other bags that have been posted. The Epaulet one and the La Portegna one both look more classic and stylish than the Glaser Designs one.
Good to hear - but if you spend all of your money on shoes and ToJ jackets, you won't be able to afford to go overseas between semesters!
Excellent - welcome to the club! I wore a bow tie to work yesterday.It's pretty easy to tie a bow tie, but the only difficult part is the second last step, where you have to tuck one end up behind and through the loop that you've created. It took me several tries to master that and my arms felt very tired by the end of it, as I'd been holding them up horizontally for about half an hour while I fiddled around with tying and untying the bow tie.One little hint - make sure...
I don't know about wide heads, but I was surprised by a photo in a recent news article which showed that venture capitalist Marc Andreessen (originally the founder of Netscape) has a really pointy head:http://www.news.com.au/finance/small-business/how-venture-capitalists-like-marc-andreessen-buy-influence-in-businesses-like-facebook-ebay-and-jawbone/story-fn9evb64-1226847932762At the risk of showing my age, it really reminded me of this:
The HSBC building in Hong Kong, designed by Sir Norman Foster back in the 1980s, was built in prefab stages. From memory, the prefab components were constructed in Britain and then shipped out to HK, where the building was assembled. It was designed to allow extra components to be attached if HSBC wanted to enlarge the building, too.
Using a sniping program, like Gixen, helps to prevent this. It also helps to prevent you from getting caught up in a feverish bidding war when an auction is closing and paying too much for something!
Rain last is roomier and more forgiving than both the Simpson last and the C&J 348 last. I'd say that if you usually take a UK11, then you should stick with that rather than going up half a size.
Panta bow ties are great - I've got a few of them along with several of Ed's regular Panta ties.In fact, I'm wearing a cashmere Panta bow tie right now.
Those lapels are wider than the ones on Salvatore Ambrosi's suits! It looks like he's about to take off, they're so wide.It looks rather absurd or "costumey" to me, for a few reasons - the extraordinarily wide lapels, the brass buttons on the sleeves (in contrast to the horn buttons on the chest), and the maroon or burgundy lining on the jacket sleeve gauntlet, in deliberate contrast to the suit fabric material.Stiva - that's just the lapel buttonhole, not a throat latch.
Looks great, Cox, and a nice program, too. Hope that all goes well and that attendance is high.
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