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^ Land's End (LE) chinos are certainly good value. If you get the "classic" (ie more generous, less tailored) fit you can choose between a regular rise and a longer rise.   You can also specify an inseam of up to 36". They also offer an "unfinished" option, where they ship the trousers to you and you have them hemmed yourself, but I'm not sure how long the "unfinished" inseam is, although it's presumably longer than 36 inches!
 Rog, I really like the cushion-style case and the numbers, hand, and subdial, but I really don't like the date window. I know that these things are subjective but, to me, it's an unnecessary detail and I particularly don't like the way that it cuts into the seconds sub-dial. Frankly, if it weren't for that, I'd probably get the watch as I saw it in the metal a few weeks ago and really liked it apart from the date window.
  Would Ice Cube wear a pocket square?
Well, at the risk of sounding both obsessive and boring, I found another very similar watch by a defunct brand called Election Grand Prix or something similar.     The movements look very similar.   Election movement:     Ulysse Nardin movement:       Thoughts?
^Thanks for that, Moo.   The two watches do indeed look very similar.   The auction you linked to was by the same seller as the auction that I'm looking at. I don't know whether that's reason for concern, or not.   I also noticed that the UN watches look very, very similar to a vintage watch from the 1940s called the "Harvel Date-o-Graph":     That may just be coincidence, or perhaps UN was making a similar watch under license (or vice versa), but the very, very...
Gentlemen,   I was idly browsing some vintage watches recently and came across a very interesting vintage watch that is supposedly by Ulysse Nardin.   I was very tempted by it, but I held off as I was uncertain as to whether it was, indeed, made by UN and I don't want to buy a frankenwatch, even if it is a cool-looking watch!   The movement and case-back both appear to be unsigned, although I'm well aware that was not uncommon with vintage watches.   I'm not sure...
The shell cordovan Marlow wingtips and penny loafers normally sell for USD$850 in the US and new-in-box pairs of the wingtips on eBay seem to be selling for US$650 plus shipping, so I think that the shoes in the Buying and Selling sub-forum are very well priced at US$535 plus shipping.   Alden shell cordovan wingtips seem to sell for US$675 plus shipping (if you can find a place in the US to sell them to you as most of them don't seem to ship outside the...
 I take a UK9/US10 in quite a few brands/lasts, including Carmina's Rain and Oscar lasts, Loake's Capital last and C&J's 348 last. For what it's worth (and internet sizing advice is always a bit risky) I took a US10 in both the Marlow wingtips and the Marlow penny loafers when I bought them a while back and they both fit very well. I was thinking of going down half a size in the loafers but was advised not to because the toe-box on the loafers is shorter than the wingtips,...
I'd assume that all sizes given in the sales thread are US sizing - the C&J for Polo certainly would be.
I like the juxtaposition of the ashtray full of cigarette butts and the asthma inhaler right next to it.
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