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I'm thinking of going to a hipster barber shop today for haircut. The place appears to be full of tattooed men with Ned Kelly beards, but the haircuts are actually quite reasonably priced ($32 in the CBD for a haircut with a hot towel and cut-throat razor trim on the back of the neck).   I'll let you know if I start riding a fixie and talking endlessly about craft beers and unknown, local bands.
Looks fine. You look as though you've overcome the primary problem that a lot of people encounter, which is not making the bow tight enough, so that the bow tie falls away from the collar band.   I'd probably pull the ends just little tighter so as to get a bit more dimpling around the knot, as I like dimples on ties, but that's subjective.
 Most of them will show up on Google searches or via Google maps, especially if you do a search for the name + "Tokyo" or "Japan" or "recycle" or "second-hand" or something along those lines. I don't know if Jumble/Second Street has any inner city locations - I've seen one or two of their stores in suburban Tokyo, but not in the inner city areas like Shinjuku/Harajuku/Shibuya etc. Ragtag is also a chain of "recycle shops", and it has stores in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku,...
Am I reading the sole correctly and are those Romano Martegani wingtip boots a size 8?   I'm hoping that I've made a mistake and that they're actually a UK9/US10, but unfortunately I doubt it...
^Interesting. Rather like living in an art gallery/museum space.   I'm a bit freaked out by the very large portrait of Daruma on the dining room wall, near the water feature.
 Automatic, as opposed to the traditional, manual wind movement. If that's the one that Blaugrana is talking about, it certainly is, as Joenobody0 notes, quite unloved (at least amongst watch enthusiasts).
  As far as I'm aware, it can be caused by various things, some of which are inter-related: - Jacket being too tight across the back of the shoulders;- Too tight across the top of the shoulders;- An erect stature;- Square shoulders (similar to erect stature); or - A short back balance. Generally, tailors will try to rectify the horizontal wrinkle below the collar by taking up the excess cloth in the wrinkle and putting it under the collar.
^Very good and useful post, particularly for larger people (such as myself), mimo!
 Perhaps I was a bit too harsh in my post, but the point that I was making is that, although flush toe-taps do look nicer than the crescent-shaped ones, they don't serve any greater practical purpose over and above the crescent-shaped ones, and what's more, no-one else will see them. So while they might look nicer, you're the only person that will see them or notice them. Whether that's worth paying $100 and having the hassle of posting your shoes somewhere, as opposed to...
 There are a couple of hubs for second-hand, or vintage, clothing in Tokyo (apart from flea markets) - one is Harajuku and the other is Shimokitazawa, or "Shimokita", as it's often called. Shimokita has quite a village feel, with a more laid-back atmosphere than much of Tokyo. It has quite a few vintage clothing stores, plus some vintage record/CD stores, too. A few that I remember are "Ragla Magla", "Don Don Down" (which is part of a chain of vintage clothing stores),...
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