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 Same here. Naturally occurring obsidian (volcanic glass) is a very, very dark colour, typically almost pitch black. There's no blue in it.
 "How would you like us to commence your removal, sir? Queen's gambit? Nimzo-Indian? Or perhaps the Ruy Lopez?"
 Very good. But does that mean that you used to take two months to move people's belongings? If you haven't read it, "Bobby Fischer goes to War" is a really enjoyable book about the 1972 World Chess Championship.
 Well, if you do your own painting, you'll have sneakers that look like that and you'll have saved yourself $500, to boot!
 True - and that applies to most areas of life, as well as painting!
 I helped a friend of mine sand back and polish his floorboards one Christmas break. It was stinking hot and we were shut up in a house wearing goggles and masks, covered in dust and sweat. I promised myself at that time that if I'd never do it again! Clothing related content: I wear Uniqlo t-shirts while I'm painting/sanding/cleaning etc.
 I've limited my personal renovation work to painting and flooring, as a friend and I installed a "floating" wooden floor a few years back. I quite enjoyed the painting, although the prep-work was finicky and very time-consuming. Doing all the preparation (masking off areas etc) and then tidying up afterwards took quite a bit longer than the actual painting, although I guess that I would have been a lot faster if I had more experience. I used a cheap spray gun for outside...
 As Gerry and Pink Socks said, if you're not difficult to fit, then there's really no reason to not get ready-to-wear, off the rack clothes if they fit and if you like them. As an example, I've commissioned plenty of shirts in various fabrics and patterns but I'm also happy to pick up off-the-rack clothes from a couple of different brands if I see them in a fabric that I like as they fit me really well and I really like the collars and cuffs, as well as the general...
  How about a small stepladder? Or would that be too obvious?
 Could just be me, but the Alpha ones look a bit too short.
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