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Here's me:   http://brown-in-town.tumblr.com/   I must admit that I don't post particularly much - I should make an effort to update more frequently.    Re: IG -v- Tumblr, Instagram is usually more "personal" and people can comment and get responses to comments. Tumblr often seems to be more formal, less relaxed, and there's much more reblogging. 
  If you send the GSs and the Submariner to me, I'll adjust the time for you! 
 With regard to crazy Japanese houses, have a look at this link that I posted a few weeks back:  The article makes some interesting points about why there are some rather interesting, or "out there", houses in Japan. Essentially, due to the Japanese dislike of buying second-hand houses and the effect of inheritance tax, Japanese houseowners are only building only for themselves, rather than with an eye on re-sale value, so some people are happy to give their architects...
   Happy to give the advice free of charge, so that I don't worsen your financial situation.
 Just take them in to a dry cleaning place and ask for them to pressed (they can press them without dry cleaning them, if you ask).
Can you get these pents right now, or do you have to wait a year for them to arrive??
 Yes, there was a photo of a Sub that's disappeared. I thought that the dot on the arrow at the top of the bezel (or the "pearl", as ShawnBC called it) was misplaced on the arrow, which is unusual. Then again, perhaps it was just the angle of the photo.  The date window on the Day Date also looks a bit too "square" - it's normally rectangular and if you look at the cyclops, you can see that it's rectangular but that the date window isn't. The font of the date numerals also...
 Whilst not quite the same as the shoes in Cox's photos, if anyone's interested, Carmina have some pairs of oxford wingtips on the Rain last in cognac cordovan in their online store: http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/articulo.asp?idarticulo=4786756 Unfortunately, they are out of stock in my size, damnit!
 I've never seen either of them in person, so I guess that it's a possibility!
    I didn't know that the Foo used to live in Portland! 
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