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 DB - I haven't been to R&R since they re-located to the James St precinct down at the Valley/New Farm border. I do, however, have a few friends who live at New Farm who have popped in on a few occasions. The good news is that George was again taking outside tailoring work, although that was a couple of months ago so I don't know if it's still the case. I also avoid XILE, as although they do have some nice stuff and can be well priced on sale, the staff are all very...
 Holy heck, yes. 
 LJ - I think that an army-green (ie khaki) overcoat could work, but only as long as there was some sort of texture or weave to set it apart from an actual army overcoat.  So, if it were made out of casentino cloth, or in a herringbone weave or barleycorn tweed weave or something like that, I think that it could work well. If it's just khaki in a plain weave, though, I don't think that it would look so good. 
  Using a garrote chair to display tailored clothing - now that is creepy. 
 Sth Korea just equalised with two minutes of stoppage time to go and so we're into extra time.  I really don't think that I can watch anymore - it's playing havoc with my nerves.
  I agree.  As an example, my wife always has trouble getting single-breasted jackets that fit well, and when she buttons them the lapels tend to bend sharply and bow out over her chest. As a result, she tends to wear her SB jackets unbuttoned.  She recently got a glen-plaid DB jacket with a blue overcheck and it fits her really well. She's able to wear it buttoned up without any problems and it sits neatly and drapes well.  Therefore, I think that you're right and, if a...
  But think about how much more it would be hurting your wallet if the Euro was higher!
  I think that the issue is that some people think that their opinion is fact, rather than opinion, and thus vehemently disagree with anyone who expresses another, different opinion. Of course, not all opinions are valid - some are patently incorrect. However, everyone's entitled to have an opinion but they need to bear in mind that it is just that - an opinion - and not objective truth.
@in stitches, you make a good point about "subjective" -v- "objective".   I do think that a lot of people tend to err in thinking that simply because they don't like something (subjective) means that it's wrong (objective).   Having said that, I still think that the camel lady's trousers legs are silly! (Sorry, couldn't resist! )
 I agree. However, we're not going over to Purse Forum to talk about women's clothing. We're talking about it here. Certainly, we might not now much about historical trends in women's clothing and so on and so forth, but that doesn't mean that we can't comment on what we like or what we don't like about what a particular person is wearing. After all, women might not know a lot about the history of men's fashion or the precepts of suit design, but that doesn't stop women...
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