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 I'm not partagas, but I suspect that it's a Deep Sea Chrono, ref. 2068570: http://www.jaeger-lecoultre.com/AU/en/watches/jaeger-lecoultre-deep-sea-chronograph/2068570#/t1 The red/white "on-off" indicator for the chrono function is an interesting touch.
fxh - That's a nice, casual outfit. I particularly like the Harrington jacket.
 Well, they held a World Cup which they (probably) obtained through paying bribes donations to people in charge of the football organisations in mostly very small, Caribbean nations.
^ @GuP - The suit looks good in general, but there's something peculiar going on with the right shoulder/sleevehead.   There's some pulling/rippling at the top of the sleeve that shouldn't be there and which is not there on the other sleeve (well, there's a slight ripple on the left sleeve, but much less marked than the right sleeve).
   They're not my cup of tea, but it's worth noting that people will pay a lot of money to buy shoes in similar colours, with similar patination, from makers such as Corthay and Berluti. Of course, things such as construction and leather quality and the last and style of the shoes also contribute to the price that people are willing to pay for Corthay, Berluti and others but certainly the colours/patination are a firm part of their reputation so there's clearly a market...
 Like SF's Pitti coverage, but with less beef and bare ankles and more raw fish.
 Well, yes, except that the movie mentioned above starred Milla Jovovich, not Mila Kunis.
Hi, pn134.   There's a Septieme Largeur thread on SF already, so you could have a look through it and see whether there's any useful advice in there. Also, once you've had a quick look through the thread, if you didn't find the answer to your questions, you could try re-posting your questions in the SL thread as people who've already posted there will be more likely to see your post and to respond to...
 And I've got no idea what the heck the picture that Coxsackie posted is about at all! 
 Same here. I've been wearing a couple of Uniqlo V-neck lambswool jumpers every winter for the past 8-9 years and whilst I've had a little bit of pilling under the arms over that period, it's hardly excessive and the jumpers are still going strong and I expect that I'll be wearing them for quite a few years to come.
New Posts  All Forums: