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 I know that everyone has different feet, but I've found that while I can wear Lobb and Edward Green comfortably, I haven't found a G&G last that fits me well. So you might be disappointed when you finally get around to trying on a pair of G&G.
 I'd get rid of the shoes that aren't comfortable and I'd try on different brands and lasts of shoes until I found ones that were both stylish and comfortable. I know that this is SF and that we fetishise style here, but life's too short to go around wearing uncomfortable shoes because they look good. Better to wear a comfortable pair of Loakes than an uncomfortable pair of Lobbs.
 Congrats, Oli! Well done on coming to the end of a long slog. Are you going to buy yourself something from RM Williams to celebrate?
 I used to get yellow marks in the armpits of my shirts when I used an anti-perspirant, which contained aluminium. As a result, I changed over to using deodorant only (with no aluminium at all) and I haven't had a problem with yellow stains for years as a consequence. Of course, other people's experiences may well be different from mine, but I found that using just a plain deodorant helped things immensely.
 Why did the sweating ruin your clothes? I'm genuinely curious.
 I don't know if weight matters all that much, although I suppose that it could differ from person to person. One of my friends from school has always sweated profusely, even though he's stick thin and very fit - he's the sort that runs marathons in their spare time. He used to sweat so much at school that we nicknamed him "Rain Man".
SF member VRaivio interviewed Beaman for Raivio's "Keikari" website a year or two ago: http://www.keikari.com/english/interview-with-darren-beaman/ This is what Beaman had to say about when he took people's money for orders and then gave them nothing in return (well, nothing but deep-seated frustration and disappointment):  And:  No sign of an apology, I notice, and the only regret that MTDB seems to have is for the fact that his name was stained and that a record of his...
  I don't know when RL stores will have them on sale, but you can get them from a StyleForum member here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/441850/november-14-rl-shoes-cordovan-and-purple-label-models
   Fixed that for you.
@Coxsackie - I think that this thread is a very good idea for you.    Much better to save up for one or two particular items, rather than succumbing to the temptation of things that you don't really need or want, simply because they might happen to be on sale. 
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