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 Really? If so, that's disappointing to hear about NB and Allen Edmonds. I know that NB has a few different lines but I had thought (or hoped) that their made in US and made in UK lines were actually made in those locations.
 In vintage cloth, no less! BYO mullet.
 +1 bazillion. Also, in addition to not replying to spam, people shouldn't quote spam if they do feel compelled to reply to it as it's pointless and actually just helps the spammers.
 I do find it a bit odd, given that I clearly remember T4Phage writing in perfect English in his posts some years back. Therefore, I'm guessing that it's more by deliberate design rather than due to translation issues. Either way, the Cappelli silks look lovely.
Interview with Roubi L'Roubi by Simon Crompton of the "Permanent Style" blog:   http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2013/02/interview-roubi-lroubi-huntsman.html#.U5ZP-9R-_cs
 Steve, You might be interested in reading this article from The New Yorker on John Green: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2014/06/09/140609fa_fact_talbot?currentPage=all Green comes across as an interesting, erudite and also kind and passionate person who really enjoys interacting with his readers.
 Nice vintage ties - they must be from Passagio Cravatte. 
You'll probably have more luck with responses if you head over to the Australian Members' thread and put up a post there:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/88856/australian-members/50580   I'd suspect that J.H Cutler, Bijan Sheikhlary or Zink and Sons, all of which are in Sydney, would be closest to what you want, in order of most expensive to less expensive.    Bijan: http://www.bespokebijan.com.au/bijan.html   J.H. Cutler: http://www.cutlerbespoke.com/   Zink &...
 Hopefully, they were correct in their assessment.  Unfortunately (as I've ranted about in the past), a lot of menswear sales assistants seem to think that to fit well, a suit must be one or two sizes too big, so as to give a man some room to move.  Whilst I don't want a skin-tight suit, I don't really understand this idea of needing room to move. A well-fitting suit gives a person room to move because it fits them well, not because it fits them like a sack.  I lost count...
 Entirely agree. 
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