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 I like them and I think that they're pretty versatile unless you work somewhere very conservative.  I wear mine both with suits and also with odd trousers. 
  Yes.  I do up both buckles, though. 
I'm not normally into basketball high-tops or mids, but these look nice - Nike KD VII Lifestyle PRM QS:      
Brilliant movie. "Gentlemen, you can't fight in here! This is the War Room!"
I have some odd trousers with side tabs, and some odd trousers with belt loops. I don't mind wearing odd trousers with braces, so I'm happy to have the side tabs.   I do find, though, that if I don't wear braces with my side-tab trousers, I do have to hitch up my trousers from time to time as they can slip down a bit.     Edited to add: Re: lukejackson's questions about odd jackets, I'd go for the lighter grey odd jacket as long as the fabric had some sort of visible...
  Thank you very much, Patrik.
A quick - and possibly foolish - question about sizing:   If I take a UK9 in Carmina's Rain last, can I reasonably assume that I'll also take a UK9 in the Detroit last?   Especially given that the Detroit last is used for derbies, I assume that it's going to be a more forgiving fit than the Rain last anyway, and thus I should be fine, but I thought that I'd double-check before plonking down some cash.   Thanks, all.
 With a silk topper, too, I hope!  [[SPOILER]]
 Not a bad choice at all, if you were to only have one watch.
  A "Plus Fours" challenge? 
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