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You'll probably have more luck with responses if you head over to the Australian Members' thread and put up a post there:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/88856/australian-members/50580   I'd suspect that J.H Cutler, Bijan Sheikhlary or Zink and Sons, all of which are in Sydney, would be closest to what you want, in order of most expensive to less expensive.    Bijan: http://www.bespokebijan.com.au/bijan.html   J.H. Cutler: http://www.cutlerbespoke.com/   Zink &...
 Hopefully, they were correct in their assessment.  Unfortunately (as I've ranted about in the past), a lot of menswear sales assistants seem to think that to fit well, a suit must be one or two sizes too big, so as to give a man some room to move.  Whilst I don't want a skin-tight suit, I don't really understand this idea of needing room to move. A well-fitting suit gives a person room to move because it fits them well, not because it fits them like a sack.  I lost count...
 Entirely agree. 
 Really depends whether it fits well or not.  For all the talk about hand-stitching and full floating canvassed chestpieces, the most important thing about a suit is whether it fits. It can have all the hand-work in the world but if it looks like a sack or if it makes you look like an over-stuffed sausage, everything else counts for naught.  I haven't tried on anything by Squires for a decade or more so I don't know what their suits are like nowadays. I do remember that...
  A good point, and I find it difficult to understand why that is.  I know that branding is king, and it's clear to see that kids love Nike and a lot of that is because of the obvious branding, but it's still a surprise that there are so few challengers to CP and quite a few of those are difficult to get hold of, too. 
 Surely that's the secret to guaranteeing a dependable supply?
There are a few Perth members around from time to time. "Johnsnothere" is one that I remember but I'm sure that a few other people from Perth post from time to time.   I've heard about using women's tights when polishing shoes (and I'm sure that fxh will make a joke about this), but haven't personally tried it. I used to enjoy polishing shoes but I must admit that, like you, I do find it rather boring nowadays. I tend to get my catharsis/meditation time from ironing...
 Yes, LE still makes LE Canvas items but, for some reason, they've closed down the standalone LE Canvas site and incorporated the Canvas items into their main website.  http://www.landsend.com/shop/mens/-/N-jojZfz6 The number and range of items seems to have shrunk, too.
 PP, if you don't mind me asking, where are you getting them from?  If it's a shop, could you please let me know where as I wouldn't mind seeing if I can get a pair, too.  Carmina have a very similar pair in stock at present but they're in burgundy shell and I'd much rather prefer a shade of brown.
  Calf, or shell cordovan? If cordovan, then I'd say yes. If calf, then I'd say that I, personally, would prefer the boot to be in a grain leather.
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