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 Same here, but I think that you're definitely correct in saying that there are quite a lot of "watch people" out there who do buy with an eye on re-sale value so that when they feel like adding a new watch to their collection, they can sell one of their existing watches to help fund it, or sell it simply because they don't wear it as much anymore. A year or two back, I posed a question in this thread (or in its predecessor) about why the Classic Menswear side of SF...
 I agree, and I think that some of the newer, classically-styled Mont Blanc watches are very well priced for what you get. The somewhat complicatedly-named Montblanc Star Quantieme Complet, for example, gives you a moonphase function, plus a calendar function (albeit not a perpetual calendar, as it doesn't calculate the different months for you – you have to adjust the watch when a month end in something other than 31 days) with day of the week and month displayed in a...
 British television drama series, set around a large manor house in the countryside in the years before and during WWI. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Downton_Abbey
I think that D-Red's synopsis is pretty much spot on. I had an ad for MJ Bale pop up in my Facebook feed earlier today and I made the mistake of clicking on it.  MJ Bale do make some good stuff, but they also make some pretty awful stuff, as evidenced by their so-called Savile Row DB suit: [[SPOILER]]
  I've got a Burberry trenchcoat with a button-in, camel-hair liner. It's really warm. So warm, in fact, that I've never needed to use it (although during the day in winter here the temps don't drop below 5 degrees Celsius/40 degree Fahrenheit).
  As Striker said, when you look at a pair of shoes on the Skoaktiebolaget website, if you look at the price in Swedish Krona, you'll see two prices - with VAT and without VAT. If you then click the currency icon up towards the top right corner of the product listing and choose (for example) US dollars, the price that you will see displayed in US dollars has already had VAT deducted. As an example, the Carmina classic wingtip has a price of 3600 SEK with VAT and 2880...
  Root beer is sarsaparilla, isn't it? For some reason, sarsaparilla (root beer) goes really well with a good serve of fish and chips. Edited to add: According to Wikipedia, Australian sarsaparilla is different from American root beer or sarsaparilla: Australian sarsaparilla has a different flavor from American root beer or sarsaparilla. Bundaberg brews sarsaparilla from "real sarsaparilla root, licorice root, vanilla beans, and...
Mayweather talks himself up, says that he's better than Muhammad Ali:   http://www.news.com.au/sport/boxing/floyd-mayweather-why-im-better-than-muhammad-ali/story-fndkzthy-1227313040617   “No one can ever brainwash me to make me believe that Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali was better than me. No one could ever brainwash me and tell me that.”
 @bespoken4me - I agree that the shoes on the "Classic Shoes for Men" site are over-priced, but I'm not sure why you're posting this here - did you mean to post in another thread? It looks as though you're responding to something but we haven't been discussing it at all (as far as I can remember).
 Galway, not Shannon (they're blucher boots, not balmoral boots like the Shannon). Bidding has now reached $1000.  Whoever bidders e***n and n***1 are, they have entirely failed to understand how to use eBay's bidding system and whoever wins is going to pay a whole lot more than they needed to pay. Still, that's great news for the seller.
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