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 I went out with a model for a brief while in my early twenties. She was extremely attractive, came from a wealthy family, holiday house at Sunshine Beach and so on. She was also amazingly vacuous and vapid and virtually her only topics of conversation were the cars her friends drove, where her friends had holiday houses, where her friends were going on holiday over summer, and what she and her friends were wearing.  It was a boost to my ego (although also a bit alarming)...
 Nike Tennis Classic x Fragment up on END now. I just snagged a pair of the white x "dark concord" ones: http://www.endclothing.co.uk/catalog/product/view/id/227091/s/nike-x-fragment-design-tennis-classic-sp/category/5/
 You could always scour eBay to see if you can find a Burberry or perhaps an Aquascutum in decent condition. It took me a little while, but I picked up a Burberry in fantastic condition, with a button-in camelhair liner, from eBay UK quite a few years back for a great price. You've just got to be patient and prepared to wait for one in good condition to come along in your size.  Of course, this won't work for you if you want one right now because it's bucketing down outside. 
 Yes, END should have them online sometime in the UK morning, I suppose. Apparently, they'll announce it via their Twitter account. However, I just discovered that Sneakersnstuff have them online right now in a variety of sizes, so it could be worth checking as they still seem to have a wide selection of sizes: http://www.sneakersnstuff.com/en/6/nike-sportswear#filter={27:[87594,7698]}
That's a shirt that someone had made by Luxire, which is a made-to-order company. You order from them via their internet site here:   http://luxire.com/collections/home   That style of collar is typically called a capri or camp collar, from memory. I assume that you can request that Luxire make the shirt with a collar like that as part of a made-to-order shirt order.
   There are lots of different shirts from different companies in this thread. Which shirt are you talking about? If you can post a link to the particular post where it's pictured or mentioned, it would help.
 I did a search and saw that they're being released on 22nd August but don't know what time. I'd love a pair of the ones with the blue suede accent, too.
 @lukejackson Re: DeerStyle: I've got to get around to placing a new order with DeerStyle shortly, too. I'm thinking of getting a largely unlined jacket in navy fresco cloth for spring/summer. I'm not entirely sure yet as to whether I should get waist patch pockets or flapped pockets. I've got a similar jacket from Brooks Brothers that's years old and which is getting a bit worn out so I need to see about getting a replacement. Rene received quite a few new cloth bunches a...
 Amen, brother!
 +1 to the above. In the past, I've had a couple of pairs of Herringbone trousers converted to side tabs by using the off-cuts left over from taking up the trousers. Thankfully, my tailor found it easy to get hold of some buckles for the side tab adjusters.
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