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  I can't speak for anyone else, of course, but I take a UK9 in most English shoe brands, including Loake, and I also take a UK9 in the Rain last.  Therefore, if you're happy with the fit of your Loake shoes, then I'd tend to go for the same size in the Carmina Rain last. 
 Only if you stack the books on the floor. 
  When buying glasses online, you've got to make sure that you don't lose sight of your target. 
I visited Rene of Deer Style yesterday so that I could use one of his suit stands/mannequins to take some photos of my new Inglese shirts. I also used a couple of new ties from Henry Carter that I received earlier in the week.    Shirts from Inglese via Deer Style, suits from Deer Style in Brisbane, and ties from Henry Carter:             [Note: I paid full price (well, after any applicable discounts on offer at the time, such as an SF discount code) for...
^For whatever reason - and I must state that I don't agree with it, as a lot of businesses live and die by their customer service, or lack thereof - Jamison of Howard Yount simply hasn't been communicating with customers. He virtually never seems to respond to e-mails, he doesn't post here anymore (and hasn't for the better part of 18 months), he doesn't update his Tumblr and he doesn't even e-mail out notifications of new season stock to his mailing list...
 The bolded parts are the most important here.  SH noted above that there were a lot of "shitty design decisions" (I think those are his words) but in truth most of (not all, but most of) those decisions are made due to budgetary constraints.  Of course, as Loathing said, what people should ideally do is be a bit less ambitious and reduce the overall scope of their projects - simplify, in other words - so as to end up with a better product instead of over-reaching and then...
 Yes, I remember reading that a couple of months back and shaking my head. I think that I even bothered to post a comment at the bottom of that page.   Unfortunately, such misuse of the term "bespoke" - whether wilfully or out of ignorance - is not unusual. 
Did I wear an Indian plaid madras shirt to work, along with a brown wool bow tie, navy jacket, brown cotton trousers and tan shoes?   [[SPOILER]]
 Hey! I'm not over 45 but I remember James Freud (and the Models). I assume that he was putting on the cockney accent, as he grew up in Melbourne and I don't remember him having a cockney accent when I saw him on television. On a personal note - entirely unrelated to James Freud - my dad was technically a cockney, as he was born on the kitchen table of his family's small terrace house in Wapping, within the sound of the Bow Bells (the bells of the church of St...
 Thankfully, we only pay import taxes/duties in Australia if the value of the import is over AUD$1000 (about USD$950). Unfortunately, the government has been talking about lowering that limit, mainly due to pressure from domestic retailers. 
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