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 Some wonderful photos - thank you very much. I do wonder, though, whether simply converting 1920s currency to today's currency really gives a good idea of purchasing power parity. It's worth noting that, back in the late 1920s and early 1930s, average weekly earnings in the UK were about 3 pounds a week. It's also worth noting, too, that most people on 3 pounds a week had no money for luxuries and that the middle class was a lot smaller than it is now, so a suit from...
 I have consistent problems with pics not loading when viewing with Internet Explorer, but when I view with Chrome the pics show up without any problems.
  I like those very much - reminds me of some of the old Nike ACG mids that they made back in the 1990s. 
 I only drink espresso/ristretto coffee, and I like both Kazaar and Dharkan. I prefer one over the other, but I can't remember which.  I didn't particularly like the Ristretto - it is strong, but I didn't think that it had much depth. Basically, it just tasted strong and bitter to me. However, the Kazaar and Dharkan both have the strength and depth/richness that I associate with a decent espresso. I also preferred Arpeggio to Ristretto for the same reason.  I haven't tried...
Lachy,   That all sounds good.   You are defying tradition a bit, though, as dinner jackets are typically unvented and the trousers are typically flat-fronted. 
 Yes (according to PayPal, at least), the AUD is now only worth $0.85 USD. I suspect that there'll be a lot less overseas kopping in the coming months.
  This is all remarkably similar to the experience that quite a few people had with Signore Ambrosi. Thankfully, working with The Armoury appears to have brought him into line and, as I understand, he's actually now making the products that he promised to provide to people in return for payment, and as a bonus, he isn't abusing people who contact him to ask for the clothing for which they have paid and for which they have patiently been waiting. Perhaps Prisco needs to...
 Based on my experience, I'd say a mohair blend, depending on the weave and the colour. I've had some Super 180s suits from Corneliani and Zegna in the past and they haven't had any sheen at all. I've also got a couple of sharkskin suits and they don't really have a sheen to them. The sharkskin weave gives them a very slightly mottled, slightly textured look, but no sheen.
 That is understandable, as they're both good. If you were saying that you'd rather listen to Nickelback than the Stones, then that would be something that I just don't get.
I'm not OH, but I'll chime in with my $0.02.   I had a light grey mohair suit a while back and yes, it did have a bit of a sheen to it. Not too showy, but definitely not as matt as plain wool.   I've also got a brown glen plaid suit in a wool/mohair blend and whilst the fabric has a bit of stiffness and structure to it, courtesy of the mohair, it doesn't have a sheen.
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