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 Vicuna, my man, vicuna. http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424127887323392204579073090614851288
 Great to hear that it went well, and let's hope that Jason sold lots of ties to help fund the upcoming addition to the family!  With regard to Passaggio, I noticed today that Passaggio Cravatte started following my on Tumblr a while back, so out of curiosity, I idly clicked on his Tumblr and discovered the following post: http://passaggiocravatte.tumblr.com/post/92508419517/bespoke-grenadine-ancient-7-foulds-in-only-2 I found it interesting because over on the Passaggio...
 I don't like the shoulder strap, as it doesn't match the bag and is embroidered with "Louis Vuitton". The attachment points look (to me) a bit gaudy, too.  However, I actually don't mind LV's Epi leather - it is far and away superior, both in looks and quality, to their monogram and damier canvas ranges, and they look a lot more dignified, too. 
   I quite like these - they remind me of a pair of ACG Mowabbs that I had back in the 1990s. Man, they were great shoes and they lasted for years, too.
 Let's hope not, given that patrickBOOTH was referring to his girlfriend!
The new Macclesfield ties look excellent, Jason.   All the best with the trunk show - I hope that it goes very well indeed.
Leaves - Did you say the Rain last?    So Carmina is now making bal boots on the Rain last, in addition to the Robert and Forest lasts??
^ That's a nice photo, Betelgeuse - much better than I could do!   Your outfit looks good, too.
 So, he's essentially a wizard version of Benjamin Button?!
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