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  I watched it on a plane earlier this year and didn't really enjoy it.  I much preferred "The Departed" which, while based on the Hong Kong movie "Infernal Affairs", was also based on Whitey Bulger's story - Irish-American crime boss in Boston who trades off info to the FBI in return for them largely ignoring his criminal activities. 
 Whatever you do, don't dry-clean the tie. I've had success with using a little bit of liquid soap, rubbed between wet fingers and then applied sparingly to the stain. Then, use a damp cloth to dab gently at the tie to dampen the silk and to remove the soap/water mix (and hopefully also remove the stain). You might need to do it a couple of times for it to work properly. 
 I think that it's a joke, too - just not a deliberate one on the part of Ms Edmunds.    I can't help by think that there are a few contradictions in that article that Gracia could have done more to tease out (if she realised them, that is). I think that the idea that what we wear is an expression of ourself is true, but I also suspect that, for most people, it's strongly influenced by marketing departments.  After all, *why* do we dress the way we do? As Gracia says,...
 I was going to recommend something like Poul Kjærholm's PK22 chair, but I just did a quick Google search and it costs about $4000 per chair (at least upholstered in leather)!   Just a little bit over your preferred price limit...
 Great article, SG, and thanks for sharing. I showed it to my wife, who was both interested and surprised. She said that she hasn't seen a taraibune since she was a little child. Unfortunately, as Douglas notes, many of these skills are dying out in Japan as the old boat-builders retire or pass away while still working, as demand for traditionally-made boats has largely dwindled as people now mainly use fibreglass or aluminium boats. 
  A good observation, Cox.  I like watches, but they are most definitely luxury goods, perhaps to an even greater extent than expensive cars. In the "totally unnecessary and overly expensive" stakes, I would think that the only thing ranked higher than mechanical watches would be diamond jewellery.  Let's face it, mechanical watches are totally redundant nowadays. Anything that they can do, battery-powered watches can do better and 99% of the population carries around a...
 Fox, you do make a good point. On the other hand, given that it was a warm summer's night, you could always just have taken off your shoes and kicked the footy around barefoot! 
   Imbecility, at a guess! 
Belatedly joined Netflix, in search of something to watch on the iPad while at home and feeling rotten with the flu, and watched this:       Surprisingly enjoyable and suitably escapist. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that any sequels are on the horizon, as I wouldn't mind seeing the characters again. 
 GF, they're used to my odd footwear by now - green or blue boat shoes, driving mocs, striped espadrilles. Plain white, knitted sneakers would be positively dull!     Hmmm... Well, there *is* a lawn bowls club down the road from my house....
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