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 "It's like deja vu all over again!" Edited to add: Damn! Beaten to it by fxh. Oh, the ignominy! 
 I just had a distinct feeling of deja vu while reading that!
 Before I put on some weight once I hit my thirties, I used to have a 32" waist but due to cycling and soccer, I had large thighs and a large backside. I typically used to get trousers with a 34" waist and then have the waist taken in, as I found that easier than getting trousers with a 32" waist and having them let out.
 Congratulations on the job - that must be very exciting. I must admit, though, that I'm surprised to hear that everyone at your new firm dresses immaculately. I know quite a few people who work at large, national or international law firms and while there are always a few, well-dressed men, the vast majority of them are dressed in a pretty average manner. The general standard of dress is corrected-grain Florsheim and Aquila shoes and suits and shirts from Rhodes &...
 Well, the other option, although perhaps unappealing, is simply to put up with imperfect shirts that are slightly baggier than ideal for the time being and to get MTO, better-fitting shirts down the track. The reality is that as long as the collar fits and as long as the waist doesn't billow out alarmingly, then no-one at all will notice.
 Interesting to see how a bracelet change can really change the feel/look of a watch. I've never loved that iteration of Seamaster on the OEM bracelet, but I think that it suits the retro look of the mesh bracelet and I like it.
 It looks like a wooden toy boat.  I don't hate the hull, but I do think that the ship's wheel and binnacle/arrangement to hold the wheel are absolutely hideous. 
  If your waist is 33", then a 36" waist on your shirt is going to be pretty damned slim, in my opinion. That's not much room to spare all the way around your midriff. 
 Have you tried TM Lewin's "fitted" and "super fitted" shirts? Both the "fitted" and "super fitted" shirts have a slimmer cut than the "slim-fit" shirts, which is rather confusing. I think that Brooks Brothers also stock an "extra slim fit" shirt. Their shirts have colour-coded labels and the green label inside the collar of the shirt denotes an extra slim fit shirt. Alternatively, if your shirts are made out of plain cloth or made out of cloth with small-scale patterns,...
 It's interesting to hear different people's views. I quite liked The Breakfast Club, but really loved Ferris Bueller's Day Off when at high school and, like Kid Nickels, my friends and I could recite whole scenes, but from FB's Day Off rather than The Breakfast Club. 12 years later, I showed my Japanese girlfriend (later my wife) Ferris Bueller's Day Off, and she hated it. She thought that Ferris Bueller was a spoiled, disrespectful brat who took advantage of his friends...
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