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 I know that an A-2 jacket isn't very goth-ninja streetwear in style, but it's hardly "dadcore". It's a great look, whether you're wearing it with jeans, chinos, t-shirt, oxford shirt or something else.  Instead of "dadcore", think of Steve McQueen in "The Great Escape" or Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones movies.
 Well, that's less than a pair of St Crispin's and a horsehide McCoy's jacket will last you for the rest of your life.
DW - ouch! That's unfortunate, but it seems to be increasingly common nowadays.    There are a few online retailers who are small and so they are not registered for VAT and so cannot reimburse you, such as Malford of London and Exquisite Trimmings.    There have been a few threads on here in the past discussing this practice, including threads which mention House of Fraser and Charles...
Congrats, Jase, and great to hear that everything went smoothly. 
   Most tailors could also open the skirt up a bit more (surely that's an expression ripe for double entendre!) by simply trimming back the bottom corners at the front of the jacket slightly. 
 I understand only too well that "journalists" (and I use the term loosely) who write about fashion are often almost entirely ignorant of what they are writing about, but I do also wonder whether places like P.Johnson actually try to educate journalists as to the differences between made-to-order and bespoke.  I wish that they would, and I hope that they would. After all, given that it's their business, one would think that they'd want to be explain what they do as clearly...
 Man, I wish that we had Nike ID in Australia.  Then again, it's probably better for both my wallet and for local shoe stores that we don't. 
I haven't been purchasing much lately (bar a couple of ties from Jason and some G.Inglese shirts from Deer Style), but I couldn't resist picking up a pair of the Nike x Fragment Design Tennis Classic SP:     
Nike x Fragment Design Tennis Classic SP with the heel tab in "dark concord":       END Clothing still has quite a few sizes available. I took my usual size and they fit well. Slightly longer in the toebox than my Nike running shoes but otherwise pretty similar. 
 The suit looked alright, in my opinion.  The overall outfit would have looked much, much better if he had worn a sky blue shirt and a darker tie (navy or chocolate, for example), as it would have looked warmer and provided more contrast. 
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