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 Well, I suppose that it's a hybrid/adaptation. The sleeves could always be rolled up a bit to shorten them. You're right when you say that the traditional sleeves are shorter, and they are also cut without cuffs. If someone's going to wear an "aizome" (indigo-dyed) noragi, then perhaps they should go the whole hog and wear a pair of jika-tabi with their pants tucked in to them for the ultimate streetwear outfit!   
 Why not? Let's try some latkes, too.
    Pirozhki for the win, yo. You haven't truly lived until you've eaten good pirozhki. Interestingly, they're popular in Japan and have spawned a native Japanese version, too, "kare-pan" (curry bread).
 You could try sending him on a fact-finding, documentary/mockumentary trip to North Korea.
 Congrats, TBM! That's great news - but I'm a bit worried that now that you've gone all out with the proposal, you'll spend all of your married life living up the very high standard that you've set! 
 Ed, that's just mean - both to swiftybobalex and to Manton! Swifty, I really don't know if they're worth much at all. Are they silk, or are they polyester? I suppose that they might appeal to a collector of Looney Tunes memorabilia. I know that  you said that you bought them from eBay - did you have a look at completed listings on eBay to see whether you could find any other Looney Tunes that have been sold on eBay and, if so, what they sold for?
^Agree with Clags, and I voted similarly.   Stitches' DB suit is nice, but the overall look is a bit too "monotonal" for my tastes.   I think that Nabil, EFV and tchoy did it best this week.
Sorry to ask a sizing question, but would anyone happen to be able to advise what size I should go for in the Marlow wingtips?   I take a UK9.5 on the C&J 337 last (Audley, Clifford etc).   Is it usual to go up half a size, or a full size, to get US sizing for the Marlow wingtip? In other words, if I take a UK9.5 in C&J normally, should I go for a US10 or a US10.5 in the Marlow wingtip?   Thank you very much for any advice.
  I'm not sure - hopefully someone else can chime in with more info. I do like the fact that he's got an "H" for Harry on the soles.  It's worth noting that most of the shoes being discussed in this thread are by John Lobb Paris, which is owned by Hermes. However, the Lobb shoes worn by Prince Charles are by the original business, John Lobb St James, which is still owned by the descendants of the original John Lobb who started the business in the 1860s. Lobb St James...
 I don't know what their trouser styles are like now that they've moved suit production from Italy (by Corneliani, primarily) back to the US (by Hickey Freeman). However, RL Polo "blue label" suits come in a variety of styles. I've got some with slim trousers, and I've got several with more generous, straight leg trousers. One of the straighter-leg trousers is flat-fronted, another two pairs have pleated fronts. If you identify which styles/blocks/cuts by RL Polo have...
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