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The John Lobb Lopez are another, albeit doubtless more expensive, option:    http://www.johnlobb.com/lopez-1     (Image from a Japanese website that I stumbled on to via Google image search.)
 I know that, in years past, Herringbone have stocked pairs of grey flannel trousers for autumn and winter. A quick look at both the Herringbone and MJ Bale websites shows that, apparently, neither of them have odd trousers in grey flannel for cooler weather. It's such an elementary, basic item that pretty much every decent menswear store should some in stock for winter - if not in flannel, at least in a cloth with some weight to help keep out the winter winds - but not in...
^ That looks very nice indeed.   In fact, I think that it looks much better on the wrist than it does in photos.
  Can't say I like it, as it looks like the top of one chair and the bottom of a different chair have been crudely fixed together with some sort of red twine or fabric.
  That looks as though it is so ludicrously bad that it's good.
 Absolutely. Black loafers are the default shoe for Japanese male office workers (or "salarymen", as they're called). They're often squashed down at the heel so that they can easily slip them on and off when going into houses, restaurants and so on.
 It's hell on your back, though!
  I'll cautiously say that I should be fine for next Thursday (09 July) evening. Any other Brisbanites out there who could be interested?@The False Prophet?@Osiris2012?@Styleternity?@Dusty Brogues?@flashkobalt?@misterjase? There used to be a fair few other Brisbane members who were active on SF, but they've been whittled down over time or moved away. With regard to location, I'm open to suggestions. As a suggestion, if there are enough of us, we could arrange a private...
 A great movie, but depressing. Very depressing.
Is the Allen-Edmonds advertisement dominating the front page of the forum for anyone else?    It's really quite intrusive.
New Posts  All Forums: