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 Yet another brand engaging in what will, probably, be an ultimately futile strategy to engage in geographic price discrimination.  Of course, I understand that Loake is acting to protect its merchants in various regions but I tend to think that, in the modern world, most bricks-and-mortar places that sell clothes and shoes live and die by their customer service more than their pricing, and so these tactics tend to be foolish. I also think - although I could be wrong -...
 Well, you could just wear them on the wrong feet.
 I've got a lot of sympathy for this guy, as it's a painful situation to be in, but it boggles my mind that people commission $1000 MTO shoes, seemingly without knowing for certain whether the shoes will actually fit them.  
 His wife doesn't really want him to, but he's been so impressed by fxh's photos that he really feels he has no choice.
 I recognise Foxhound and his big grin, but who's the other character? Someone from SF, or someone level-headed and sensible? 
 Woodward's (as Morant) "Rule .303" speech was also memorable: "As to rules and regulations, we had no Red Book, and knew nothing about them. We were out fighting the Boers, not sitting comfortably behind barb-wire entanglements; we got them and shot them under Rule .303!"
 I thought that it was now either "Do you like it, the lamb?" or "Have you received your TOJ yet"?
  Loved this movie as a child. Great performances from Edward Woodward, Bryan Brown and Jack Thompson. "Shoot straight, you bastards! Don't make a mess of it!"
 Ah, the old secret Styleforum handshake/head nod wins the day again! 
 Ah, the font. 
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