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@lukejackson - you may have already seen this, but there's an interesting story in the current edition of National Geographic about the flood of Syrian refugees into neighbouring countries such as Jordan and Turkey.   You can also read it online:   http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2015/03/syrian-refugees/salopek-text
 If you got a side table and two accompanying chairs, you could sit in the chairs at the table in the morning and have coffee while you look out of the window, and then you can turn the chairs around when you have friends over, which sounds rather simpler than manoeuvering that bench around.
 Sorry to sound dim, but if you say that a house of 500 square feet cost $300 a square foot to build, would that include everything involved in construction? In other words, would a 500 sq ft house that cost $300 per sq ft to build cost a total of $150 000 to build? Because, if so, that sounds really cheap (in Australia, at least). Over here, if you buy a crappy, draughtsman-designed house that's built by a large building company, it would cost you about that much. If you...
 So does a friend of mine. He wears his DeepSea all the time - with a suit when working, with a polo shirt and shorts or jeans on weekends, while playing tennis, while swimming laps. I've never actually seen him when he hasn't been wearing it.  I assume that he takes it off when he sleeps, but I've never shared a bedroom with him so I don't know!  He's an electrical engineer by trade who now works as a consultant, so he's interested in the Milgauss as a second watch but...
  I'd love to find a pair of the Gianni boots.  How do they generally size in comparison to the Marlow wingtips? 
 It's possible - but very unlikely. 
 Sadly, I must agree with this wholeheartedly. All you have to do is look at any of a myriad of clothing sites that regular men (not us SF weirdos) look at - DMarge, GQ, Tumblr #menswear blogs and so on - and just about all you see being spruiked is overly tight, short suits with high buttoning points and high-hemmed trousers with overly narrow legs.  It's really rather depressing. 
 There's an Australian watch shop that has some used Grand Seikos in stock:  http://www.vintagewatchco.com.au/watches/CategoryID/53
    Pete, with respect, I've got to disagree with your view that Simon Crompton's (of a Permanent Style blog) shirt fits well.  Here's the review from Simon's blog:  http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2013/02/burgos-of-madrid-bespoke-shirt-review.html It's too wide across the shoulders and the collar looks too small for him. I can't help but think that it's significant that he doesn't show a photo of the shirt being worn while buttoned up to the collar.  A well-made shirt...
  @wurger - As Dino and Mimo have both said, good relationships are based on honesty and trust. You can't, in all truth, have a really sound relationship if one of you is deceiving the other, even if the deception is just over a new pair of shoes or a watch, rather than over an affair. It's still deception and dishonesty.  Before you get married, you should be open with each other. Ideally - although this is subjective - you should sit down together and have a talk about...
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