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 Christopher,  I've never used (or even heard of) Shipwire, but I've been happy with USPS in the past. The usual USPS delivery time to Australia is 2 weeks (or about 10 working days). Obviously, if you pay more, it can be faster and you can get better tracking, too.  Personally, I prefer USPS, Royal Mail or other national postal services because they'll happily deliver to a PO Box (whereas places like FedEx often won't - they insist upon a street address) and because...
 It's been asked before, on more than one occasion, by more than one person.  Maybe the fact that you're a mod will get the question some more attention. Let's hope so. 
 Precisely.  Thanks, @brad-t - you said in two lines what I took a few paragraphs to say! 
For all of this talk about "outrage hasn't achieved anything", I actually think that it has.   It *could* just be a coincidence, but I think that, despite the failure of Drew to appear in this thread as promised, the recent photos on Instagram of products being shipped are as a result of the outrage in this thread.    Absent the furore in this thread over the past few days, I suspect that those boxes would still be sitting in Drew's house, waiting for something to be...
 Yes, Rain last. Simpson's too narrow for me but the Rain fits my feet really well. 
I got these from Gentlemen's Footwear a while back, but didn't get around to posting photos:        Thanks very much to Steve of Gentlemen's Footwear for the beautiful shoes. In real life, they're a lovely dark navy that looks almost black in some lights but has blue highlights in direct sunlight. 
 I agree, and I must admit that I'm surprised that this is even being discussed here.  I'm not so anally retentive (at least, I don't think so) as to try to match the *shade* of my belt with the shade of my shoes, unlike some people here on SF who seem to spend too much time wondering whether they should pair a mahogany belt with their oxblood shoes. However, one thing that I will not do is wear a watch with a brown strap with black shoes and vice versa. I've got a couple...
  Looks nice - but is that the one that the factory had no record of making? 
 It's so dreadfully bad that it's almost good. 
 I think that it primarily depends upon finding a last that suits.  The 337 Handgrade last fits me beautifully and is extremely comfortable, whereas the 348 Benchgrade last just doesn't fit me nearly as well. I can wear it, but compared to the 337 lasted shoes, which were instantly comfortable with no real break-in time after I bought them, the 348 shoes took longer to feel comfortable and still don't feel as "matched" to my feet.  On the hand (or foot, perhaps), a friend...
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