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Naka-san! Ohisashiburi!I must admit to being curious as to which camp I fall into!
It's a great tie - I wear mine at least once a fortnight, as it's just so damned good.
So this is basically a flyknit chukka, but with some sort of combo Lunarlon/Air sole instead of the Free sole component?
I think that's a good idea!Get outside and get some sunshine, take a stroll in the park, enjoy wearing your clothes without worrying about them.
I've got a pair of navy suede loafers, albeit with tassels instead of laces, that I got from Loake a couple of years back. They're nice, but I only wear them a few times a year. However, since they are Loake and since I got them on sale, I didn't pay a great deal for them.They do stand out and people do comment on them, so if you get a pair, be prepared for the possibility of attracting some attention.Mullets ahoy!Also, I think that I had a pair of those Puma tennis shoes...
^Cleav, very nice - I particularly like the first pic.
So that's why you're making more sense than usual! ;-)
I use a buckwheat pillow when I'm in Japan and enjoy sleeping on them. It did take a little while to get used to the noise made by the moving grains when I shift my head.I think that someone - coffeedudeguy, perhaps - posted a couple of suggestions as to where to get buckwheat pillows in Australia a few weeks ago.
Cox, interesting thoughts, and I tend to agree. Certainly, as a generalisation, a lot of other cultures don't seem to have the problems with alcohol-fuelled violence that Anglo-Saxon culture has.I like all of this bar the shirt. Personally, I think that it would be better with a shirt in a non-patterned cloth (ie a plain weave) with a smaller pattern - either a fine pencil stripe (rather than a very broad stripe) or a small-scale graph check or small-scale gingham...
Yes, it is, due to the texture of the cloth.More than "It's OK to get intoxicated", it's more the culture amongst certain groups of young people (quite a lot of young people, in fact) that when you go out, you must get absolutely wasted and that you haven't had a good night if you didn't get so drunk that you were falling over or throwing up.
New Posts  All Forums: