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 A fantastic book. The Yiddish Policemen's Union is also great.  I must find a copy of "Gentlemen of the Road" as a friend of mine highly recommended it. 
  I watched both this and 1984 (with John Hurt and Richard Burton) when I was in high school and they blew my mind.  The book of 1984 was depressing enough but it was even worse watching it on film - the grimy, dreary, stress-filled life under Big Brother.  I also remember watching Blue Velvet on TV one Saturday evening when I was in grade 9 or 10 and that freaked me out. 
 Not one of Chabon's best works (the writing, that is, not his son!).  I like clothing, otherwise I wouldn't be posting here on SF. I enjoy looking at it, discussing it, wearing it.  I don't, however, think that it's important. Clothes are just things you wear to cover your body. Yes, some clothes look nicer than other clothes. Maybe some clothes will make you look cooler, or more attractive to whichever gender you happen to like. However, it's just clothing.  These...
 I really like Uniqlo's linen shirts for casual, weekend wear, but the collars aren't really made for wearing with a tie.    It's all faded to dust by now, hasn't it??
 Hopefully, your financial position has improved, otherwise you really shouldn't be thinking of spending some thousands of dollars on a watch...   Coincidentally, I went to the same high school as "Archie Luxury", although he was a couple of years ahead of me.  As far as I was aware, he was working as an accountant but, when reading a newspaper a couple of years ago, I saw his real name mentioned in an article about spotting fake luxury goods as he apparently holds himself...
  I watched it on a plane earlier this year and didn't really enjoy it.  I much preferred "The Departed" which, while based on the Hong Kong movie "Infernal Affairs", was also based on Whitey Bulger's story - Irish-American crime boss in Boston who trades off info to the FBI in return for them largely ignoring his criminal activities. 
 Whatever you do, don't dry-clean the tie. I've had success with using a little bit of liquid soap, rubbed between wet fingers and then applied sparingly to the stain. Then, use a damp cloth to dab gently at the tie to dampen the silk and to remove the soap/water mix (and hopefully also remove the stain). You might need to do it a couple of times for it to work properly. 
 I think that it's a joke, too - just not a deliberate one on the part of Ms Edmunds.    I can't help by think that there are a few contradictions in that article that Gracia could have done more to tease out (if she realised them, that is). I think that the idea that what we wear is an expression of ourself is true, but I also suspect that, for most people, it's strongly influenced by marketing departments.  After all, *why* do we dress the way we do? As Gracia says,...
 I was going to recommend something like Poul Kjærholm's PK22 chair, but I just did a quick Google search and it costs about $4000 per chair (at least upholstered in leather)!   Just a little bit over your preferred price limit...
 Great article, SG, and thanks for sharing. I showed it to my wife, who was both interested and surprised. She said that she hasn't seen a taraibune since she was a little child. Unfortunately, as Douglas notes, many of these skills are dying out in Japan as the old boat-builders retire or pass away while still working, as demand for traditionally-made boats has largely dwindled as people now mainly use fibreglass or aluminium boats. 
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