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 Surely an RM Williams boot would be most appropriate?! 
 Absolutely!  Thanks for all the votes of confidence in my suitability to be the first poster in the second iteration of the Aussie Members' thread, but as Nice Guy Gerry says, it really doesn't matter who goes first as long as we ensure that the new thread retains the spirit of mutual support, good humour, friendly discussion and good-natured teasing, with the (hopeful) occasional outburst of larrikinism. 
  Great movie. I can't help but start singing "Jerusalem" in my head whenever I think of the movie.
 WP, great to hear from you and I hope that you're enjoying yourself in Jakarta.  I was lugging a backpack the last time I was there a couple of decades back, so I don't have any sartorial advice. However, with regard to getting some suits made up, it may be better for you to jump across the Java Sea up to Singapore and see if you can book in with Iris Tailor or someone like that.  I know that @nabilmust has some experience with Iris, so he might be able to say...
^Very good deal for someone with the right size of feet. 
 The same price? In that case, I think that either the 1984 is overpriced or you're getting a bargain for the 2015 model.  I think that the revamped 2015 model (same watch, new box and a couple of extra straps, big price jump) retails for about AUD$6000, although I've heard of people getting a 10% discount off the RRP. You should, as far as I'm aware, be able to pick up a very nice "vintage" model from 1984 or thereabouts for $3500 to $4000. Also, it's just my opinion, but...
 Agree on the satin lapels - definitely satin. I didn't notice the mention of vents. Yes, as Greg says, please don't go with vents. A dinner jacket is typically unvented and a good tailor will be able to cut the jacket so it sits well, despite the lack of vents.
^ If the wedding's in March, do you think that you'll have sufficient time left before the wedding for the suit to be made?   I'm not sure what BnTailor's lead time is, but I do know that they prefer to take measurements, have a basted fitting, make adjustments, and send the completed suit back to you, and presumably all of that can be quite time consuming, so make sure that you've got sufficient time left before the wedding to have the suit completed, with a margin of...
As @yanagi said, both RLBL and Eidos are good quality, but the styles are very different.   RLBL typically has a more structured style, with stronger shoulders and a lower buttoning point, and the jackets usually have two buttons. Eidos typically has a softer style, with less structured shoulders, a higher buttoning point, and the jackets often have three buttons.   It really comes down to which one fits you best, and which style you prefer.   Remember - fit is...
  All of the sartorial sketches are very good, but I thought that this one was particularly hilarious!
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