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And speaking of Graves and "Goodbye to All That", you might be interested in reading Siegfried Sassoon's trilogy, particularly the middle volume: - Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man; - Memoirs of an Infantry Officer; and - Sherston's Progress. Sassoon was a contemporary of Graves, and the two met in the army in World War I. Sassoon is mentioned in "Goodbye to All That", and Graves is mentioned pseudonymously in "Memoirs of an Infantry Officer". I know that many will have...
It is.I know that there were two editions - the original, which was published in 1929, and then a later edition, published in the 1950s."Goodbye to All That" is available in the "Popular Penguins" series. I assume that it's a reprint of the second edition from the 1950s:http://www.penguin.com.au/products/9780141045542/goodbye-all-popular-penguins
^Very nice. I'm wearing a brown tie today, too, but mine is a brown grenadine tie, along with an RAF blue cotton jacket, light sand-coloured trousers, a sky-blue and white bengal-stripe shirt and chestnut double monk captoe shoes.
Hopefully, someone else more knowledgeable than am I will chime in, but for what it's worth, here are my thoughts.I'm pretty sure that they're not by Edward Green, as firstly, the price is too low and secondly, I've never seen EG make canvas slippers.Peal & Co isn't an actual manufacturing brand anymore. They used to make leathergoods many years ago, but were either dormant or on the brink of dormancy when purchased by Brooks Brothers years and years ago. They are now an...
An interesting question.I suppose that the answer hinges on one's interpretation of "class" - does it mean your social level (as it may well be more likely to mean in the UK), or does it mean your particular level of quality, integrity and style (which you could possess regardless of your social class)?
There most definitely are certain themes that recur in a lot of Irving's works, most notably New Hampshire locations, New Hampshire private-school education, wrestling and so on.A big departure for him in terms of location and themes is "A Son of the Circus", which for me at least was one of his most enjoyable books and which is primarily set in India. I highly recommend it.
It also sounds rather like some of the "Rabbit" series by John Updike, or one or two of John Irving's books, like the Water Method Man or the 158-Pound Marriage.
Hah - I know the feeling!I've got a couple of lengths of cloth from the Huddersfield "cloth offers" that I have to hand over to Rene at Deer Style to have made up into suits. There's just so much good stuff out there that it's easy to get carried away (although not quite as carried away as Foxhound or md2010, though!).
I'm wearing a light grey jacket and a pair of navy trousers today, but the jacket is in a herringbone weave with a little bit of fleck and texture, and the trousers are thin-wale corduroy, so there's contrasting texture there, too. Although the opposite combination (navy jacket and grey trousers) is much more common, I do think that a lighter grey jacket and navy trousers can work well, but the jacket needs to have some texture or patterning, rather than being a smooth,...
Patrik, thanks for posting the price list - that's very useful.A quick question - does the price for boots "Boots - Handwelted - Normal welt - 5 500kr - 4 400kr - $682" include balmoral boots?Or is that price for lower boots such as chukka boots?A further question for a more general audience - would anyone be interested in a group MTO for a Bonafe balmoral boot in something like chestnut, with a punched captoe and no medallion?
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