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I expect, and somewhat hope, to be let-go as part of a corporate restructuring, around the year-end, upon which I will receive ~$70k in severance, bonus & retention payout (post-tax). I live in the NY area.   I'm trying to decide - what next? I'm well-networked within Financial Services but see that as a last resort (I'm not enamored by the industry). I love sports & food and see this as an opportunity to marry my skills with one of my passions.   Advice sought...
Received hat today too; nice of you to keep your word panamabob. Impressed with quality at first blush.
I received the refund now, thank you. It's a shame it took the type of post above but email communications had gotten nowhere and prior promises of delivery & refunds hadn't materialized.    I will send you my size, shape & address again, via email. If received, I will update this forum too.
Try servicing your existing customers before hawking Kickstarter & reaching out for Linkedin connections. 9 months since I ordered with no hat & no refund. Appalling from Panama Bob.   p.s. I am the same poster as phillipAC83 above
Great socks MDeKelver
Shoes - Church (source - eBay) Laces -  Botticelli (source - Botticelli) Socks - Bresciani (source - Century 21) (Suit) Trousers - Isaia (source - Century 21)
I'd be up for Burgundy Shell with pref. York / full dainite soles. Am a noob...when would deposits be required Epaulet? Live in NYC so could come into store too.
If you have had two custom dress shirts made, should the tailor provide your measurements on request or is that his IP so-to-speak?
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