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2 button blazer and vest by Blue Blue Japan, perfect for warm weather. Not sure of the name of the material, but from afar, it kind of looks like the sashiko fabric that they use for FW, up close you can see its very airy. The back of the vest is a gradient blue color.   Measurements (blazer):  Chest: 22'  Sleeves: 24.5"  Shoulders: 18"  Back length: 28.5" Measurements (vest):  Chest: 19'  Back length: 23.5"
Ordered a pair of Black + Java waxed flesh, looking forward to wearing them 
Is there another email I can contact him on besides vince@trumanboot.com? I tried contacting him via the contact form on the site but still no reply.
Anyone been in touch with Vince lately? Was asking him about sizing but haven't heard back for the past 2 weeks
Saw a pair of shorts in similar fabric on Rakuten, size 32 thoughhttp://item.rakuten.co.jp/kind-u/572415004822/
SS14 Baker
Missed out on the Forward sale, if anyone is looking to let go of their shop coat (natural linen) in size L, please pm me
Not sure if mentioned before, but Union has the sneaks in indigo, red and white  http://store.unionlosangeles.com/collections/sale/products/asymmetric-sneaker
Wish I had picked up the down vest in the same print  
Have the bird print long dayton from last season, still one of my favorite eg pieces
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