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Thanks @mbaum ! I was worried at first but the measurements Nepenthes provided seemed to show it fit slightly bigger, plus I couldn't find any stores stocking size L so I gave it a try.  The measurements on the M are:   pit to pit 21.5"  sleeves 25.2" shoulder 19.3"
Just received the long dayton shirt in bird on plaid print I'm 6'4, 200 lbs, went with medium  
It seems to say they use some special liquid/preservation solution, and then some stuff about time passing by very slowly in the jar.
A little off topic but I found this Japanese retailer called Five Star that has items from past EG seasons. They have size L for certain items too. http://www.fivestar.ne.jp/product-group/2392?page=1
Bought this a while back, 1 of my first EG purchases. Never really got around to wearing so has been sitting in my closet for a while. Worn once or twice. Selling because I have around 10 blue shirts... Great shirt that goes well with a lot of things   Measurements: Chest: 22" Sleeve length:  27" Front length: 26.5"
I had a pair similar  to the one you're considering, bought them back in 2006 or 2007. They look great when worn and are very comfortable, my only issue was my pair only lasted 8 months before the entire sole came off   
I've purchased a few items from Kind that had C rank conditions and they all seem to be in good condition. You can always send them an email and check (kind-u@shop.rakuten.co.jp).
For sale is a WvG sky blue slub shirt with a cutaway collar and monkey arm sleeves. Size is L, BD cut.  Very nice shirt as usual, this shirt is perfect for summer. Still in great condition, worn around 10 times. Selling because I have way too many blue shirts.   Measurements: Chest: 22" Sleeves: 26" Front length: 27"
Anyone know how warm/thick the banded collar shirts? Thinking about getting one in the khaki houndstooth colorway.  
Maybe a bit too ott... 
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