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Any pics of the B1P pants?
A little off topic, but someone should get this long dayton  http://item.rakuten.co.jp/kanful/g008038759/   One of my favourite EG pieces
Same, got my shoes on Monday without email notification
I had these 2 shirts made by Lo Tat Tailor here in Hong Kong around 3 years. Can't remember the material I chose, but are really well made and the fabric is silky smooth (especially the lavender shirt).  I've gained weight and can no longer wear them comfortably, so I rather give them away instead of throwing them away. Just pay the shipping costs and they're yours. If you were wondering, Lo Tat Tailor is quite well known here in Hong Kong. They make a lot of suits,...
Had this suit made by a local tailor here in Hong Kong 5 years ago. I only wore it on special occasions so probably only wore it around 10-15 times. Sad to say it no longer fits me. Made from super 130 suiting wool in navy pin stripe, lined in black silk. The pants are pleated with cuffs. The tailor added my name to the blazer, but that can be taken care of easily. Not sure about the sizing, but you can see the measurements below.   Measurements for blazer: Chest:...
Anyone know the price point of the slip ons?
There's a Blue Blue patchwork blazer in size 3 on Yahoo Japan if anyone's interested http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g172091642 
Yeah, sleeves might be too short if you size down
Black moleskin Bedford and bird print Dayton
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