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http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=251072969733&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&autorefresh=true   I am no spoo, but I do want to to brag about this,
That sounds fair. Hold on! if intentionally post something on this thread for sell, wouldn't that considered as SPAM? I would have to post it in B&S, right? just trying to figure out how this works
Thanks, let's stop it at that. I guess you guys are reading this all wrong. I do not buy on this thread with the mindset to flip, if that was my intention I would have bought the Isaia shirt from 46n2 and post it on ebay next week.
Ummm, how's that different from my case? I've worn something for awhile and now I am cleaning my closet... How's that make me a flipper?
I did not understand the below-market, sorry. I'll remember that next time I am cleaning my closet.
After awhile if he wants to rid of it by selling it, is that soooooooooooooo bad?
So what should I do with the stuffs I got from Marshalls or Consignment shops, give it back to them? You see, when it comes to stuff that I want, profit don't matter to me when I am getting rid of them.
I am stopping the back and forth beetwen Andro and I. But I only did this, to clear this up, since it looks like other members on here told him that I buy cheap stuff on here to flip on ebay for big profit. So, let's be clear, I only inquire and purchase things that are my size and intend to wear (42R, 16.5, 11.5B or 12B). Will they end up on ebay? Sometime in the future, yes, as with everything else in my closet and it doesn't matter where it came from.
One and only one account since 2008, Childofstyle85, for both buying and selling. I haven't done many deals on here, so I am not so sure where this info is coming from. I may have to repeat myself, Kiton shirt was to tight around neck and I tried to make a 10.5-11 canali shoes work for 11.5, well it did for the first 30mins of wearing it (only women are allowed to use this statement "Those shoes are killing me"). Everything else is still in my closet. You have the right...
New Posts  All Forums: