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I hope you are not charging your buyers more than the $3.00 to ship a shirt.
12D Bally:       9A Brooks Brothers:
Recent 42L Ermenegildo Zegna suit jacket:         46R Oxxford Clothes:   46L Wool/silk Joseph Abboud:   48L Faconnable made in Italy:...
44-45R Brioni $24.95:     42R Ermenegildo Zegna Su Misura high performance:
A local Dillards was closing down, I got it for $10
Really? I tought it was the other way around when it comes to fit, Roma usally look trimmer on me.
42L Dominico Spano Custom made
    46R Purple Label, been a long time since I got something nice, oh well. Oh available.   And 42R Zegna Rom fit  
46R Cashmere/silk Purple label:
42R Recent Zegna Roma fit:
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