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44/45R Cesare Attolini navy blue sport coat balzer 22" pit to pit 24 1/2" sleeves 18 1/2" shoulders 31 1/4" BOC Function sleeves patch hip pocket 3 button soft roll to two Jacket is in good condition, 8.5/10 Composition feels like silk and wool blend
          After months off I was welcome by this baby, but it is still dead around here. It is available 22" pit to pit, 24.5" sleeves, 18 1/2" shoulders, 31 1/4" BOC, it feels like silk and wool blend
      Personally, I am working on going on a different route when it comes to ebay. But, it was just last year I was selling unmarked suits for over $300,oh well. What bugs me is that many of the new flippers knows NADA on menswear, walking around with a stupid list. With so many so called expert blog out ther what do you expect? WORST IS, THERE IS NOTHING OUT THERE.
What the check is wrong with South Florida thrift stores? I took a few months break just to come back to a 500% increase to the average price plus there is really no good find round here. BTW, is me or does anybody notice a significant drop in price in the average sell price on ebay?
Pic is up now.
    7US/6UK brown Paul smith hand made dress shoes Lace up Leather top leather sole Handmade In Mint condition
      38X32 Brioni cannes black dress pants double pleat coin pocket cuffed Waist:40" Inseam: 32" Pants is like new condition
        17 Brioni white spread collar french cotton dress shirt Shirt is in great condition. French cuff Spread collar textured fabric
46R Polo Ralph Lauren Usa made tan camel hair sport doat 2 button front, 4 button cuff, double vent. Pick stitching, in excellent condition chest: 24 1/4" Sleeves:25 1/2" Shoulder: 21 1/2" Length (BOC): 31"
            Excellent 48L Brioni custom black super 180's sport coat 3 button front 3 three button functional cuff double vent super 180's fabric, custom made Chest: 25" Sleeves: 27" shoulders: 20 3/4 Length (BOC): 33 1/4"
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