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    k you Sir!I am one of those that love too, specially the more modern fitted ones.Than Hence my dilema   One of the reason  think it would ok, I wear all the time   I don't want to look better the interviewer, LOL, just kidding Sorry to disappoint you sir, I can only pull of the more recent ones.     You are so right, people working in there wearing square and ill fitted clothes. Speaking of which I think I have to start  a new a thread about how ill dressed are...
I don't buy because of the sales person's words or tactics, when it comes clothes and accessories. He/she has be well put together in my eyes before I let him/her even help me. I am going to buy a Rolex because of I want to buy one, but not because some sales person wearing a Kenneth Cole taught me into it.
I have replied to all your post, but SF moderators has to check them before they appear on here. What is that?
That was my Dilema
  Thank you sir! I am one that love DB as well, the recent fitted ones.    
Would it be appropriate to wear a navy double breasted suit to an Interview @ Bloomingdales Men's department?
  Found this Paul Stuart Cashmere/wool blend last week
Church's look nice. I am interested
    I found a Alan Flusser suit, tons of hand work, but I am surprise that the sleeves are not functional. Brooks Brothers Loafers and a wool cashmere blend Zegna tie
  It wouldn't matter really , when I am getting something for myself that is top of the line for a whole lot less than Neiman Marcus and sometime in nearly new condition. But, when I am thinking of flipping it, well that make a big difference.  
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