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Why don't you learn? Your status says "senior member", you should already get this by now, IMO
To end my week, today I found: one Oxxford suit, Banana republic made in Italy cashmere/wool coat, polo Ralph Lauren double breast tan cashmere SC, two Zegna and an Italo Ferreti ties.
Oh come on, it's not always that great for me. No kiton yet for me, hold that thought I found a Kiton Shirt a couple of months back.
Gentlemen, I got this awsome suit, it looks fairly new, pick stitched, feel like it's canvassed.But the brand tag on the pocket was removed. At the very bottom  of the size tag, it reads Cantarelli & C, spa. I am reluctant to say that it is a a Cantarelli suit, do you'all have some idea of what it may be?
So you saw this on ebay?  
  They were all thrift store finds. Goodwill, Purple Label suit was at a salvation for $14.00, flip it for $366. I paid $17 a piece for the Oxxfords. I just mention my top favorites for that week. I got Lubiam, Faconnable tailor, J. Press, etc.. I spend about $600 that week  
All true, my friend. Does anybody know about YSL pour homme?
I have been quite busy lately, I have not have time to share my findings. This was last week: 3 Oxxford suit, my first Purple label suit, Paul Stuart suit, Brooks brothers regent 1818 suit. One superb Tommy Nutters DB SC, Burberry London blue label cashmere SC, Brioni SC. Paul Stuart, Ferragamo, Charvet ties, plus a bunch of other regular stuffs.   This week, up to today: Nothing too exiting yet expect and Orphan Brioni suit jacket, BB golden fleece SC,...
Some don't even notice if their pants are too long. This crap drive me crazy.
Thanks a lot. Amazon doe not mention if they come with DVD, do you have any idea if they do?
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