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  Found this Paul Stuart Cashmere/wool blend last week
Church's look nice. I am interested
    I found a Alan Flusser suit, tons of hand work, but I am surprise that the sleeves are not functional. Brooks Brothers Loafers and a wool cashmere blend Zegna tie
  It wouldn't matter really , when I am getting something for myself that is top of the line for a whole lot less than Neiman Marcus and sometime in nearly new condition. But, when I am thinking of flipping it, well that make a big difference.  
I guess I am a different breed. It's always a pleasure running into a well dressed guy and sometime start a conversation form that, asking about where they shop, brands, etc... and eventually lead to other topics. Some where amaze that I shop at thrift store and start thrifting themselves. I have no problem telling anybody where sale are, I am on mailing list of many large department stores and tell people all the time where is having sale, I have no problem teaching...
  I had the same experience. When I first started, I picked up everything brooks brothers, ties, shirt, suits, blazer, fit me or not, thinking that I found a gold mine. Now, I rarely pick up Brooks Bros. even the one that fits me.  
Speaking of Neinman Marcus, I did found an Oxxford supers 180's for Neiman Marcus    
I was wondering if there was any spot that you know you are going to find something valuable whenever you walk in. Close to a year now, this is my second significant findings from this store.  
  Sweet deal on shoes! My hermes are all gone now, i don't care too much for the soft silk fabric. Oh, I also got a brand new Italo Ferreti (lavender).   I only conclude that someone may have died, because the hermes, charvet and versace look like they are from the same collection. I have been thrifting for almost a year now and 90% of my killer findings are from the poorest part of town.  
I will scream the day I found an Isaia anything
New Posts  All Forums: