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I scored 3 zegna and 1 faconnable sport coat today
I am interested, let me know...  
  First one is absolutely fake. Second have to be authentic, it's H pattern Hermes, but you may find some reviews on the net that would classified this as fake.
  Jacket is to tight, may be you should by 40R and it altered if needed
I found that to be untrue. I have  been found unqualified for some jobs because I lack retail and sales experience while an ill dressed ex-car salesman got the position  
True, but as I stated, a salesperson can't me want/need a Rolex while wearing a Kenneth Cole or a suit while he/she is not well dressed, IMO
    k you Sir!I am one of those that love too, specially the more modern fitted ones.Than Hence my dilema   One of the reason  think it would ok, I wear all the time   I don't want to look better the interviewer, LOL, just kidding Sorry to disappoint you sir, I can only pull of the more recent ones.     You are so right, people working in there wearing square and ill fitted clothes. Speaking of which I think I have to start  a new a thread about how ill dressed are...
I don't buy because of the sales person's words or tactics, when it comes clothes and accessories. He/she has be well put together in my eyes before I let him/her even help me. I am going to buy a Rolex because of I want to buy one, but not because some sales person wearing a Kenneth Cole taught me into it.
I have replied to all your post, but SF moderators has to check them before they appear on here. What is that?
That was my Dilema
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