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it's the only safe option, if you don't want to die.
that house is pretty fucking sweet.
examples of what turns up in the first CHOW thread that pops up on google when you search for slimy turkey:Is that famous, as in, everyone there thinks you're a fucking asshole?
there are a lot of ignorant douchebags on here. anything we can do about that?
What a load of bunk is being spouted in this thread. Always be wary of anyone making sweeping generalizations, especially business writers (whose job it is to sell pet theories), but maybe even moreso strangers on the internet. Some strangers even have track records of spouting bunk and are to be doubly viewed with skepticism. Middle management remains relevant and necessary in most businesses and most industries. It may be true that certain technology advances and new...
Lunchmeats: how long do they last? Maybe it was my upbringing, but growing up in my family anything was good in the refrigerator for a week, at least. So I've taken a relatively cavalier attitude to many foodstuffs. I have had no problem eating stuff like packaged roast turkey for a week or more. I know cured stuff like salami is probably good a lot longer than that due to the salt. But my wife was flipping out about some slimey turkey meat lately. It is a newly...
The union is made up of players. For many, many years, a significant number of players were using steroids. These players were mostly interested with keeping their own pockets lined. Even if I believed that steroids and other PEDs were really all that devastating, I doubt they ever did, especially when weighing theoretical side effects later in life vs. millions of dollars they were earning now. That is why even a testing regime had to be forced on them under MLB, fan,...
That's pretty much a shade of what I meant when I said
is that what a tiger mom is?
True Story: I once stayed in a hotel in Zhengzhou, China (Henan Province) on the same floor, and likely just a few doors down, from Jackie Chan. The hotel was totally buzzing and I was hoping to run into him in the hallway but I never saw him.Maybe True Story: Several mainland Chinese I know, normal people in China's rising middle class, have sworn up and down to me that it is common Chinese knowledge that Jackie Chan is actually a big organized crime boss. Googling this...
New Posts  All Forums: