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I wondered if something like that might be afoot. Too bad. There's a great interview with Ron here: http://www.keikari.com/english/interview-with-ron-rider-from-riderboot/ (that seems to have a shadow forum comment appearance from the shadowy RJMan) from just this past summer that indicates that Ron's larger business lines are private label coordination (hello Franco's line made at the same factories and to the same quality) and distribution. But it also mentions he...
Why is butter served ice cold? Thank you for demonstrating that the butter is somehow fresh, but my shredded piece of toast and I would have preferred something a little softer.
I will give $100 if the mods take ed's $100 and ban him.
I despise shoe circles.
Too bad I only just saw this.
Can anyone offer their opinion on the authenticity of this Beni Ourain?
Smart monkeys never let go of the vine until they have a good, firm grip on the next one.
Well, in my state, as of October 1, the waiting period on AR-15s and handguns with more than 10-round magazines is however long as it takes to change the laws, or to have the current ones declared unconstitutional.
I picked up my Colt M4 and M&P9 Shield last night, after my 7-day waiting period had elapsed.
I'm with Chappy Sinclair.
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