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I call them dictatornaries because they are a symbol of corporate tyrrany and a literal vehicle for intellectual suppresion.
it took til 4:18 for the e-mail to arrive, LD, but there it is now in my inbox
galt, are you no longer in bmore?
I am definitely not saying "We deserve it!" The overwhelming majority of folks haven't put a single penny or a single minute of productive time into the forum, and none but two of us own it. I am under no illusions. That said, I think the continued advertising value of the mere existence of a former affiliate thread is minimal; it seems to me the larger benefit to an advertiser is the high visibility of said thread, gained through advertorial references (ROBOT), link...
Fucking salesmen. This guy cold called last week, visited our facility, and our receptionist allowed him to drop off some materials, though obviously she didn't let him see me. He left a handwritten note, which I allowed to impress me, so I gave him an opening: I told him I admired his doggedness, but that he should direct future correspondence to another person (whom I copied on the note), and not to me. He follows up with an e-mail totally ignoring that instruction and...
Wow, I bet this guy is sorry not to have you on his team.
I just received two boxes from Peter Lee. #fallwardrobe
you beat me to it; this is pretty much the purest distillation of the views of the majority of liberals.Of course, the purest distillation of the views of the majority of conservatives is likely equally
Well, I don't even work here, so throw this all out if you want to, and I have no knowledge of the contracts that are signed when you sign up to be an affiliate, and aravanel could be dead wrong about how this works, but here are my dumb two cents: [[SPOILER]]
Wow, that's terrible, for a lot of reasons.
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