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as opposed to you, where they just feel sorry for your palms.
I'm one of the rare Asian guys who pulled a white girl.
No details, but fuck. Work. Ugh.
Finally bought the shoes I have been lusting over for a few years now. Cheaney Tamar C.
what's the right thread? it is pissing me off that I can't resist.
can't.... resist.... buying.... shoes.....
So... update on this post.On the advice of a few folks on here, I tried putting the GE LED back on a dimming circuit without any other bulbs. As postulated, without other bulbs on the circuit, it no longer hummed.I noted that both of the original bulbs I tested were brighter than I needed, and so in the interests of saving money and with the GE now maybe back in contention, I took a chance and bought three of the 10W GE bulbs from Sam's Club. I have one three-light...
if there were black in him, he'd know it.
it's the only safe option, if you don't want to die.
that house is pretty fucking sweet.
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