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I picked up my Colt M4 and M&P9 Shield last night, after my 7-day waiting period had elapsed.
I'm with Chappy Sinclair.
it's only available in the double secret probation IC forum
As it appears the original Rider Boot affiliate thread is no more, I thought I would necrobump this thread with two comments. 1 - Ron is still awesome. I've been having some issues with the polish on my RBCB1s (still the sharpest, most versatile, most satisfying shoe I own) and they'd also started to just wear out from overuse and undercare. He quickly responded to my e-mail and asked for me to send them to him for him to carry with him to Italy, where they are being...
m, knowing a particular clothing item I know you and i have in common, i'd bet it was the exact same former affiliate that you found missing that I recently have as well.
*Important Disclosure: I am not a tailor. Rise is a matter of personal choice, though when you go MTM you are constrained by the pattern. If the pattern is for a low-rise pant, sure, you can make some minor adjustments, but you can't make a pattern that was designed to be low rise into a high rise trouser, and vice-versa. When you go bespoke, you can go as high or as low as you want; the tailor can adjust the pattern to whatever you need. I think higher rise "dress"...
I call them dictatornaries because they are a symbol of corporate tyrrany and a literal vehicle for intellectual suppresion.
it took til 4:18 for the e-mail to arrive, LD, but there it is now in my inbox
galt, are you no longer in bmore?
I am definitely not saying "We deserve it!" The overwhelming majority of folks haven't put a single penny or a single minute of productive time into the forum, and none but two of us own it. I am under no illusions. That said, I think the continued advertising value of the mere existence of a former affiliate thread is minimal; it seems to me the larger benefit to an advertiser is the high visibility of said thread, gained through advertorial references (ROBOT), link...
New Posts  All Forums: