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Great win for the Os in spite of their shitty closer.
Ah, I see what you mean. Yes, in the foyer, that stuff is pretty awful. Is the door really purple?
why get rid of the leaded glass? nice place, congrats.
I like the idea of an Alden shortwing in Cigar shell with a contrasting storm welt and commando soles.Probably well over a grand, but you only live once, right?
I'm in search of at least one, probably two pairs of rugged, everyday work shoes. Requirements: - Rubber soles. I work in manufacturing and I am on a shop floor that can have oil, grease, metal chips, or other debris on it every single day. Crepe is OK, but I'm really digging commando soles these days. - Chunkier last. I'm a bigger dude, so overly svelte shoes just aren't proportioned well for me. - Must be shoes. I already have too many chukkas and several pairs of...
I already have a pair of Riders, plus several chukkas in Dainite and crepe soles, plus a pair of asskicking wingtip Chelseas (if that's a real word, they're pull-on boots) on the way. I'm all booted up - now I need some shoes. Still, thanks for the reco. I love Ron's stuff. I would love a pair of Aldens with some clunky commando soles. I see them around every now and then but they're usually special order or something.
My Barska biometric safe just arrived.
maybe i should just start a thread on this in MC. I hate doing that usually but I'm really shitting up this one. Sorry.
there we go, thanks otc. i don't love the shape of those AEs but we're on the right track.
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