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I met an executioner once. I was in a service organization in high school that also brought in interesting speakers to come talk to us. The facilitator later was accused of being a pedophile, which was pretty much commonly known by all the guys that were members (it was an all-boys "club") but he was also a local judge. I am as close as I could possibly be to 100% certain he never touched anybody, but it was not uncommon for him to invite people to play tennis at his...
what kind of bag of dicks marries someone named "lady bird?"
Does this mean you can see all the racist and bigoted comments stitch has supposedly made and then edited? Please to post here; I have been skeptical this was true. I did catch him once being kind of a twat to l'inc about whether he was gay but it wasn't truly offensive, more just kind of, you know, orthodox.
that's, um, awesome. congratulations?
which mod? MrG does not have superpowers in either MC or SWD.
I see so many "critique my fit" pics like this.Who the fuck stands like that? Ever?
Obviously photos on the internet are hard to judge anything by, but remember that cherry darkens over time. Here's another internet image illustrating how extreme that change can be: It does still look to me like there was a stain on those stairs and that the refinished floor was left pretty natural, but it's not hard to understand the difficulty in obtaining a "match" when some of the floor is new and some of it is older. A match on day 1 is not going to be a match...
How does he eat? F that, how does he *drink*?
"This Wrangler fails as a car."-CR
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