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I like how the article closes with a professor claiming that a student could complain, initiating a "tortuous" process. I wonder if the speaker said "torturous" but the word was edited so as not to necessitate a trigger warning.
shit. does this mean more of you around the style forum?
I've long since found myself, but I send out a daily search party, just in case.
i went to an all-boys school
it's totally begging for a satire troll account.
Conne, you could fill a pressure cooker up with marbles and thumbtacks; that would get you into heaven. If you're really good about it they might even let you be one of the virgins.
Jesus Christ, this Humans of New York page on FB is like a distillation of everything that is wrong with Facebook, and with the Whiniest Generation.Every day it's a photo of some NYC douche with something I guess they think is some kind of profound quote that is a snapshot into their life. Usually then it's commented on by about a million people expressing their lame support. Here is today:Comments include:jesus christ people, are you really all this fragile?
True story: years ago I was fooling around with a quite-serious-at-the-time GF who lived out of town, just an hour or two before heading to my folks' house for a dinner that would be introducing her to the fam for the first time. Well, "something" ended up in her eye, and I'm not sure if this is normal or what, or if mascara or something ended up in there with it, but her eye got seriously bloodshot and was really kind of freakish looking even into the first hour or two...
next time you're blowing a dude in a back alley, wear safety glasses.
I just had a glass whiteboard put in my office, as well as a ceiling-mounted projector that throws an image onto it. I was a little nervous about doing it, wondering if they'd end up being toys I never used, but I've been doing smaller 2-3 person meetings in my office and using both all the time. They're awesome productivity tools.
New Posts  All Forums: