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next time you're blowing a dude in a back alley, wear safety glasses.
I just had a glass whiteboard put in my office, as well as a ceiling-mounted projector that throws an image onto it. I was a little nervous about doing it, wondering if they'd end up being toys I never used, but I've been doing smaller 2-3 person meetings in my office and using both all the time. They're awesome productivity tools.
I'm an O's fan, but I thought Ausmus' reaction to Verlander throwing behind Cruz was good.I'm still not convinced Hunter was intentionally plunked, but I can certainly see why Hunter would have thought so, and if throwing behind Cruz settles the score, then it's a fine resolution all around. It's baseball, and nobody got hurt.
My house can withstand typhoons, but the only way to walk from room to room during one is to go outside, which is pretty fun in 100mph winds.
how big did she draw her penis?
The game sucked balls. (mostly because I am an O's fan)O's situational hitting has been shit all year; last night was no exception. 7 men left on base, including several legit scoring opportunities with guys on 2B with less than 2 outs. O's 0-7 with RISP last night. Abysmal.Situational pitching was also dumb. Baltimore homers are all lamenting the overturned SB call in the 9th, but the runner should not have even been on. Hunter is grooving 96mph fastballs low and...
You're a pretty awesome StyleForum member. I would love to meet you in real life.
Also, many of the people I work with.
Oh, and Tommy Fucking Hunter.
Facebook. (Piob is laughing now.) Seriously, Facebook is fucking shit. Complete shit. When the world is in a post-apocalyptic shambles and the remaining scraps of humanity are trying to rebuild some sense of a social order, the turning point in our species' demise will have been Facebook. It is a haven for sanctimony, self-congratulation, and self-delusion (and its reinforcement). It is a platform for profoundly thoughtless political statements (and their mindless...
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